Facts about 2 Bedroom Super Sleeper Truck Interior and Cost of Semi Truck Sleepers

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Are you looking for vital information about 2 bedroom super sleeper truck interior as well benefits, cost, pros and cons of these super luxury sleeper cabs?

Then this special report from our site is researched and released for you. We know as an owner operator or fleet owner, having a private place for you or your drive legal parking spots to rest in or sleep in with comfort and reliability and overall performance, will remain endearing to you!

So, how much is a semi-truck with sleeper? Should you buy brand new super sleeper semi or just cab, customized or used ones with a bathroom with a toilet and a shower, as well customized with personal desk, sofa, table, small fridge, double bunks, sleeper climate control.

Carefully read this detailed guide from our site for all your answers, as well how much does it cost to rent a semitruck for a week and for a month!

Why 2 Bedroom Super Sleeper Truck Interior?

A lot of sleeper tractors are basic with a simple build. Some of them, however, especially the modern ones, such as the 2 bedroom super sleeper lorry, have more sophisticated interiors. 

Some years ago, long-haul drivers were comfortable with the basic sleeper cabin in the market, and for a while, that is what manufacturers provided.

But as time went on and drivers began spending more time on the road, the demand for more comfortable tractor trailer bedroom  flooded the market.

And since then, manufacturers have responded with some of the most impressive sleeper cab and semi bedroom designs and today, even 2 driver bedroom has emerged on the market. Here is full details of semi trucking length with 53′ trailer dimensions!

What Are Benefits of 2 Bedroom Luxury Sleepers?

The major benefit of a 2 room luxury sleeper cabin designed for long haul is the comfort it provides to the owner and customers daily life.

The inside of 2 bedroom super sleeper are way bigger than normal sleeper trucks, and they have enough space to guarantee that people don’t bump into each other.

For lone truckers, this extra bedroom can serve as additional storage space, which can come in handy at any time. When storing a lot of items, space won’t be an issue in this type of type 18 wheeler bedroom.

Interior features of 2-bedroom Super Sleeper Interior

The 2 bedroom semi with sleeper are generally more spacious and their design incorporates a toilet and shower, as well as customized space that features desks, sofas, tables, miniature refrigerators, double bunks sleeper climate controls. Usually, they also come with microwaves and even televisions.

Brand NameModel Size (inches)Price 
Peterbilt579 ARI156$149,000 – $219,000
VolvoVNL T700123.7$147,000 – $149,000
Peterbilt 567 Heritage168$149,000 – $220,000
Mack BAnthem70$145,000 – $185,000

How Much is a Semi Truck With Sleeper Cost? 

The semi tractor with sleeper are generally expensive to purchase and maintain but are worth every penny over time. A fairly used 18 wheeler with sleeper, for instance, will go for anything from as low as $40,000 to as high as $150,000.

On the other hand, a new tractor trailer with a sleeper (custom made) will cost you nothing less than $200,000. Most brands offer total customization for your semi-truck.

The ultimate cost of whichever semis with a sleeper you get will depend on the brand, model, features, and size, to mention but a few. 

Average Price of New Semis with Sleeper by Manufacturer

BrandMinimum priceMaximum price
Kenworth $75,000$205,000

What Is Semi Truck Sleeper Cab and Benefits?

As you probably already know, a sleeping cab means a sleeper or a sleeper cabin, and it is the compartment located behind the driver’s area of a semi-truck with at least one-bed sleeper.

Depending on the brand and model of the rig, with sleeper cabin can feature other amenities, such as a bath room, refrigerator, workstation, microwave, TV, and so on.

What’s the Primary Benefit?

With a semi sleeper area intact, long-haul drivers can save money on accommodation and sleep comfortably in their vehicle instead of in a motel.

This way, they can easily meet on and off-duty time requirements conveniently. A point of note is that a sleeper cabin is also called a semi cabin.

How Much Does a Standard Sleeper Cab Cost?

A lot of the requests we’ve been fielding have been about the cost of the sleeper extension. “How much does a truck cab cost?” “How much does a sleeper cost?” 

A cab typically comes with a semi-truck. But if you are looking to get just the sleeper area, you can expect to pay an average of $55,000 for a standard new one, and a bit less for a used types.

Again, the price will vary widely depending on the size, customization, and level of finishing, to mention a few. A customized luxury version, however, cost around $150,000. An example of a popular and highly sought after is the Peterbilt cab and Mack black. 

You should expect to spend between $50,000 and a $250,000 to acquire a sleeper cabin. Generally, the more spend, the higher the quality.

What is Super Sleeper Semi – Dimensions, Interior?

Before we jump right into new or used super sleeper-semi dimensions, let’s, first of all, understand what a super cab is. 

What Exactly is a Semi Super Sleeper? As you know, a standard features a 1-bed arrangement for the trucker and maybe a miniature fridge and other petty amenities. That is about it, it is pretty basic.

In contrast, a super sleeper cabin is a brilliant cross of an RV (recreational vehicle) and a big rig (semi-trailer). The size typically ranges from 97 to 180 inches.

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