Towing a U-Haul with a Subaru Forester – A Personal Review

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As of late, I have been assisting in a family move to another state. They had a few heftier but lighter pieces of furniture to shift, and we were making measurements to figure out a format. I’ve recently gotten a 2021 Subaru Forester with a tow hitch on it, so I thought I would contribute assistance moving those things with a U-Haul trailer. I seem to have not discovered much online about this other than a couple of Reddit and forum posts, so I thought I would post practically what I found out.

One of the considerable justifications we gave for leasing a U-Haul was that we would tow over a truck expense. U-Haul trucks fetched are based on separate U-Haul trailers that come with boundless miles. The assessment we got for the knowledge truck was around $1,300 for 3 days, and the trailer was $550. We were renting it out for four days.

To begin with, the 2021 Forester (non-wilderness bundle) is appraised to tow 1,500 lbs within the US. That is an enormous issue, and the ceiling will simply fall. The 48 is an 850-lb purge, and the 58 is a 900-lb purge. That takes off, as it were, 600 lbs of capacity when getting the bigger one that can fit a bed. Is this a tough ceiling? No, but as individuals on Reddit and other destinations have pointed out, your car is there (for the most part, the transmission) more in case you tow over, especially on the off chance that you are doing this regularly. I knew the road I was planning to go with, of which 98% would be level interstates. That, along with knowing I was towing lighter commodities, made me less stressed about the weight.

Another thing to stress about is how to snare it. The U-Hauls come with a 2-inch ball-mount coupler. My Forester had the hitch introduced by Subaru. Subaru puts in a Lesson I, 1-1/4-inch recipient. I utilized that ball mount, which finished up working superbly.

Ball Mount

I talked to U-Haul on the phone, and they said you need the hitch to be level at almost (18.5) to (18.75) inches off the bottom. The Forester mount is nearly 14 inches off the ground, and the over-post ball mount includes 4 5/8 inches, giving you the stature you need.

I got the CURT 21410 Trailer that Amazon suggested. Don’t TAKE IT. It is 2 inches extended, there is extra metal around the tow bar bracket, and this pin is not going to fit a Subaru tow bar. It just didn’t end as required. At the last minute, I got a 2 1/4-inch long and 1/2-inch-thick neck that fits.

Now that we have hitched, we are off! I requested a 58 U-Haul 2 months ago; we required it on U-Haul’s site. I rapidly got a call declaring that they didn’t have one at the nearby rental location, but they said that they would get back to me within 48 hours of the rental to let me know where to get it from. But it never happened. With less than 24 hours cleared out, I call the 1-800 number and work with a decent woman on the phone to discover where I can pick one up. There was a more distinctive office than the one, as it were, I had chosen online; 30 miles away was the availability.

The other day I was there when I notified them I would be there to reap it, and no one was there when I arrived. There was a cue on the anteroom saying “For service, call X number”, and after that, the person responded and within 5 minutes was over to oblige me. The pickup area was a tiny exchange joined to a self-accommodation region that checks once a day or so for pickups, and since at the final miniature I backfired, it wasn’t taken note of. I was cheerful that the individual came so quickly to assist me in getting going.

With the hitch now on the car, pickup took less than 5 minutes. I didn’t know if they would review the car or check anything, but he said just back up to the trailer and we’ll share it up. I inquired of the more seasoned man of his word in the event that there’s any counsel he would have for someone who has not towed for some time recently. He said to take advantage of additional stopping room and make wide turns. The trailer dropped right on the ball, and at that point, we connected the wiring for the lights and reviewed whether they were functioning. The standard 4-stick hookup the Forester hitch came with was specifically what the trailer had. Another important tip I was given for towing was to CROSS THE SECURITY CHAINS BEFORE CONNECTING TO THE CAR. Clearly, on the off chance that you don’t cross the chains, you’ll get a ticket, and State Troopers love to give out tickets for it.

The smaller trailers (48, 58) don’t have breaks; they entirely rely on your car’s brakes. Typically, this is something to think about; for instance, if you stop on an incline, all the weight of the trailer kicks back on your car and its transmission. I utilized the stopping brake part when stopping the trailer. When I grabbed the trailer, it had two wood pieces under the tires to keep it in place, so I asked to have those with me (which ended up being a really great notion). They made a difference when stopping in some regions, as well as once you need to take the trailer off; in the event that you don’t have them, it’ll need to roll since it has no brakes of its own. When I went to drop it off, the other U-Haul area (I did one-way travel) needed those blocks to hold the trailer in place, and I was once again happy I had them. They may have had a few more of their declaration, but get the pieces after you pick them up; you’ll be happy you did.

The trailer says the maximum speed is 55, and after a while of getting used to it, I felt relaxed with that. You simply need to get used to being on the right path and giving yourself plenty of space when changing routes. It takes a while to begin and stop; be prepared for that. A few individuals online specified, and I felt it one or two times: in the event that you brake as well, and after that the trailer pushes forward on your car, the automatic transmission does not like that advertisement and can accelerate up on occasions you wouldn’t be required to.

I believe this blog makes a difference for anybody who features a comparative circumstance, and feel free to drop questions or share your involvement!

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