Can U-Haul Trucks Go on Parkways? Important Guidelines about Restrictions

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Shifting or moving is a task that is considered hectic and time-consuming. If you are thinking of hiring a professional for this work to avoid any discomfort, renting a U-Haul moving truck is a considerable option that provides you with the facility to make things quicker. On the other hand, taking summer into account someone may want to move their summer home on the Jersey coast. Besides this rental service, there are a few things to make sure of while you are planning to use this route. The big question comes as if it is allowed to move U-Haul trucks on the track of the NJ Parkway.


Those who have travelled before NJ Parkway are aware of the restrictions on this track. In common terms, commercial vehicles entertaining more than 10,000 pounds are not permitted on the northern part of the highway. These vehicles must take off the interstate at exit 105, which is suitable past the Asbury Stop toll square. For the zones of the artery where these trucks are authorized, you’ll be subject to higher tolls to get to the street. A breach can result in penalties and a ticket from the officials supervising the territory.


As the permit is dependent on the weight of the trucks, a few of the trucks you’ll be able to lease from U-Haul are qualified to haul on all regions of the parkway. This can be why it’s acute to lease these vehicles from a platform that gets the regulations on this roadway and can recommend the suitable automobile to both oblige the assets you expect to shift, as well as remain inside the constraints for driving on this central roadway. Typical, as exclusively the cargo van and the 10-foot U-Haul van can move on the NJ parkway. Anything heftier puts you at the possibility of getting a ticket.


If you pay a little attention and think out of the box there is good news to crack this 10-ft truck restriction. In case you require more space to deal with everything you want to move, you have the option of towing a trailer behind a 10-ft truck. This way is a more accepting way to bypass the set of rules of NJ Highway. 

Leasing a U-Haul is a more appropriate way to move your belongings quickly and it’s budget-friendly too. It is essential to keep yourself aware of the restrictions on the NJ pathway while you are planning to crisscross. Through this mindset, it will be easier to reach your destination without breaching the rules. U-Haul is there to help you with the truck that suits your budget. They will also provide you with the facility of guidance about your movement. 

You can contact U-Haul today to schedule your rental truck so there is no hurdle whenever you decide to move.

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