Do U-Haul Trucks Have Aux Inputs? Exploring Audio Connectivity

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Audio Connectivity Feature: Have you ever heard of this term? Or do you know the meaning of it? We use it daily but must be made aware of this term. Ironic, is it?

Let me enlighten you about it. The technology and the distinct features that allow you to connect and manage audio devices, such as MP3 player, self-phones, etc., in your vehicle is known as Audio connectivity features. It is a known feature in today’s world as it creates a pleasant environment for you while driving, whether you want to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook. It became handy and easy, too.

However, if we talk about U-haul trucks, they are rental trucks that help in transportation and moving purposes. In this world of technologies where we are moving towards advancements day by day, so are U haul trucks. Their audio connectivity features varied with truck models; many have aux input, radios, CD players, etc. In this blog, we will further look into the pros and cons of the aux information in haul trucks. So stay with us, and let’s learn more about it.

Auxiliary Inputs in U-Haul Trucks: An Overview

An auxiliary jack is commonly known as an aux input. They are the non-charging port that allows us to connect to external audio devices, such as laptops, computers, MP3 players, etc. Auxputs are usually used in vehicles and, as we know, allow external devices to play audio through host speakers. Now, if we discuss haul trucks that have to cover long distances, it can get tiresome if one does not have leisure with them. For that purpose, aux inputs are the best, and here are some reasons why:


Aux input can give you harmless amusements that you can enjoy on long journeys. Rather than killing your mood, you can be entertained according to your preferences.

Easy to Use

Connecting aux put to external devices is quite handy as there is no rocket science. From child to adult, everyone can use it for their purposes.

Comfortable Listening

Aux inputs provide a safe environment as drivers can focus on driving while enjoying their preferences.

Checking for Aux Inputs in U-Haul Trucks

Many U-haul trucks have aux input, but many people must know it. If you are the person who does know how to check for aux input, you can follow the guide given below, and you can seek the answers you are looking for. Let’s proceed:

Read the Manual

When you rent a truck, you are often provided with a manual. That’s your key, as the manual can give you the whole outline for things that are present in the car. You can also check for aux input. You can follow the steps and be ready if it’s written over there.


It’s best to inspect everything yourself when you are buying one thing or even renting one. The same case scenario goes with U haul trucks; if we are known enough, you will see the aux input on inspection.

Check the Website

You can check the truck’s specifications on the internet and help yourself with your miseries if there is no manual.

Ask the Staff

Obviously, during the renting process, you are guided by the worker, so you can easily ask them, and if you are lucky enough, they will even coach you on how to use it.

Read Experiences

Online, many people leave their reviews on their experiences. You can go through them, and you can keenly keep an eye on the aux input.


It is optional for all U-haul trucks to have aux input; it varies with the models of trucks. New models have more distinctive qualities and features.

Using Aux Inputs in U-Haul Trucks

  • Firstly, locate the aux input on your truck’s audio system. It is usually a 3.5mm audio jack often found near the dashboard or somewhere near audio controls. Plus, shift your truck’s sound design on the aux input.
  • Secondly, ensure you are ready with your external device to connect it with aux input.
  • You connect one audio jack end with the truck’s sound system; the other end should be connected to your external device.
  • After this, you can play your preference, which will be played over the truck’s sound system. You can adjust the volume, stop whenever you want, and enjoy your drive.

Benefits of Aux Inputs

Aux input has several advantages, and some of them are listed below.

Easy to Use

You must connect the external device to the truck’s sound system and then be ready. It requires no additional connection to any other software.

Quality Audio

Aux input provides you with good-quality audio with no glitches.

Universally Used

Aux input is the most used gadget, as it can be connected to any device as long as it has an audio jack and you can use it easily.


Buying aux input will not cost you your arm or leg; they are pretty economical, and they can be used for a long time.

No Battery Usage

It is a simple connection between the device and the host speaker. It does not require a battery, so it can be used as much as you want without any worries.

Alternatives for Non-Aux Trucks

As we have established so far, the features of your haul truck vary with models, and not all U haul trucks have aux input features. We know it’s wrong, but do not worry if it does not have aux input; we can try several other routes to make our drive more enjoyable. Like:

Bluetooth Connectivity

New models may have a Bluetooth connection, which is a plus point. Then, all we have to do is connect our external device to the truck’s Bluetooth, and that’s it. We can enjoy our drive now.

FM Transmitter

First, an FM transmitter broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device on an unused FM radio frequency. After tuning in a bit, you can hear and enjoy our audio content.

USB Connections

Some U-haul trucks have USB ports, which are good, but you have to ensure your USB is fully ready and filled with the content you prefer on long journeys.

Optimizing the Audio Experience

We always want a perfect environment for you when you are driving. We ensure that everything is up to the mark, and when we use aux input, we can always enhance the audio quality and other factors, which are listed below:

Use Standard-Quality cable

We can be sure that aux input is a one-time investment if we use a high-quality cable that can be used for an extended period.

Volume Balancing

Many people preferred loud audio, while others preferred another way out so we could adjust the volume according to the host’s requirements

Strong Cable Connections

You have to ensure that cable connections at both ends are secured so there may be no glitches.

Suitable Position

It’s always best to keep your device in a safe place so it can not cause you any problems driving.

Staying Safe and Focused

With all the leisure and entertainment, you must keep one thing in mind: your safety. It would help if you were attentive on the road. No one is stopping you from enjoying, but your life is precious too. Following are the precautions you can follow:

  1. Try to set your device before driving.
  2. Manage volume to that level where you know your surrounding books.
  3. Most importantly, always focus on your driving no matter what.
  4. Try to preselect your preferred content for the road.
  5. Avoid unnecessary distractions while driving.

U-Haul’s Focus on Customer Convenience

We are always ensured by U haul service to provide a comfortable and easy convenience. Their advancement and modern qualities are always the plus point for customers. Underneath are some of their features;

Bluetooth Connectivity

Modern haul trucks have access to Bluetooth connectivity, giving us the leisure to dwell on roads.

Backup Camera

This feature enhances safety as it helps in parking or reversing the truck.


They are available 24/7, providing their service.

Upgraded Audio System

The models of trucks vary in their audio systems. Many have aux input, USB ports, blue connectivity, etc.


While summing things up, in the blog, we have significantly highlighted the importance of aux input and how they are operating. Aux inputs benefit us on our journey; they are affordable and handy, and we can surely use them in U-haul trucks. It can make the drive lively. It would help if you tried to use aux input and enjoy your drive.

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