Do U-Haul Trucks Have Bluetooth? Exploring Connectivity Options

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U-Haul trucks have been facilitating people all around the United States since 1945. U-Haul Trucks are based in Arizona. Families who plan on moving to trust them because of the convenience U-Haul trucks provide. With its numerous franchises around the US, it is the go-to rental service sufficient to take care of all your belongings.

What makes U-Haul convenient is not just the variety of capacities and sizes they offer but their technological standards as well. U-Haul trucks are equipped enough to provide safety, fuel efficiency, sustainability, and convenience.

 Bluetooth technology is commonly used worldwide and is one of many helpful features available in U-Haul trucks. We often use this feature to connect to our smartphones, smart TVs, and cars for data sharing and entertainment. This not only helps us share data but also makes our boring long drives fun. However, not all devices or vehicles have this feature. Luckily, U Haul has introduced this feature in their trucks that adds to the feasibility of the driver and passengers.

Keep on reading, and you will find more about Bluetooth technology, its features, advantages, connectivity to U Haul Trucks, alternatives to Bluetooth, how to stay safe while using it, and more technological features that you can find in U Haul Trucks so that you know everything before renting it.

Bluetooth Technology in U-Haul Trucks: An Overview

Bluetooth is a feature that uses radio waves to enable devices to operate and exchange data over short distances without connecting to any extension or a wire. Apart from its usage for entertainment and navigation purposes, it is convenient, especially for drivers, to avoid airpods/headphones/earphones, ensuring they drive safely and precaution. Similar is the case with U-Haul trucks. Bluetooth technology helps the drivers plan and direct the vehicle, receive calls without the help of any external resources, and make the rides fun by connecting them to the sound system.

Checking for Bluetooth Connectivity in U-Haul Trucks

Over the years, U-Haul has released several models of their trucks, all of which differ in advancement and features. Hence, not all U-Haul trucks have Bluetooth technology. There are higher chances that the latest models will be able to connect any device wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Almost every time, Bluetooth automatically connects to information and entertainment systems, making it possible for the user to pick up calls, play music, and navigate their route. The display will show that Bluetooth has been enabled.

It is always safe to inquire before renting a truck. You can ask for help to understand how to operate or connect your device. The instructions are in the Bluetooth instruction manual.

Connecting Bluetooth to U-Haul Trucks

Sometimes, it can be tricky to understand how to connect your device with Bluetooth in a U-Haul Truck. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you enable and use Bluetooth features in your U-Haul Truck.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on your device

Look for the option in your phone’s settings and turn on the Bluetooth. Make sure that your device is visible to other devices.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth on your U-Haul Truck

Look for the settings on the display and tap on the Bluetooth option. This will turn on Bluetooth in your truck.

Step 3: Pairing Mode

Search for an option to pair your device and tap on it. Pairing your desired device prevents it from searching for that device whenever you try to connect or want to communicate from a distance. It will ask for permission to share data.

Step 4: Select a device from U-Haul Truck

A list will be visible on the display of all devices with Bluetooth turned on. Look for your device and select it.

Step 5: Enter Passcode.

If your phone has security, you must input your passcode on the truck’s display.

Step 6: Check for connectivity

The devices should be connected by now. You can now operate your truck’s system with your device.

What else can you do to enable Bluetooth faster is to keep your devices proximate to each other. You should remove the obstacles if there are any in between. If you still can’t see your device in options, then restart the device and check again. If you still feel there is a need for additional support, then you can check the manual or call U-Haul directly.

Benefits of Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology is widely used around the world because of the convenience it provides to device users. Multiple benefits help you facilitate and make your job easier.

Hands-Free Calls

We are all aware of how dangerous it is to be on the phone while driving. Bluetooth makes the job easier and helps you to communicate with its wireless connectivity. You can hear sound from the truck’s speaker and control the voice through the display panel.


With Bluetooth Technology, U-Truck rides are no longer boring, as you can stream your favourite podcasts and music on your way. You can also play your favourite audiobooks and kill time on long rides.


Bluetooth lets you easily plan and track your journey by connecting your phone to the U-Haul truck. You will no longer need to use your phone to navigate; you can give voice commands and receive step-by-step instructions, making it easier to reach your destination.

Alternatives for Non-Bluetooth Trucks

As mentioned above, finding Bluetooth features in new and latest U-Haul Trucks. But what if you don’t have Bluetooth technology in the U-Haul Truck you own or rent?

Below are several alternatives you can use instead of Bluetooth despite not having this option available.

Auxiliary Cable

Even without Bluetooth, you can connect your device to the audio system with the help of a connecting wire. This will enable your favourite music and audiobooks to play in the truck.

FM transmitter

An option of FM transmission would still be available. You can listen to FM radio without connecting it to any device. You can listen to your favourite music, news, and channels. The only drawback is that the audio quality would be low compared to others.

CD Player

Another way to stay entertained would be to use the CD player. You can grab your favourite CDs and listen to your favourite songs, but beware that the CDs can be damaged.

USB Drive

You can transfer your favourite songs to a portable USB device and connect it to the truck. 


Another wireless option that is available in U-Haul Truck to keep you entertained. Similar to FM transmission, in terms of quality, something is better than nothing. 

Staying Safe and Compliant

Even though Bluetooth technology comes with a lot of convenience, the user must take safety precautions while using it.

 As much as entertainment can get exciting, don’t let it distract you from the road. People often indulge in the music and get so invested in playing their favourite playlist that their concentration gets on the tabs to play what they want. A driver’s eye should always be on the road to prevent accidents.

Special care should be taken care of while getting too indulged or distracted from enjoying the ride. People should take care of their surroundings as well. Avoid playing loud music when stuck in traffic and when schools or hospitals are around. Avoid playing loud music. This prevents any inconvenience caused by you to others.

Bluetooth technology makes calling very easy; hence, people tend to talk longer on calls. Or they keep on checking if their device is correctly connected or not. Both of the instances can cause the driver to get distracted. Therefore, If you want to fix anything or check for something else, park the car to the side. This avoids accidents and violations of laws.

U-Haul’s Technological Advancements

U-Haul is known to be the world’s largest DIY moving service for a reason. And that reason is that it has successfully provided convenience to its users for the past seven decades. This became possible because U-Haul prioritizes the feasibility of its users through not just accessibility but through technological advancements.

As we discussed earlier, the technologically advanced features of U-Haul trucks make it easier for drivers and passengers to travel. One of them is Bluetooth, which helps in infotainment and navigation. Apart from Bluetooth, other specifications that make U-Haul stand out amongst the rest are their emphasis on preventive measures, accountability for fuel usage, and customer convenience. Where Bluetooth makes a driver’s job easy by providing infotainment and wireless connectivity from any other device, specs like a backup camera, power windows, and locks help in the driving experience. U Haul places particular emphasis on safety precautions by installing rear cross-traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warnings. U-Haul trucks have an aerodynamical design. This causes better fuel efficiency and quiet rides and keeps the truck stable against the winds, lowering the vehicle drag resistance and smoother rides with less fuel.

On the other hand, U-Haul is working on more features that could add to customer satisfaction. This includes an option to drive the truck yourself, advanced Internet options such as WiFi and 5G Internet service, and installation of solar panels and electric motors for diversity in usage.


U-Haul trucks are ideal for DIY travel and luggage-carrying services because of their technological advancement. They are one of the most used features on the latest models and bring a lot of convenience to the user in terms of their safety, feasibility, and entertainment. However, other than this, U-Haul trucks are equipped with more user-friendly features. There are many others and several in the pipeline to make your work easy and provide many services according to users’ needs.

To learn more about Bluetooth and other features, check out their website and read the user manual to take advantage of it. 

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