Do U-Haul Trucks Have Power Outlets? Exploring Electrical Convenience

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While renting a U-Haul truck, people worry about electrical convenience whether these trucks are equipped with power outlets or not. Here is all you need to know!

Most U-Haul trucks are equipped with power outlets that provide convenient power sources for different electronic devices. When you’re on a trip or out for some work, power outlets play an important role in your life. They make your life easier by allowing you to use electronic devices during your long journey.

This blog post will explore all about electrical convenience in U-Haul trucks specifically focusing on the presence of power outlets. We will also discuss the potential locations of these outlets in U-Haul trucks. Let’s jump in!

Power Outlets in U-Haul Trucks: An Overview

Power outlets are electrical devices that give power supply to electrical equipment. They give power via slots for plugs. These outlets are found in a variety of buildings and locations including homes, shops, offices, factories, and many vehicles. In U-Haul trucks, at least one power outlet is present. Some of them have more power outlets usually in the cabin and back of the truck.

U-haul trucks have power outlets that allow you to charge laptops, phones, lighters, camera batteries, and other electronic devices. They are also used to power small electrical appliances like fans, and heaters. You can use electronic devices while moving or driving. These outlets are useful to keep things running on the road.

Checking for Power Outlets in U-Haul Trucks

Truck Models

There are specific U-Haul truck models that are equipped with power outlets. A number of power outlets vary in trucks depending on their sizes and makers. Here we will explain these truck models along with their outlet number and voltage.

  1. The U HAUL 8-ft pickup trucks have one power outlet of 12V in their cab. 
  2. The 10-ft truck has two power outlets. One power outlet of 12V is present in the cab while the other of 120V is located in the back of the truck.
  3. U haul’s 15-ft truck has three power outlets due to its large size. One power outlet of 12V is present in the cab and two of 120V are present in the back.
  4. The 20-ft U haul truck is equipped with 4 power outlets, two of 12V in the cab while the other two of 120V are located in the back side of the truck. 
  5. U haul’s 26-ft truck is the largest in size and has  6 different power outlets. The cab has two power outlets, each of 12V. The back side of the truck has four additional outlets, each of 120V.

Interior Locations

Some of the convenient power outlets in U-Haul trucks are present in the cabin. The interior locations where power outlets are typically present are:

  1. One or more power outlets are present in the dashboard near the driver’s seat depending on the truck size and model.
  2. They are also installed in the center console that may contain small storage compartments, a mini fridge, or an audio box
  3. They are also present in the back of the cab near the rear doors.

Exterior Locations

U haul trucks are not only equipped with interior outlets but they also contain power outlets in the truck bed that add more convenience. Some of the main exterior  locations where power outlets are present include:

  1. Few power outlets are present in the sidewalls of the truck bed 
  2. A tailgate is the entrance to the truck bed where one or two power outlets may be present.
  3. Some U-Haul trucks have roof outlets for lights and equipment

Keep in mind, that these power outlets vary by truck model and year. You can inquire from U-Haul’s rental agent about available outlets in the trucks.

Types of Power Outlets

Power outlets are usually of two types:

Standard AC Power Outlets: 

These outlets are commonly present in U-Haul trucks. They are also used in houses and offices. You can plug small to medium electronic devices such as mobile phones, TVs, laptops, and desktop PCs into these outlets. They supply around 120V of electricity. They are often found in the cab of trucks while some are present in the truck’s rear as well.

12V DC Power Outlets:

These outlets are also known as lighter outlets. They are also common in U-Haul trucks. They provide 12V of direct current. Mostly they are used to power accessories and small electronic appliances such as mobile phones.

Using Power Outlets in U-Haul Trucks

You’re using a U-Haul truck but don’t know how power outlets work in it? Here we’ll discuss how to use power outlets for charging devices and what things you should consider while using them.

Charging Devices: 

If you want to charge your devices such as phones, laptops, or portable chargers, follow these instructions step by step.

Locate the Outlet:

First of all, find out the power outlet that you need. Both Standard AC outlets and 12V DC outlets are located near the driver’s seat.

Check Device Compatibility:

Check out whether your device matches the outlet type or not. Most of the devices work with standard AC outlets. Some medium to large electronic devices such as laptops, may need higher voltage.

Use an Adapter (if needed):

If your device and outlet don’t match, use an adapter. For example, you can convert AC to 12V DC with an adapter.

Plug In Your Device:

Insert your device’s charger into the outlet carefully.

Charging Begins:

After plugging in, your device will start charging.

Voltage Considerations: 

While charging your device, first consider the voltage of the outlet. Different types of outlets have their specific voltage range. For example:

  • Standard AC outlets provide a power supply of 120 volts.
  • 12V DC outlets have a power supply of 12 volts.

Benefits of Power Outlets

Let’s discuss the major benefits of U-Haul power outlets:

1. Convenience: 

  • Power outlets enhance the convenience of long drives by keeping devices charged.
  • They help us to stay connected with the world. By charging our devices, we’re able to make calls and send emails.
  • Charged devices allow us to use navigation apps. We can explore and navigate unfamiliar areas by using these apps.

2. Productivity:

  • Power outlets charge our devices and help us stay productive while traveling on the road. We can work on our projects and continue business tasks on the go.
  • You can listen to music and enjoy tunes for a relaxing drive.
  • They are used to power appliances such as mini-fridges or microwaves and we can use them during travel.

Power Outlets in the Truck Bed

U-Haul truck beds are equipped with power outlets. Usually, 12V power outlets are present in the truck beds. They are used for a variety of purposes while traveling.

Power tools/Accessories

These outlets are used to power tools or accessories such as drills, air compressors, and work lights.

  1. By charging a drill, you can dismantle furniture, boxes, etc
  2. You can use an air compressor to inflate tires and remove dust 
  3. Work lights can be charged through these outlets. You can use them for night lighting or work.

Charging devices

These outlets can be used for charging different electronic devices i.e. phones, laptops, and tablets.

Running appliances

They can be used for running appliances. You can run a mini-fridge to keep food or drinks cold. Other appliances such as a coffee maker, heater, and microwave can also be powered by these outlets.

Overall, these 12V outlets in the truck bed can be useful during the moving process. They help you perform various tasks.

Maximizing Power Outlet Usage

There are many ways by which you can maximize power outlet usage. If the U-Haul truck doesn’t have enough power outlets, try out these methods to maximize the available power.

Use Power Strips: 

Power strips are an excellent solution to extend the number of available outlets for charging multiple devices. Make sure to use power strips that come with surge protection.

Use Power Inverter 

A power inverter converts 12V DC power to 120V AC power. You can use it to charge standard devices. It’s a very simple and fast method. Before using, check its compatibility with the device.

Check power limits

Always check the power limits of the outlets before using them. Each outlet has specific amperes and voltage. The details of voltage and current ratings are displayed on them. You shouldn’t exceed that limit of outlet.

Avoid overloading

If power outlets overload, the circuit breaker trips and there is a risk of catching fire. It can damage your devices. So, always avoid overloading outlets.

Use surge protectors

Surge protectors safeguard your devices against voltage spikes. Always use a surge protector with outlets to ensure that your devices are safe.

U-Haul’s Focus on Customer Convenience

U-Haul is committed to providing modern and convenient features in their rental vehicles. It offers rental equipment in a variety of sizes according to customer’s needs. Customers can access their services 24/7. This company saves your money and makes your move more convenient.

U-Haul values its customer feedback to enhance the overall driving experience. All the feedback is directed to U-Haul’s Canada head office. They respond to customer’s feedback within three business days.


  1. Can we charge electronics in a U-Haul truck when it’s turned off?

Yes, most of the U-Haul trucks do charge electronics even when they are off. While most of the other pickup trucks don’t let you charge unless they are running. You can easily charge your electronic devices and use them during trips or moving.

  1. How can I connect my phone to a U-Haul truck?

Connect your Android phone by plugging one end of the auxiliary audio cable into the truck’s port and the other end into your phone. You can also connect an MP3 player, iPad, or iPhone in this way.

  1. Do U-Haul trucks have power outlets?

Yes, U-Haul trucks are equipped with different numbers of outlets depending on the truck model and size. These outlets also vary in their types and can be present on both the interior and exterior sides of trucks. You can charge your electronics with these outlets.


Most U-Haul trucks have power outlets that provide a variety of benefits while traveling. Depending on the type of truck, different numbers of power outlets are present at different locations of the trucks. You can easily charge your devices through these outlets and use electronics during your trips.

In this blog post, we talked about the presence of power outlets and electrical convenience in U-Haul trucks. Now you know all about power outlet options in U-Haul trucks. Try to make the most out of their electrical convenience for a comfortable and connected journey!

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