Home Depot Truck Rental with Liftgate vs U-Haul Truck Rental with Liftgate

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In this review, you will learn about every fact and major rentals, including Home Depot’s truck rental with liftgate and Uhaul with liftgate and the types of commercial vehicles each company rents out for domestic or commercial moving.

Home Depot Locations for Truck & Equipment

Home Depot hiring liftgate has nearly 2,500 locations nationwide, and many of their box trucks have rear roll-up doors for swifter delivery. Many of their truck rentals for moving inventory are new model brands.

HD rent moving trucks are swifter on their website as they collaborate with Penske locations. All your questions can now be directed to them via the online platforms!

At several Home Depot locations, you can hire a Penske truck with a liftgate. It should be said that Home Depot truck rental also deals in home improvement products.

How Much is LiftGate Truck Rental?

Generally, all moving rentals, including HD, average between $150 and $1,000 daily to rent the right truck.

On average, you should expect to pay at least $170 per day for a 24-foot lift gate rental truck for domestic packing or official assignments.

Why LiftGate Truck Rentals?

By definition, a liftgate truck is any strong auto with a permanent machine installed on its rear to effortlessly lift goods from ground level to level for load.

The machine is called a tail lift or liftgate, and during rentals, it can also be utilized to move your goods from one location to another home, sometimes held in place with straps from truck level to ground level to unload them effortlessly.

See our related rental truck guide about how much it costs to hire a semi for a week or per day!

All Major Lift Gates for Rent Companies

Before you Google “liftgate truck rental,” here are some of the biggest and most reputable rental companies offering different dimensions that cover homeowners and business people.

Consider things like mileage and trip duration estimates for one-way trips, two-way trips, different models, make, and pick-up time, among other factors that may vary from budget estimates.

Also, the size of the vehicle equipment is a key determinant, that is a 53 ft trailer dimensions truck will cost more than 48 feet.

  • Budget with liftgate

The Budget company is one of the most renowned commercial rentals, highly sought after by movers.

The budget truck has new model brands and a huge selection of vehicles at very affordable rates.

You can rent moving trucks with flexible pre-rental benefits including credit debit card payment, choosing the time of pick up and the day/time of pick up location.

These can be concluded in their online reservation system, contracted return date, with credit card deposit.

Available small trucks with liftgates include 16 ft dimensions and 24-foot and 26-foot box trucks, with payload cargo capacity of up to 10,000 lbs (up to 1,700 cu. ft. of load space) to almost 11,500 lbs.

Plus, features like automatic transmissions, power steering, AM FM, air conditioning, and power brakes. Some automobiles are fitted with furniture pads to protect customer’s fragile items, during one-way to your new home.

  • Ryder with liftgate

Just like Home Depot, RYDER is also a big rig and cargo van company commonly to moving items.

Ryder offers small trucks with liftgates such as 16-foot, 26 foot, and 22ft box trucks with hydraulic lift gates or walk ramps, as well fleet of stake brands.

These are small models with liftgate, and Ryder do not offer one-way services.

Most of their fleet features air conditioning, automatic transmission power steering, rear roll-up door, power brakes, AM FM audio system, tilt steering 4 wheel drive, and cargo tie rails. 

  • Enterprise

Enterprise Rentals is one of the most successful commercial leasing/hiring companies, with vast a fleet – offering 16-foot, 24-foot cabover in different sizes and competing favorably with HD companies.

These small models with liftgates have air conditioning automatic transmission; dock high, commercially spec body, power brakes, AM FM, rear roll-up door, the push of a button, steering power, and more!

The 26 ft trucks with liftgates for hire have Tuck-under lift gate features as well as automatic transmission, power steering, and air-conditioning, and 2 – 4 wheel drive. 

Depending on location, daily average price is: $85 to $470, and accept credit card deposit. Like Ryder, they also offer stake lorry! According to its rental document, they charge an additional $15 daily for the extra driver which you must agree to.

  • Penske and Home Depot rental

If search “cabover lorry with lift gate” or just “liftgate rentals” a number of the top results will certainly lead you to a local Penske commercial company and its partner, Home Depot rental which also parades extensive home improvement brands.

They have an extensive service network, parading older and new model in their inventory. Penske with lift gate prices are quite competitive, even for their straight trucks.

The 26-foot and 22-foot also come with up to 50-gallon fuel tanks and 30-gallon fuel tanks respectively. Note that the 12′ Penske comes with a ramp and the same features you have with the HD fleet.

Penske is known to offer pocket-friendly prices for the small fleets with liftgate designed for small owners – ranging from $128 to $1100 per day.

More features include power steering, rear roll-up door, air conditioning, cargo tie rails, automatic transmission, and anti-lock brakes, and have seating for three!

Visit the HD and Penske websites to get more info about equipment make model, steering power brakes or manual, additional charges for drivers, additional miles fees as well as damage protection fees and other liability charges

What Are Small Vehicles With Liftgate Rental?

What do small automobiles with liftgate do and how they operate? A liftgate benefit varies, but it mainly assists in lifting large goods to a trailer’s open or gate.

Consider it a small freight elevator mounted. Small tricks fitted liftgates such as pickup or even the smallest offers such as 15-foot trucks are utilized to transport big stuff ranging from oil barrels to essential household appliances.

Knowing what the liftgate on the small ones will be lifting is critical for determining the best lifting capacity, platform load size, and platform material for the application.

Standard pickup rentals with liftgates have lifting capacities ranging from 750lbs to 1500 lbs. When determining lifting capability, the usual rule of thumb is to round up and round up liberally.

If the object to be lifted weighs 950 pounds, a 1000-pound capacity liftgate may suffice. Still, for overall safety and liftgate longevity, a lifting capacity of 1300 or 1500 pounds is likely the most brilliant choice.

small trucks with liftgate rental

Pickup trucks with liftgates come in a variety of sizes, including 15-foot Box Moving with liftgates, 12-foot stake-side flatbeds with liftgates, 16-foot stake-side flatbeds with liftgates, and 22-foot stake-side flatbeds with liftgates.

Pickup Rental with Liftgates

Every model of pickup rental truck with a liftgate comes in a variety of sizes, including 15-foot Box Moving with a liftgates, 12-foot stake-side flatbeds with liftgates, 16-foot stake-side flatbeds with liftgates, and 22-foot stake-side flatbeds pickup with liftgates.

Truly, a pickup with a liftgate vehicle or trailer outfitted with a tailgate is difficult to overlook. They are massive, heavy pieces of equipment that add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle’s overall weight.

The typical liftgate pickup is fitted with a liftgate that operates by forcing a piston through a cylinder to raise and lower the gate.

Typically, they are controlled by a switch box with simple “up” and “down” functions, are mostly cost more to rent! Note that, Lowe Moving and Home Depot parade a variety of moving pickups.

What Are the Average Prices for One Way Trucks Rental With Lift?

Depending on the size, the cost of renting a one-way moving with a tailgate ranges from $35 + 0.89/Mile to $90 + 0.69/Mile each day.

Your overall moving fee will be determined by the number of days you are moving, the total distance you are moving, the size and a few other elements determined by the pickup business.

Presently, HD has one of the best one way rates.

Can I Rent Moving Trucks With Automatic Lift?

Yes, you can hire moving trucks with automatic or hydraulic liftgates, even for goods from Home Depot. These liftgates (automatic or hydraulic liftgates) make loading and unloading flatbeds.

When using the liftgate, follow all safety standards and instructions. When utilizing the liftgate, always keep a safe functioning area in mind. Never operate the control switch while the platform is unfolding.

Questions How Hydraulic Lift Works? 

Most liftgate machines are hydraulic. Some are pneumatic, while others are mechanical. Because most liftgate machines are trailer hydraulic, hydraulic lift gates are plenty across the country.

Most customers moving home prefer different types of equipment fitted with basic features including, automatic transmission, air conditioning, USB input, Diesel engine, power steering, and even specific towing equipment.

A hydraulic lift gate is a powerful liftgate machine that makes it unnecessary to hire and use a winch or a forklift.

Top moving truck companies now offer with hydraulic lift on their bigger box – just decide on the right automotive for your move and periods/days you need it for and enjoy your hydraulic lift.

FAQ about Homedepot moving with Liftgate!

Look below for detailed responses to popular queries about H depot moving and major truck rentals.

What is the smallest U-haul with a lift gate?

Moving trucks are not all made equal. Some come with ramps, while other trucks have liftgates. But which is best for your do-it-yourself move? The Pickup U-Haul is also the smallest liftgate-equipped.

When you make your move, you’ll most likely be moving from your house rather than a loading dock. Liftgates are typically seen on vehicles with deck heights of four to five feet in the air.

This is because the deck heights are intended to be utilized in conjunction with a commercial loading dock – not for your relocation.

How much does it cost to hire a box van with a liftgate?

The cost of hiring a liftgate is determined by the size or kind of vehicle required for a specific operation. The table below summarizes the costs of getting liftgate trucks of various sizes.

The SizeCost or Price
8-foot pickup $19.95 plus $1.99/mile
9-foot van$19.95 plus $1.99/mile
10-foot $19.95 plus $2.29/mile
15-foot $29.95 plus $2.29/mile
17-foot straight $39.95 plus $2.29/mile
20-foot straight $39.95 plus $2.29/mile
26-foot straight $39.95 plus $2.29/mile

What are Tommy lift gate rental prices?

Tommy Gate manufactures a complete array of liftgates for any residential, business, or industrial purpose. Depending on your cargo-handling requirements and vehicle, certain liftgates may be better suited than others.

The cost of renting with a Tommy lift ranges from $17.99 per day plus $0.49 per mile to $79.99 per day plus $0.30 per mile, depending on the company.

How much does a liftgate weigh and lift?

The weight capacity of liftgates can be anything from 1,300 to more than 3,500 lbs. The rule of thumb is smaller capacity gates on smaller trucks, and then the larger ones on larger rigs.

The small size of your auto is usually not a problem as you can find liftgates for a pickup.

Types of Lift Gate

Many commercial companies in the United States offer fleets with liftgates like cabovers and box vans with expert support for customers.

The thousands of lorry vary based on size. Below are the most common types of moving trucks with lift gates – in terms of size.

  1. 8 Foot Pickup With Liftgate

An 8 foot pickup has a bed that measures 8 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for an 8-foot GMC pickup with a liftgate is approximately 1,900 pounds and ideal for a small house like studio apartment.

Many 8-foot pickups come with additional features such as power steering, FM stereo, air conditioning, automatic transmission, a Diesel engine, a push of a button, USB input, aux headset, and much more.

We advise you to insist on hiring one from a reputable renter with strong customer service. These trucks are perfect for city deliveries – moving heavy or delicate cargo such as cement, cobblestones, stone carvings, ceramic sinks, and toilets, or one-bed small apartments.

  1. 10 Foot and 12 Foot with Lift Gates

All 10 feet has a bed box that measures 10 feet in length. The maximum loading capacity for a 10-foot GMC truck or 350 transit Ford is approximately 2,850 pounds / 2900 lbs capacity liftgate.

You are guaranteed almost 500 cubic feet of space inside, 6.2 interior height as good options like air conditioning, Diesel engine, power steering, AUX, FM stereo, automatic transmission, and rear-wheel models!

Some come with translucent roofs as options. They’re perfect for city deliveries, moving small apartments / one or two-bedroom furniture.

  1. 17 Foot and Cargo Van

A 17-foot box that measures 17 feet in length and 7.2″ interior height. The max load capacity is approximately 6,160 pounds and 849 cubic feet of space.

There are dozens of Lift Gate companies across America that rent 16-foot and 17-foot trucks. Even Cabover with liftgates and cargo van. All lift gate van fall under this size!

Many brands have power brakes, cargo tie rails, rear roll up door wood tie slats, and E-tracks to help secure cargo diesel engines and cargo lighting!

  1. 20 Foot – Medium Duty

A 20-foot box truck has a bed that measures 20 feet in length and 8″ interior height.

The maximum loading capacity of medium-duty trucks with a lift gate is approximately 5,700 pounds / 6,000 lbs (up to 950 cu. ft. of loading space.)

All medium-duty trucks can be used for moving a three-bedroom or a two-bedroom, as well as carrying heavy merchandise, as well power steering, diesel engine, air conditioning, automatic transmission.

  1. 26-Foot Box Vans, 32 Foot, 35 Foot

A 26-foot truck rental that measures 26 feet in length and 102 interior height. The max load is approximately 9,500 – 12,500 lbs, and 1,700 cubic feet of space to haul large items, as well as moving a 3-5 bedroom.

And more options like air conditioning, automatic transmission, air ride suspension, and power steering.

Consider hiring bigger commercial trucks such as freight van trailers as 30-foot, 32-foot, 35-foot lift gate flatbeds for hiring to move your delicate, large items or heavy merchandise.

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