U-Haul Campers CT13, VT16, Fiberglass RVs & Egg Campers – Your Ultimate Guide

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Are you an adventurous soul who loves wandering through nature’s bliss? Well, the mighty peaks and scenic lands are no doubt the love of all venturesomes. But the journey might become tough as finding the resort or arranging the tents might become wearying. In such a situation, you might dream of a solution where you can sit and relax without worrying about weather conditions or hiking on tough roads. U-haul is making your dream come true by providing a range of U-haul campers. These campers are made of fiberglass that contains all necessities and makes your journey easy peasy. The campers from U-haul are affordable, durable, and reliable which will ultimately ease your journey. These campers include

  • CT13
  • VT16
  • Fiberglass RV
  • Egg Campers

In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guideline about each camper. We’ll discuss its features, cost and how to rent them. 

Understanding U-haul campers:

Before we discuss the details of each camper from U-haul, let’s first understand what U-haul campers are. You must be familiar with U-haul. This company is famous for its rental trucks and trailers. In the early 70’s U-haul presented a unique idea of campers. These campers were presented as an alternative to Recreational Vans that were used for camping before. But they were expensive to buy and manage. 

The U-haul campers simplified the camping experience by providing an all-in-one solution. The campers include a sleeping room, kitchenette, and a storage space to keep your luggage. The best part is you don’t even need to buy a camper, you can just rent it from U-haul and enjoy the best time of your life without worrying about hefty expenses. The U-haul campers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. From a couple’s room to family accommodation, there are various options at your convenience. Let’s discuss each one in detail. 


CT13 was the first launch of U-haul. This is the smallest but most comfortable camper. CT13 is made of a 10 ft fiberglass shell that includes a sleeping space, kitchenette, and storage space. The build material of this camper makes it lightweight and compact yet protects it from harsh weather conditions.

This camper is the best option for couples as it can accommodate two persons easily. The only drawback is, it doesn’t include a restroom facility. The CT13 is towable with other vehicles that provide a flexible journey. The best part is that the CT13 camper is also cost-effective, saving you money for more fun.

Benefits of CT13:

  • Durable material
  • Comfy bedding 
  • Kitchenette 
  • Towable 
  • Best for couples 


If you’re traveling with a big family or a bunch of friends, don’t worry about less space in the camper. U-haul has a solution for you. It has launched a larger camper named VT16 with ample space for accommodating several people in it. This camper also includes a kitchen, sleeping area, and a dinette. The dinette can easily transform into another bed making room for more people without compromising the space.

The rear kitchen in VT16 adds to the charisma of Trp. You can cook your meal and enjoy it with your family in the living space. 

The previous models did not include a bathroom but some latest models have also included restroom facilities to make your journey more comfortable. The recent models of VT16 provide a furnished bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. This facility makes you feel at home. Like CT13, this camper is also towable and lightweight, saving your fuel and protecting you from storms. 


  • Ample space
  • Rear Kitchen
  • Convertible dinette
  • Fully furnished bathroom
  • Easy on pocket

Fiberglass RVs:

Recreational vans have been used for traveling for a long time. Today, most people prefer RVs for long journeys. The only drawback with old RVs was that they were bulky and expensive. U-haul solved the issue. It has introduced RVs that are made of fiberglass. These RVs are lightweight and towable. The best part is they include all the facilities of a conventional recreational van. You can buy this RV or rent it from U-haul at your convenience. 

The increased demand for RVs is due to two main reasons. First is their durability and second is insulation. The U-haul RVs are made of fiberglass. This material is very tough and durable and can withstand strong winds and storms. The second property is even more fascinating. During mountain camping, weather conditions are always unpredictable. You never know when a thunderstorm or lightning may occur. In such situations, insulating materials of U-haul RV protect from harsh weather so that you can enjoy the day.


  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Insulated 
  • Towable
  • Affordable 
  • More Spacious

Egg Campers:

As the name suggests, Egg campers are a unique type of camper that looks like an egg. Their oval shape makes them unique to look at. U-haul introduced egg campers, especially for those people who prefer a compact caravan. These campers are made of fiberglass to make them lightweight and corrosion-free. The aerodynamic shape saves fuel and provides a cozy journey. The interior of egg campers is cleverly designed to make it spacious. This camper looks very compact but provides a lot of space.

U-haul also collaborated with popular brands like Scamp and Casita to rent their egg camper. This unique camper is best for road trips as well as boondocking. U-haul also provides accessories to egg campers to make them more comfortable. Additionally, various models are available with newer upgrades to facilitate customers. 


  • Unique design
  • Customization options
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient insulation
  • Can be resold 

U-haul Camper Availability:

Now you do have an understanding of U-haul campers. Once you decide which camper suits you best, the next question is about availability. Some people love to have their campers that can be customized according to their taste, while others prefer renting a camper to use for their trip and then giving it back. U-haul understands the desires of both types of customers and it has provided both the options of buying and renting for campers.

U-haul camper availability for sale:

You can contact U-haul to buy campers. The company also provides campers from other brands. In general, U-haul is a renting company, they don’t directly sell campers or any other vehicle from the outlet. But there is a solution. U-haul provides a third-party dealership option for people who want to buy RVs or campers. Just visit the U-haul website and go through the list of dealers. You can contact them to buy your camper. You can also visit the U-haul to get contact with third parties involved in selling the product.

Before buying, do thorough research, Browse all the platforms that provide RVs and campers, and then contact the reliable person for the dealership. Beware of scams. There are lots of frauds all around. You need to be vigilant and contact the Uhaul help center to have a reliable experience. 

U-haul campers for renting:

Renting with U-haul is easy as they specialize in it. You can visit the website and choose the camper of your choice. Then you can rent it online by filling out the form and paying the rent. You can also visit U-haul to choose the camper. Just follow the rental policy and try not to abide by any law. Other than that it’s all going to be a good experience for you. 

Tips for renting a Camper:

  • Before you spend money to buy or rent the camper follow the below tips to avoid any inconvenience 
  • Don’t rush. Do a thorough research. Go through websites of different platforms and then choose the camper that fits your needs. Look for the size, space, bathroom facility, and towing capacity for a smooth journey. 
  • The U-haul campers are immensely popular and often go out of stock. you need to have pre-booking especially during the peak of the trip season. 
  • The most important tip, read the agreement carefully. Read it thoroughly before renting to understand the terms and avoid any inconvenience.
  • Once you rent a camper, inspect it thoroughly before traveling. Check for insulation, bedding, and any wear or tear so you don’t have any trouble during the traveling.
  • Follow the weight instructions as campers are lightweight and extra weight might cause trouble. 
  • Be prepared for the weather, set your luggage accordingly, and have fun!

U-haul motorhome and camping trailers:

U-haul supports both motorhomes and camping trailers. Before we get into their rental policy, let’s first give a brief overview of these trailers.

U-haul Motorhomes:

Motorhome is an all-in-one unit. This unit works as a vehicle and also includes a complete living quarter in it. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are available. There are three classes for motorhomes. Class A, B, and C depending on the size and amenities of each facility. The best class accommodating more space and providing better facilities is regarded as A class. The range changes with the level of size and comfort for each unit.

Camping Trailers:

Camping trailers are similar to motorhomes but they cannot move on their own. They need to be towable so that bigger vehicles can tow them with them. These camping trailers save fuel but require a bigger vehicle for movement. 

U-haul Support services for Motorhomes and camping trailers:

U-haul supports both trailers and motorhomes but it does not rent or sell them. You need to contact other platforms to buy them. U-haul provides a complete system for these units that includes:

Towing accessories:

Most of the campers are towable. U–haul provides towing gears and other accessories to facilitate the process. They help to tow a camper on the bigger vehicle safely. The towing accessories from U-haul include:

  • Tow bar
  • Brake controllers 
  • Hitches 
  • Storage facilities:

New business owners for motorhomes and campers often look for a storage space. U-haul provides storage options to cater their units in U-haul space safely. The maintenance and security of vehicles are also managed by U-haul.

Repair facilities:

The spare parts of campers are not easy to find. U-haul provides a complete repair facility to fix the issues in campers. This facility checks for engine issues, brakes, and electrical issues. All the repair facilities are available and you can solve any issue for your camper with U-haul.

U-haul campers community:

U-haul has a big campers community online and on-site. This community includes all the customers and camping enthusiasts around the world. They share their experiences and also guide about camping destinations as well as the type of camper suitable for a particular spot. The community has made forums online where they guide about the maintenance and management of campers. They also talk about tips for newcomers to enjoy the best camping experience. 

The community just is not just an online community, these people also arrange rallies. This is the most exciting venture one can ever experience. They all decide on a camping destination and go there together to have the best time of their life. 

Online Resources for Community:

  • If you also want to become a part of U-Haul’s campers community, there are various online resources available for this purpose. These resources include:
  • Online forums to connect and discuss questions about camping.
  • Fiberglass forums, especially for RV owners. Newcomers can connect to owners of RVs to seek guidance regarding maintenance.
  • Egg camper forum for eggshell campers. You can discuss upgrades in new models or discuss modifications to enhance your experience.
  • Social media groups and channels including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are available to connect and have fun!


In Conclusion, Uhaul’s campers are a complete living facility for adventure seekers. These campers are available in different models including CT13, VT16, RVs, and Egg campers. Each camper has its unique style and accommodation options. The best part is these campers are not too expensive. They are affordable to buy, you can even rent them from U-haul to enjoy the tour. All the campers are lightweight yet durable, protecting you from the harshness of the weather. The kitchen and bathrooms are also available. You can also customize the camper. So what are you waiting for? Plan your tour today and take it to the next level by using U-Haul’s campers!

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