U-Haul International Shipping Cost: Factors, Estimates, and Savings

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With U-Box portable moving containers, U-Haul offers international moving and storage to almost any destination in the world. You can request an international moving quote online with the help of U-Box. The international team will work directly with you to plan your move overseas, as you have accepted your custom quote. The shipping cost depends upon your things and the destination where you want to move. In this era of high inflation, U-Haul provides the best services at very affordable rates. They make the right decisions at the right time which proved to be cost-effective when it comes to customers and the company itself.

Factors Influencing U-Haul International Shipping Costs


The cost mainly depends upon the distance between the destinations. If the distance is long, the cost would be more and vice versa. As petroleum prices are on the rise these days, long distances would require more fuel and labour services, so the prices would be increased likewise.

Shipping Method

The cost is also impacted by the shipping method if you want to ship your things via ground, the cost would be less but on the other hand, it would take more time. Moreover, if you want to ship the things via air, the cost would be higher and the delivery of the package would be fast.

Weight & Size

Weight and size also play a major role in calculating the cost of the package. If the size is too big, heavy, fragile, or difficult to carry then the charges would be more. The same is the case with dimensions, if they are extraordinary then special arrangements would have to be made, which would increase the cost.

Additional Services

If you want your package to be delivered with extra care or facilities like insurance (in case of any damage you will be paid), and tracking (the facility to track your parcel at every step), it would result in an increment of the cost as you have to pay for each extra service you took for your package.

Determining Costs

To make an accurate quote, you must have to contact the shipping company and provide them with the proper weight, size, shipping method, and destination. They will let you know your cost.

Estimating U-Haul International Shipping Costs

Online Calculator

U-Haul has its online shipping cost calculator and with its use, you can calculate the shipping cost. Following are some steps that show how to use it.

1. Go to the U-Haul site, and click “Shipping” > “International Shipping Cost Calculator.”

2. Enter weight, dimensions, shipping method, and destination.

3. The calculator displays the shipping cost estimate.

Quote Request

To request a shipping cost quote from U-Haul, the process is as follows.

1.    Quote Requests can be done by calling or filling out the online form.

2.    For Phone, call U-Haul customer service at 1-800-468-4287.

3.    For Online form filling, visit the U-Haul site, and click “Shipping” > “Quote Request.” Fill out the form, and submit it. U-Haul provides a quote.

U-Haul Shipping Cost Savings Strategies

Packaging Efficiency

To avoid unnecessary weight or size charges, the importance of properly packaging items such as compact packing, lighter load, and size optimization should be discussed.


It is recommended that consolidating multiple shipments into one reduces individual shipping costs. This is an effective way to reduce expenses and send all the stuff together


Timing can affect shipping costs, with off-peak seasons the company potentially offers lower rates because lower demand leads to lower costs. But along with the seasonal fluctuation, the cost can be increased to keep a balance of the business.

Special Offers

U-Haul occasionally gives promotions or discounts to their customers related to international shipping. To get the latest update you should constantly visit their websites.

Additional Tips

Following are some additional tips for using U-Haul Shipping services.

1.    Advance Booking: If you book U-Haul in advance it will offer you discounts.

2.    Shipping Broker: Using a broker at U-Haul will help you to find the best rates.

3.    Shipping Method: Choose your shipping on base of cost, and speed.

4.    Insurance: Add insurance for the protection of your parcel, despite the fee.

Customs and Duties

It highlights the potential customs fees and import duties like possible tariffs, import costs, tax implications, VAT charges, cross-border fees, and others that might be incurred on your shipment that increases

U-Haul Fees

There are some additional fees or charges imposed by U-Haul for international shipping services that include, a Fuel Surcharge (that covers shipping container fuel costs), Hazmat Fee (that is charged for hazardous materials shipments), and a Brokerage Fee (that covers customs clearance cost), and other fees (that cover country-specific charges).

Ensuring Accurate Shipping Cost Estimates

Detailed Item Description

The shipped items should be accurately described, this would help in the precise estimates and avoid any negative consequences later.

Address Accuracy

The readers are advised to provide accurate destination addresses to avoid rerouting costs.

Utilizing U-Haul Customer Support for Cost Inquiries

Customer Support

It provides U-Haul’s customers with a service that gives required information for any shipping cost or other inquiries.

Expert Assistance

It highlights U-Haul’s support in helping customers understand and estimate shipping costs.


In the above-cited information, it is quite clear that U-Haul provides excellent services at very affordable rates. The cost mainly depends upon the distance between the destinations. For fast delivery, the facility of shipping by air is also available. For the extra care of your package services like insurance and tracking are also available with some extra charges. Additional tips and tricks are also given to entice customers. U-Haul also provides excellent customer service both via phone and online. If you want your parcel to be delivered safely at an affordable price, try U-Haul Shipping Service, it will provide you with the finest service according to your wishes.

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