U-Haul Won’t Start: Troubleshooting and Solutions

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U Haul offers rental trucks and trailers in more than twenty thousand places around the US, where people use them for big moves or planned road trips.

Its vast circle and truck renting ease make it a more renowned company. Truck rental U haul is the easiest way to start and move your business, but what happens when its engine refuses to start?

The scariest moment comes here when you are already nervous about your day and work, and U Haul decides not to start. It may be due to an engine problem, an ignition error, or any other part of the rental car. But it’s enough to make your day terrible and spoil your mood at that time, which ultimately will mess up your plans for the rest of the day that you have planned so meticulously.

Can you drop U Haul anywhere if troubleshooting?

So, if the U-Haul is not starting, can you drop off the Haul anywhere? Instead of dropping it, use your resources, tools, and knowledge to create it and your journey. First, think of the main reasons behind the U-Haul not starting. It may be due to batteries or fuel tank problems. An electrical hitch or any error may cause it. You must judge the root cause to deal with the situation and save time, plans, and mood from the wreck.

Once you have figured out the problem, you can think of thousands of solutions, including U-Haul helpline number, customer service, calling friends, or just googling the solution.

This quick resolution can minimize the consequences you face rather than the destruction. You can reschedule your meeting or place or start your day a little late, but you can avoid missing or squandering your day.

Hence, this blog teaches you how to cope with this situation step by step. This blog is especially for you if you have ever been in this situation or use rental cars, trucks, or trailers. Read it once, and you will thank me later when you get your non-starting U-Haul back on the road one day.

From thinking of the possible problems to catching the root cause to fixing the issue with all the solutions like a pro, this blog will help you. We will provide all the answers to overcome the troubleshooting so your plans are sustainable. Read this brief and full-of-information blog and save your precious, long day.

Common Reasons for a U-Haul Not Starting

So let’s start with finding the most fundamental reasons for U Haul not starting, which can be battery issues, ignition critical problems, fuel or engine problems. But how does this happen?

Battery Issue

As we know, batteries are an essential device to run a truck, so they get weak over time and usage. Dead or weak batteries are the main culprit, which gives no power to the engine to start. Another battery issue is old, expired batteries, so they refuse to power the machine. Batteries sometimes get drained by lights switched on for a long time, or there may be problems in charging the batteries.

Ignition Issue

Another issue that can spoil your day can be the ignition problems. Imagine you put the key in the ignition, and it won’t start or refuse to accept it. Oh no, it’s so terrifying to think about it. So, let’s see why it happens. It may be due to some cliched key or malfunctioning ignition system.

Fuel Problems

But how can we forget about the fuel and its related problems? What if you seek technical and complicated issues but need more power? Oh yes, you can! Check your energy before starting your journey and your fuel pumps, too. Look at your spark plugs, which ignite the fuel; they may need to be fixed.

Additional Checks

If you have checked everything above and your rental U-Haul is not working, let’s do some additional checks. Sit on your seat and think that you can do it yourself. Release the parking brakes and check the fuel level. Confirm that your gearshift is in the park or neutral if they are reasonable. Turn your key for the ignition check. If you have tried all the hacks and your stubborn U-Haul is not working, pick up your phone and call their moving service number or any mechanic you know. This should work for you.

Troubleshooting Steps for a U-Haul That Won’t Start

Whenever U Haul decides to troubleshoot the journey, relax your mind and think of the possible steps towards the solution.

Necessary Checks

First, check the engine’s battery and clean the terminals from corrosion. Make sure all your connections are well-fitted to avoid any inconvenience. Now that you have checked the engine, your U-Haul isn’t starting; move towards the next step, inspecting the ignition and keyhole. Usually, rental cars glitch at keyholes and ignitions because we don’t know who and how are inserting keys in the hole. So it may cause trouble in starting the engine. Just see if your ignition is perfect and you have correctly inserted the key. After inspecting the ignition and key, which are also perfectly alright, move towards the fuel inspection. Check if your tank is full of fuel, and if the power is full, then move towards the engine of the Haul. You can check the plugs to see if the engine is not the one problem. Clean or replace the pins to ensure nothing goes wrong. You can see if the water tank in the machine isn’t flooding.

Safety Measures

Wait, don’t tell me you are doing all this without taking safety measures. Please wear gloves to prevent electrical shocks while checking plugs and the engine. Avoid sparks by preventing gasoline ignition and saving yourself. Your safety matters, so please don’t touch or check the hot engine rather than wait aside and think about what and how you will do until the engine cools down. Hey, are you still here with me reading this? So here are some additional tips as a gift only for you. For the ignition test, put the key and start the engine. If there’s no crank, it means ignition is excellent. Then, carefully listen to the odd noises to detect the issue. Remember to check the blown fuses, if any, and use a voltmeter to check the voltage of the batteries.

Solutions and Quick Fixes

Someone is now pro at dealing with U-Haul rental cars and trucks other than your specific job. Now is the time to prove yourself. So start your solution by just jolting your truck with some energy. Sometimes, this works, too, as your truck needs some external power to create. For jump-starting your truck, you need another truck, and your truck is parked close but facing each other with their brakes on. Open the bonnets of the cars and use jumper cables and safety glasses to avoid inconvenience. Now bridge one end of the red line, which has a (+) sign on it, to the dead battery and the other end of the red cable to the working car’s battery. Now you can see another black cable. Bridge that black cable with a (-) sign to the working battery and the other end of that black cable to the dead truck metal. You are almost there now, powering the engine of the working truck and waiting till the power of the dead truck comes back. Start your U-Haul, and if it starts, put your foot on the race and then disconnect the red and black cables from both cars. Hurray! You did it.

See the Ignition, Too

Wait, it’s not over. What if your batteries are fine, but the problem is in the ignition? We have a solution for it, too. First, you have to ensure you have properly inserted the key in the hole; otherwise, it will not work. But sometimes, you must move the key in different directions while moving the steering wheel. This also helps to start the ignition. See if your key is damaged, then change it immediately with the duplicate one. If everything is at the point it is, it may be due to the ignition switch. Repair or replace your switch with a mechanic because it is a little technical work. What if your batteries and ignition work, then move towards the fuel and engine? Here, you must see a few things and, most importantly, the fuel tank. Now, see the fuel filter because sometimes it clogs and stops the engine from powering. For safety measures, clean the plugs if you see any corrosion or dust on them. Casually examine the engine head gasket and catalytic converter. Sometimes, U Haul won’t start after checking everything, so don’t panic. You still have plenty of solutions. Don’t worry if your U-Haul isn’t working, but your phone is. Just relax and call the U Haul service number or your mechanic to ask for advice or tips.

When to Seek Professional Assistance

Is U Haul still not starting? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, but it’s a more technical problem. Many times, some problems need expert help to be done perfectly and save time. U Haul isn’t starting because it requires some more professional and advanced tools to deal with the issue or some master to judge what the problem is. You can call a mechanic or service when you notice that the problem is severe and can’t be solved without a white-collar worker. Calling a professional can benefit you in more ways as you can save time and energy for your day and work. Dealing with the trouble could cause more hindrance. You might make the issue complex by destroying its originality of spare parts or warranty. You may be doing right, but at some time, you may get confused because you are not a professional, so taking help from professionals can save your day as they are experts and doing this seven days a week.

U Haul Helpline

Do you know the U haul help phone number? It’s 1-800-468-4287, where you can call the help desk and ask for extra help. They are there 24/7 and also provide U Haul moving help customer service. Call them and give them your reservation number and location for fast help. So, when is the right time to ask for help from a professional? If you are trying your own and fail at the end, immediately seek professional help. Call the U Haul service number if you know that dealing yourself might increase the risk or cause more damage. It is better to be cautious before time and ask for help to save your day. The help number will guide you on how to deal with your issue and help you get back on the road and resume your journey.

Preventing Starting Problems

Better safe than sorry! You have always heard our fathers saying go and get a truck service from the station on a holiday. Now you understand why he always took precautions to avoid these unusual circumstances on the road. The mechanic during the service will keenly check your truck and fix the minor issues that will save you from major problems. Regular battery checks can prevent your battery from dying during the journey. Now, I will make your day by giving you some extra tips to save your battery. Please don’t leave your batteries inactive for months or years, and never leave them starting for hours; this weakens your batteries and causes problems. Before starting your journey or once a month, clean the terminals of your battery and remove if any corrosion is on it. Change your batteries immediately instead of delaying if they are old or damaged. Also, abstain from overloading your cars, which affects your batteries and engine. To save your ignition and engine, move the key slowly to the on position and avoid cranking as much as possible. This will give a smoother start to your truck, and remember to charge your batteries. From my side, you should be relaxed to avoid any problems first. So be patient and won’t crank the key repeatedly to avoid damaging the engine. As we know, a stitch-in can save nines, so if you are concerned about the truck, call and consult a mechanic for a smooth trip.


U Haul’s vast business of rental cars, trucks, and trailers can help anyone, but when it glitches, it can spoil the mood and the customer. The most common reasons for U-Haul not starting can be battery, engine, fuel, and ignition issues. Troubleshooting requires fuel, engine, battery, and ignition checks. And solutions for these problems are far more complex. Keeping your safety and dealing with technical problems is crucial as you are not an expert, so asking a mechanic or U-Haul 24/7 roadside assistance can help you return on the road. So all these troubleshooting and solutions will help you fix the issue, but you know prevention is better than cure. Regular maintenance and service checks can help keep you from problems. For better battery time, you can avoid using the battery for unreasonable purposes. Stop overweighing your truck as it is manufactured and has limits, so it won’t bear the weight beyond its limit and automatically stop. Use gloves for safety while checking the engine, and if you feel difficulty, don’t hesitate to consult a mechanic or U-Haul service.

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