How to Unlock a Uhaul Truck Without a Key

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Do you know the trick that The next time you accidentally lock your keys in the Uhaul truck ?, okay I will tell you a few .. try these genius tricks.

Research says that Millions of drivers lock keys in Uhaul trucks each year and now, unfortunately, you’re one of them. Luckily, newer U-Haul trucks make it much more difficult to do this, but these tricks can be lifesavers if you find yourself standing outside your locked Uhaul truck with your keys in the cup holder. 

What do I do if I lock my keys in the Uhaul truck?

Rest assured; it’s getting far more difficult for consumers to get locked out of their Uhaul trucks, as most transponder keys won’t allow that. The idea of locking keys in Uhaul trucks is becoming a thing of the past. These days, locksmiths and roadside assistance services are available; if you get locked out, calling a locksmith, roadside assistance service, or the police might be your best bet, depending on the situation’s urgency.

Will the police unlock your Uhaul truck for free?

In a high-risk scenario like if a child or animal is locked inside the U-Haul truck dial 911 immediately and tell them your vehicle’s make and model and where you are located. Emergency services like the police and fire department will arrive more quickly than a locksmith or roadside assistance. Often, the police will break the window or use a thin metal device that can unlock the door without the key, Moody says. While they won’t charge you for the service, you should only call them in emergencies, and you will have to foot the bill to repair the damaged window.

Does AAA unlock your Uhaul truck?

Roadside assistance providers like AAA can come in handy when you’ve locked your keys in the Uhaul truck, Moody says. Not only are AAA services available around the clock, but AAA members also get one free lockout per year up to a fixed cost, depending on the membership level. If you are in this situation, call AAA and tell them your location, vehicle make and model, and membership number. However, keep in mind that a professional may take a half hour or more to arrive, and you will have to pay out of pocket if you don’t have a membership or if you get locked out more than once

How do you unlock your Uhaul truck with keys inside?

Want to avoid an expensive call to a locksmith or roadside assistance professional? Fortunately, there are several cheaper tricks to unlock your Uhaul truck without keys, as long as you are patient and good with tools. Here’s how to get your keys out of a locked Uhaul truck—no locksmith required. And in the future, try these simple methods so that you never lose your keys (or anything else) again.

How do you unlock a Uhaul truck with a cell phone?

Thanks to a growing number of Uhaul truck apps for your smartphone, you can unlock your truck without breaking the bank—or a window. Many new vehicles offer free Apple and Android apps that allow drivers to control their Uhaul trucks sans keys. The apps turn smartphones into second key fobs, so users can lock, unlock, and even start their Uhaul trucks remotely. “The key is to pair [your Uhaul truck key] with the app before you lock yourself out,” Takahashi says. If you own a new U-Haul truck model from Ford, GMC, and Ram, install the manufacturer’s app for the next time your keys get locked in the Uhaul truck. Here are more hidden Uhaul truck features you might not realize you have.

How do you unlock a Uhaul truck with a shoelace?

Good news: If you own an older Uhaul truck with manual locks and wear shoes with shoelaces, you might not need to call roadside assistance. Just tie a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace, creating a loop the size of your index finger. Then wiggle the shoelace around the right corner of the driver’s side door until the slip knot is inside the door’s seam. Now, holding the shoelace with both hands, move it back and forth like you’re flossing a giant tooth. Doing so will shift the slip knot further down the window toward the lock on the Uhaul truck door. Uhaul truckefully maneuvered the loop over the safety, then pulled the string’s ends to tighten the noose. When you think you have a solid grip around the lock, gently pull up on it to unlock the Uhaul truck door. Ta-da! You’re in! You can also use a sturdy piece of string instead of a shoelace. Never leave home without one of these items—or these other must-haves on our road trip essentials checklist.

How do you unlock a Uhaul truck with a hanger?

The coat hanger method is a classic; you’ve probably seen it used in a few movies. Like the shoelace trick, this method only works on older vehicles with manual locks. All you will need is a thin wire coat hanger and pliers. “Use the pliers to unravel the coat hanger, so you have one side hooked and one that’s straight,” says Laura Gonzales, a marketing manager at Ford . “You’ll slide the coat hanger between the window and the weather stripping. Once the hook is below the window, you can start fishing around for the control arm. Pull up with the hook once you find it, and your door will open.” FYI, that’s not the only secret your locksmith won’t tell you.

How do you unlock a Uhaul truck with a bobby pin?

Trying this trying manual Uhaul truck lock for drivers with nothing but bobby pins and time can’t hurt. Bend the first ca-n’t-break pin at a 90-degree angle and pull apart the second pin, slightly bending one of its tips. Place the bent side of the first pin into the lock and stick the second pin straight into the lock. While holding the first pin still, move the second one inside the lock until it clicks open. However, this trick could damage your Uhaul truck if you do it incorrectly. If you’re nervous about damage, leave it to the professionals and call someone to help.

How do you unlock a Uhaul truck with a wedge?

Invest in an automotive toolkit with a curved or inflatable window wedge to unlock a Uhaul truck without keys like a pro. Just be aware that using a wedge to unlock a Uhaul truck can be tricky, warns Bill Evans, manager of J&E Auto Body in Clark, New Jersey. Start by pulling the top of the door frame out with a pry tool and pushing the wedge in to hold the door frame out. Then, press the unlock button using a long, skinny rod (it could even be a coat hanger). “Triple-A and tow truck drivers usually do it this way, and that is how we do it,” says Evans. This trick works on both old and new Uhaul truck models.

But there is a downside. “Even the experienced people will scratch the paint or tear the weather stripping during this process,” Evans says. “You may need to see a body shop to realign the top of the door frame since sometimes they remain bent away from the body after the wedge is used.” Ensure the repair costs are worth it before using a wedge to get yourself out of your “locked keys in Uhaul truck” debacle.


This article will guide you to where your Face locked keys inside a U-Haul truck pose a challenge. Always remember that Caution is vital, as effectiveness depends on U-Haul models. But the main point is Safety matters most; Do evaluate DIY risks versus professional help like locksmiths or roadside services. As we know, Experts possess skills and tools for a seamless outcome. Also, check that Smartphone apps from U-Haul or manufacturers provide secure access.

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