How Much Does a 5×8 U-haul Cargo Trailer Weigh? – Also Know Its Dimensions

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The 5×8 U-haul trailer is a popular cargo for moving, as because of its size it can easily be towed by cars and you don’t need to rent a truck for transportation. But before moving you must know the weight of the trailer. It is necessary not to exceed gross vehicle weight (GVW) to ensure safe towing. If you exceed the GVW, it’ll sway your trailer and you face damage while moving.

In this blog, we will cover the dimensions, weight, GTW and loaded weight of a 5×8 U-haul trailer, along with the importance of knowing trailer weight and weight resources.

U-Haul 5×8 Trailer Dimensions

The 5×8 U-haul trailer has a versatile design and some dimensions that make it popular for moving. This trailer is enough spacious to carry a variety of items with a length of 8 feet, width of 5 feet, and height of 4 feet. These dimensions of a 5×8 U-haul trailer make it popular for hauling small furniture, household appliances, or construction materials and for easy maneuvering.

Ideal for Novices

The 5×8 U-haul trailer has a manageable size so that if you are not familiar with towing or if you haven’t towed anything before, you can easily manage this trailer. This point makes it popular that even an inexperienced person can handle this.

U-Haul 5×8 Trailer Weight

To know empty trailer weight is very crucial for towing and hauling. You must know about the trailer weight before you load your cargo in the trailer. Typically 5×8 U-haul trailer is 900 lbs, but it can be varies due to the change in model and features of the trailer. However, it is very important to know the empty trailer weight so that you can plan loading strategies, as if you load excess weight it can cause many damages to trailer and also to the hauling items. So for safe towing you must know about your trailer weight.

Understanding Gross Trailer Weight (GTW)

Gross trailer weight (GTW) is clearly the total weight of the trailer and the weight of the cargo. Calculating GTW is very simple. If your empty trailer weighs 900 lbs then the weight of your cargo must be kept at 1000 lbs, so that the total GTW would be 1900 lbs.

GTW limit:

Manufacturers have set the GTW limits based on their design, axles, and tires. Remaining in the GTW limit is beneficial for safe towing. If you exceed the GTW limit it’ll cause accidents and you may lose control of the trailer on the road.

Loaded Trailer Weight

Loaded trailer weight is the sum of the total weight (trailer + cargo). There are two procedures to estimating the weight of the loaded trailer. The first one is, to weigh the empty trailer using a public scale or U-haul facility. The second is to estimate belongings’ weight by using a weight chart for items like furniture, appliances, and construction materials. If you are unsure about the weight you can also weigh the items separately.

When estimating the weight of items that can’t be weighed individually, multiply the box’s volume by the average density, which is usually 4 lbs per cubic foot. This method is helpful for bulky items that are unlikely to fit on a traditional scale.

Why Knowing Trailer Weight Matters

Understanding your 5×8 trailer weight is vital for safe and efficient towing. Exceeding the weight limit not only risks safety but also creates legal issues. Neglecting the weight limit causes trailer sway, reduces your braking performance, and increases wear and breakdown risk.

You have to pay legal penalties, if you tow the trailer with an excess legal weight limit. In addition to safety, it’s also important to abide by the law.

U-Haul Trailer Weight Resources

If you are renting a trailer and you need information about a specific model or type of trailer, you can visit the U-haul website. When you open the U-haul website go to the trucks and trailers option, select trailer type and there you find trailer weight specification. You can also contact U-haul customer service at 1 (800) 468-4285 for trailer weight inquiries. 


In the world of towing, knowledge is the power. Understanding the empty trailer weight, gross trailer weight (GTW), and loaded trailer weight, not only increases your knowledge but also ensures your safety. Knowing GTW limits controls many issues of the hauling trailer.

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