Does AARP offer a discount for U-Haul services?

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American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-profit organization aiming to serve the middle-aged and elderly citizens of the US. It is one of the leading organizations established to maintain the quality of life of people aged 50 and above.

Being a member of AARP not only helps you save a lot of money but also causes our quality of life to maintain quality of life as we age. AARP members can avail discounts on restaurants, insurance, hotels, restaurants, shopping, gas stations, cell phones, and much more. It is why people sign up for AARP membership well before retirement in their 20s and 30s.

This blog will help you understand more about AARP, its benefits, the importance of their discounts, U-Haul discounts for AARP members, how to qualify for U-Haul discounts, the importance of U-Haul discounts for AARP members, how to access them, what are the limitations and how to know about them.

Keep reading, and you will find everything you want about U-Haul discounts for AARP members.

Understanding AARP and Its Benefits

What is AARP?

The American Association for Retired Persons was established in 1958 in Ojai, California, United States. AARP has offices in all 50 states of the US. It is a non-profit, non-partisan social welfare organization dedicated to serving citizens who are 50 and above. AARP aims to bring a positive change in society by valuing its members’ lifestyles and improving their living conditions. This enables them to live with dignity and satisfaction despite their employment status. Approximately one-third of AARP members work full-time, while the remaining two-thirds are retired.

Membership Benefits

AARP members have discounts on almost everything. According to the official AARP Membership Benefits page, from healthcare to insurance, AARP has got you covered as it provides more than 300 benefit. These include offers from AARP and discounts affiliated with renowned brands, a few of which are mentioned below categorically.

Entertainment: AARP offers discounts on theatres, amusement parks, movies, TVs, podcasts and games.

Technology: Discounted offers on AARP Theft protection, AARP Personal Technology Resource Center, Consumer Cellular etc.

Finances: This includes offers in banking and investment, Financial Tools, Retirement and Fraud Prevention. 

Insurances: Insurances include healthcare insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, vehicle and property insurance and Medicare-eligible insurance.

Shopping and Groceries: AARP offers amazing discounts on well-known stores and brands on flowers, gifts and groceries.

Magazine: Discounted offers on AARP bookstore, AARP Bulletin, AARP magazine etc.

Health & Wellness: Discounts on AARP Fitness Center, AARP Hearing Center, BMI Calculator, CVS Pharmacy etc.

Travel: AARP offers 127 discounts on car rentals, cruises, flights and vacation packages, hotels and resorts, rails and tours and travel planning categories.

Restaurants: 21 restaurants offer discounts to AARP members, such as Auntie Anne, Chart House, Cinnabon etc.

AARP also offers discounts on other categories such as advocacy, community, family caregiving, works and jobs, homes and real estate, and gas & auto services. Details of all the categories and their respective discounts are mentioned on:

Importance of Discounts

These discounts are particularly more valuable for the citizens who are retired and are older adults. AARP provides effective solutions to increase income and decrease expenditure by making their members learn skills to enter the workforce again. In 2022, AARP provided refunds, benefits and discounts worth $726 on necessities such as healthcare, travel, and housing and helped extend their retirement funds limit. To overcome the problems the elderly population of the US faces, such as isolation, hunger, housing and income, to overcome the challenges we face today, helping them gain economic stability and social connections.

Introducing the AARP U-Haul Discount

U-Haul is the leading US rental truck and self-storage rental company based in Arizona and established in 1945. It is known for its convenient and feasible DIY moving experience and customer satisfaction. U-Haul not only provides excellent services but also offers discounts and coupons to different sets of customers. 

On the other hand, AARP( American Association for Retired Persons) is a well-known non-profit organization that aims to make older people capable of making choices and living their lives with dignity and grace. They understand the needs of old age people and work to fulfill them through their policies, collaborations and workshops. 

Moving from one lane to another takes work and effort. It requires money and strength to transition in life. Due to the age factor, it becomes more challenging for older adults. AARP offers discounts on travel-related brands and companies to ease old-age citizens’ difficulties. They also provide workshops for stress-free traveling to prevent compromise on their health.

One of the companies AARP has collaborated with to help overcome elderly travel-related issues is U-Haul. This collaboration can facilitate older people with tailored moving solutions. Thus, It will lead to a huge social impact on addressing elderly needs. It empowers old-aged citizens to move without dependency as well as promotes healthy and stress-free aging. It also provides guidance and advice through their online resources. Through collaborative efforts, older adults can have better experience through aging-friendly moving services.

AARP U-Haul Discount Details

To avail AARP U-Haul discounts, such as 20% off on rentals, customers must be 50+ and have an AARP membership. The verification process for both the age and AARP membership is mentioned below. 

After the verification process, customers will be eligible to apply for discounts. However, discounts can only be applied at the time of booking on online reservations. Customers are supposed to add AARP discount codes on the reservation page while booking on U-Haul’s official website. 

Discounts offered are available on the following:

  • Supplies: Discounts are applicable on moving supplies such as packing materials.
  • Towing Materials: Such as trailers and other accessories.
  • Truck Rentals: You can apply discounts on truck rentals of any size.
  • Storage Units

Qualifying for the AARP U-Haul Discount

To be eligible for AARP U-Haul discounts, you must fulfill the criteria. You need to have evidence that you have AARP membership annual fee evidence. Secondly, only members aged 50+ can avail of the AARP U-Haul discounts. At the time of registration you should have proof of your age. Such as CNIC, birth certificates, driver’s license, US passport etc.

Membership verification is done via:

  1. Original AARP membership card
  2. AARP membership number
  3. Copy of AARP membership confirmation.

One can get verified online, i.e., through the U-Haul website or local phone number. Below is the description of both the methods. You can use whichever is convenient for you. You can opt for any according to your convenience:

Online Verification

Step 1: Visit the U-Haul website 

Step 2: Click “Discounts” Tab

Step 3: Select “AARP Discount”

Step 4: Enter your AARP membership number

Step 5: Click Verify

Phone Verification

Step 1: Call the U-Haul customer service center. (1-800-229-2672)

Step 2: Tell them your AARP membership number.

Step 3: They will tell you the confirmation number. Note it down.

Step 4: Present the confirmation number at the time of pickup.

Benefits of the AARP U-Haul Discount

Here are all the benefits you can get by availing AARP U-Haul discounts: 

Cost Savings

It is quite obvious that discounts mean you will be saving up money. But how much? Here is an example. 

Suppose you booked a 15ft truck on rental, which costs $150 before the discount. After using the AARP U-Haul discount, you can have 20% off. 20% off $150 means the final cost after the discount would be $120. You will save up to $30, which is adequate to fulfill other needs.

Financial Relief 

Just the thought of moving from one place to another could be tiresome. It requires manual labor, is expensive, and comes with a lot of stress. Through AARP U-Haul discounts, senior citizens are more likely to have better quality services and decreased their financial burden. Hence, the transition would become more affordable by saving on packing materials and rentals.

Support for Transition

After age 50, citizens enter a stage of life where they begin to experience too many lows.

After retirement, senior citizens get a fixed income in which they have to fulfill their necessities within their budget. On the other hand, downsizing policies and the feeling of abandoning their home and trying to find a new one add to physical and emotional stress. Having age-associated health issues as a predisposing factor, supporting senior citizens during this significant change in their lives is crucial.

Thus, availing of AARP U-Haul discounts would result in not only a decrease in financial burden but will also help them to transition smoothly and independently.

How to Access the AARP U-Haul Discount

AARP U-Haul discount are accessible both online and in person. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out;

Online Booking

Step 1: Visit U-Haul’s official website. 

Step 2: Enter the location of your current residency.

Step 3: Choose the date of booking

Step 4: Pick the rental truck size and choose any required accessories.

Step 5: Enter your personal information, such as contact details etc.

Step 6: Enter the AARP discount code in the required field 

Step 7: Verify your AARP membership

Step 8: Confirm that the discount has been applied.

Step 9: Review the details and confirm the booking

Step 10: Receive a confirmation email.

Review your reservation before confirmation. It is mandatory to carry your membership card at pick-up time. The staff might need it to complete the booking process.

In-Person Booking

Step 1: Find your nearest U-Haul center

Step 2: Visit the center hours. You can find up-to-date and accurate working hours.

Step 3: Select the required truck size and inquire about the rental amount

Step 4: Mention your AARP membership to the staff

Step 5: Show the AARP membership card for verification

Step 6: . Check if the discount has been applied.

Step 7: Fill in the necessary details on the form along with your signature.

Step 8: Collect the keys of a truck

Step 9: Return the truck on the due date

Step 10: Pay the discounted amount.

Limitations and Considerations

Although U-Haul provides valuable discounts to AARP members that benefit them in so many ways, there are certain limitations that require consideration. 

Such as:

  • These discounts are only specific and limited to AARP members. Citizens 50 plus in age but not members of AARP are not eligible for AARP UHaul discounts.
  • Similarly, suppose customers are AARP members but not fifty or above (1/3rd of AARP members are full-time workers below 50). In that case, AARP U-Haul discounts are also not applicable to them.
  • Discounts can vary in availability according to your location. In some areas, discounts might be absent while they would be active in other places.
  • Discounts are not always accessible. They can disable for a few days and active again. 
  • Discount does not remain the same. It can change from 20%.
  • Discounts are not available on all truck sizes. Only limited truck sizes are open for discounts.
  • Discount has an upper limit of 20%.
  • U-Haul offers discount to the person who has applied for the discount. The discount you have applied, with your name, is non-transferrable to fellow AARP member. Even if the fulfill the discount criteria.
  • Discounts are only applicable during working hours. You can check the working usage of your desired U-Haul center through the U-Haul official website.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other U-Haul discount offers. You can avail one discount at a time.
  • Hence, it is recommended to check U-Haul policies and inquire if there is any restrictions or limitations . The U-Haul customer service center is available 24 hours a day for customer inquiries and assistance.

Promoting the AARP U-Haul Discount

AARP and U-Haul put a lot of effort into making people aware of their discount policies. They ensure that a huge amount of customers are being facilitated.

Members of AARP can learn about U-Haul discounts through AARP websites. AARP community platforms also share information about U-Haul and other discounts. AARP also has its magazines and newsletters that inform its members about current offers. Moreover, AARP also communicates with their members via email to tell them about all the discounts they can avail of.

Apart from AARP outreach, members can also know about the discounts through U-Haul social media platforms and official websites. U-Haul puts a lot of effort into promoting its discounts through advertisements and collaborations. They have also announced their partnerships with AARP through ads and local events such as AARP seminars, where they encourage U-Haul workshops.

These promotions help people become aware. Once they will know about these offers, they will use them and will end up saving a lot without any compromise on the quality of services provided.


AARP U-Haul discounts provide convenience for older people to transition independently while saving up money. In the midst of their retirement period, downsizing policies and the pressure of transitioning, such discounts provide a lot of support. U-Haul is well-known US rental and DIY moving company. On the other hand, AARP is a well recognized non-profit organization that aims to give senior citizens sense of independence, dignity and satisfaction.

After verification, AARP members can easily access AARP U-Haul discounts online and in person. However, there are certain limitations to keep in consideration. Members can become aware of discount details, availability and limitations through AARP and U-Haul social media pages, newsletters, websites, community groups and local events.

To sum it all up, AARP U-Haul discounts help older adults move anywhere in their budget without any stress. Therefore, members are highly encouraged to take advantage of these discounts and make their transitions easier.

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