Can The U-haul Utility Dolly Go Upstairs?

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Are you tired of lifting heavy objects and dreaming of a solution to take the weight off your shoulders? Rejoice! Because U-haul utility dollies are there to handle it all. These utility dollies, also called hand trucks, are designed to save you time and carry maximum weight without burdening you. U-haul utility dollies can be used in homes, offices, and markets to carry furniture, boxes, and all other appliances. These are specifically designed to be lightweight with easy mobility. But the most important question that comes to mind is, can U-haul utility dollies also go upstairs?

The answer is yes! U-haul dollies are engineered with a rotatory system to move upstairs easily. Before delving into the mechanism of upstairs movement, let’s first understand what utility dollies are.

Understanding utility dolly:

In general. Utility dollies can be described as flat surfaces with wheels to carry objects. There are different types of dollies based on structure and number of wheels. Most general-purpose dollies are four-wheeled, but U-haul utility dollies are two-wheeled. These dollies are made of aluminium platforms to carry boxes and other stuff; two wheels with 360-degree rotation are attached beneath the surface to provide mobility. 

Selecting the right utility dolly

Choosing the right dolly type is important, as each dolly is specified to meet certain tasks. Look for the build material of the dolly before buying. For example, if you are moving a dolly on a smooth surface, rubber tires are suitable, but if you have to carry utilities on an even surface, then pneumatic tires are suitable. Similarly, if you have to carry larger appliances such as refrigerator beds and sofas, then four-wheeled dollies are suitable as they provide more surface area to load heavy objects, but if you have to lift luggage upstairs, then two-wheeled stair climbing dollies are preferred as they maintain balance on stairs. U-haul eases you in this respect by providing a range of utility dollies. They include

  • Hand truck
  • Appliance dolly
  • Furniture dolly
  • Convertible hand truck

Challenges of going upstairs: 

Until now, we’ve got to know what utility dollies are and what types can be used for certain surfaces. But what if luggage needs to be transported upstairs? Lifting utilities upstairs is a challenging task, even by using dollies. The tires get cracked during upward lifting. Balancing the dolly is a daunting task. Some of the most common challenges of lifting objects on stairs include:

  • Each stair’s varied height and depth make it difficult to manage tire movement. 
  • Friction variation: the surfaces of stairs are uneven, causing wear on tyres.
  • The slope of stairs is against the gradient, requiring more energy to carry objects; this also causes balancing issues.
  • Weight distribution is also not manageable, causing the risk of tripping

Benefits of stair climbing dollies:

The difficulty of upstairs luggage transport provoked the need to create stair-climbing dollies. U-haul took the challenge to solve this issue. This US-based company worked diligently to make lightweight dollies that have a large capacity and can go upstairs. It is considered one of the pioneers of stair-climbing dollies. The stair-climbing dollies are getting so much hype due to their need. So, let’s discuss the benefits of climbing dollies.

  • The conventional dollies slip on stairs due to lack of grip. The wheels of U-haul stair climbing dollies are designed to have a grip on the edges of stairs. 
  • The stair-climbing dollies reduce physical strain. This ability stabilizes the utility dolly, and movement becomes easy.
  • The underneath mechanics of the stair climbing dolly depict a unique balancing mechanism. Each part is assembled in a manner to maintain stability. A stable dolly moves easily and avoids the risk of injury.
  • Most stair-climbing dollies are lightweight, which makes a breeze-like venture for a person loading and loading luggage. 

Availability of stair climbing dollies:

After understanding the benefits and dire need for stair-climbing dollies, the question arises about the availability of these dollies. Uhaul made it easy for us. Plenty of specialized hand trucks or stair-climbing dollies are available on their website. Each of these products presents unique features and abilities. Let’s discuss highly-rated climbing dollies that’ll help you make an informed decision.

Let’s Go through a brief overview of each dolly for your ease 

Hand truck:

These simple hand trucks can move all basic utilities, including boxes, furniture, and appliances. The platform is made of ergonomic material for easy handling. The tires of this dolly are made of rubber. In addition, die-formed brackets are included to provide strength. The cost of this dolly is $75.

Furniture dolly:

Furniture dolly by U-haul is a treat to luggage carriers. This dolly includes four tires and a flat surface to reduce the loading time by 50 per cent! All heavy items, including sofas, refrigerators, pianos, and even cabinets. The most incredible fact about this dolly is that it costs just $19. 

Appliance truck:

The appliance truck by U-haul presents a robotically welded tubular frame with polyolefin wheels. The dolly has a belt tightener and a strap to secure the loaded objects. This appliance dolly is capable of carrying loads up to 800 pounds. It costs around $132, but the product is worth paying. 

Convertible hand trucks:

The convertible hand trucks by U-haul are an emblem of innovation. They have adjustable handles, and the loading capacity is 700 lbs. The unique feature of these convertible trucks is that they can be converted to four positions. This ability adds to the versatility of hand trucks. So, the four-in-one dolly converts to

  • 2-wheeled simple dolly
  • 2-wheeled dolly with 56-inch height
  • Inclined dolly with four wheels 
  • Cart-shaped dolly with four wheels 

The versatility makes this dolly a solution to all carrying problems.

Dual application hand truck:

U-Haul’s dual application hand truck can perform two functions, as the name suggests. It can be used as a two-wheeled stair-climbing dolly and can also be converted to four-wheeled furniture carrying a dolly. This amazing dolly is capable of moving boxes and luggage upstairs and can also help you shift bigger appliances with ease. This two-in-one dolly displays a nylon framework and an exclusive I-beam truss design to strengthen it. In addition, its handle can be adjusted in three positions according to the object’s weight. Surprisingly, this dolly is also budget-friendly as it costs only $79.

Using utility dollies on stairs:

Although stair-climbing utility dollies can lift objects upstairs, a proper technique must be applied to use these dollies. You can follow the below tips to get the maximum from these U-haul dollies and manage your time and comfort.

  • First of all, clean the stairs! If slippery material such as oil, grease, or fruit peel is present on the stairs, it will cause the tire’s rotation, and the dolly will lose balance and eventually fall.
  • If you’re working where luggage lifting on stairs is done now and then, try to cover the stairs with neoprene covering to provide friction and avoid accidents.
  • Use furniture pads to protect your loading materials. Furniture pads are made of cotton, avoiding nicks or scratches on your luggage. 
  • Split your feet with one step during the movement of heavy objects. This will help provide leverage.
  • Use straps and avoid overloading to maintain balance.
  • You can also get assistance from another person to help lift the dolly upwards.

When to consider stair climbing dolly?

Stair climbing dollies are specifically needed when lifting heavy materials upstairs. Heavy materials can range from home appliances to furniture and goods. Conventionally, lifting is a daunting task. It takes lots of effort and energy, and still, you face troubles. In such a situation, stair-climbing dollies are a solution. Following are a few situations where climbing dollies are especially needed.

Home shifting:

Home shifting is a hectic task. You need to shift furniture, appliances, bedding, and crockery. Lifting and managing so much material is challenging, especially if you must lift this luggage to the second floor. In this situation, a U-haul stair-climbing dolly is the best solution. It has a large capacity to hold maximum weight and can move upstairs easily. For home shifting, a convertible dolly is always recommended. This dolly will work as a two-wheeled carrier to lift materials upstairs and will convert to a four-wheeled platform to carry home appliances. Additionally, furniture pads can be used to protect fragile materials. 

Utility marts:

The marts for utility items are always full, and utility items need to be moved frequently. Utility dolly is essential for these marts as the workers can load and unload items easily. The items are packed in boxes, and hundreds of products are moved at once, saving time and energy for workers.

Furniture and Appliances:

The furniture and appliances are too heavy. Moving such heavy items is impossible for a single man. But the U-haul dolly is here to provide you with effortless luggage movement. Whether it’s a bed, a couch, or a heavy washing machine, each product can be moved easily with a U-haul dolly. 

Considerations for a rental dolly:

If you plan on buying a utility dolly, do not buy it, for instance. Look for the following points before renting a dolly.


The first thing about any product is its appearance. So when you get into the market and look for a dolly, check for its size first. U-haul utility dollies are available in varied sizes. So, decide your requirements and choose a dolly accordingly. For example, a heightened dolly is better if you need dolly uplift materials. But if you need to move a dolly on the floor simply, then a dolly of a small size is also fine.

Weight capacity:

Weight capacity is a major check for utility dollies. Greater weight capacity allows maximum materials to fit in and save time. During selection, also check for the weight of the dolly itself. An efficient dolly is lightweight but has maximum weight capacity. So always check for this balance before buying. 

Type of wheel:

Last, but not least, check for the wheels of the utility dolly. There are various types of wheels, each specific for certain situations. For example, if you are moving a dolly on a smooth surface, rubber tires are suitable, but if you have to carry utilities on an even surface, then pneumatic tires are suitable. 

Safety precautions:

U-haul utility dolly provides a dream come true experience to people who find it difficult to move luggage. However, some safety precautions must be considered to avoid any mishap. 

  • Learn to maintain balance; you may get injured and damage valuable products without expertise.
  • Tie the luggage properly, and use ropes and straps to pack materials to avoid objects falling.
  • Look for the tires before use. If any minor scratch is present, don’t use that dolly.
  • Do not overburden the dolly; it will cause instability, and you may damage all the valuables.
  • Don’t rush; try to take small breaks during upward movement to avoid accidents.
  • Always be cautious about surfaces. Set your dolly according to the surface and begin your easy-peasy work. 


In conclusion, U-Haul utility dollies have made luggage transport a piece of cake. These utility dollies can help you move objects quickly without putting a load on your shoulders. From boxes to crates and heavy appliances, all possible objects can be moved with the help of a U-Haul utility dolly. The best feature of U-haul utility dolly is their ability to move upstairs. This capability makes it stand out in the market. From home shifting to appliance movement, utility dollies are essentially needed to reduce the workload. The top dollies from U-haul are mentioned in this article, along with their prices. You can also check customer reviews for further information. 

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