Can You Wash U-Haul Moving Blankets? Info on Cleaning, Packing, Sizes, and More

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U-Haul is one of the most known DIY moving and storage companies, with many customers all over the USA. U-Haul’s primary goal is to ensure that your travel luggage reaches its destination safe and sound with no issues experienced during moving. Moving blankets is one way U-Haul protects your luggage during the moving process.

There are moving blankets in every U-Haul vehicle that will assist you in securing your cargo. U-Haul moving blankets add additional layers of protection to your vulnerable materials. They cover surfaces and floors to absorb impacts and ensure that valuable objects are not ruined or spoiled.

Nevertheless, it is possible that due to high demand, it is likely to be out of stock or due to your excessive use, the blankets get covered with dirt that will not allow you to reuse them again. So, you might think that washing and reusing the moving blankets is possible. Is it okay to just wash the blankets as you normally wash your clothes, or do you need to consider certain rules while doing so?

Indeed, you can wash and use the blankets again. However, you should read the instructions thoroughly and follow some specified instructions on the label. In this blog, we will discuss how to wash blankets according to U-Haul care instructions, the lifespan of U-Haul moving blankets, the benefits of cleaning and reusing them, how to fold and store blankets properly, and how to make the most use of them.

Understanding U-Haul Moving Blankets

U-Haul’s moving blankets fall into the category of major moving necessities, including moving trucks and boxes. Surprisingly, they are useful and helpful items. They are big enough to cover your common-size room furniture and standard-sized appliances by providing whole-round protection.

The material selected to make these blankets is durable and strong enough to provide the needed padding. These blankets are sustainable, whereby the materials used in their manufacture include recycled cotton, polyester, and synthetic fibers. Moreover, these blankets are also quite soft and durable. The material’s design incorporates heavy-duty components, which help prevent minor damage such as scratches or dents. However, the material used also depends on the type of moving blanket. These blankets are also environmentally friendly products because they can be used more than once after cleaning up. Observing the care tips and rules for washing the moving blankets is crucial.

Blankets can be bought or rented. If you are operating on a tight budget or on short trips, rent the blankets instead. However, one will have to buy them if they overuse them and want to travel long distances with them. You can rent such a blanket from any U-Haul Moving & Storage location, but if you need to buy them, then it is possible because these blankets are readily available online on the U-Haul official website and in any of the retail stores that operate under U-Haul.

Size and Quantity of U-Haul Moving Blankets

U-Haul moving blankets are large enough to cover standard furniture or home appliances. A typical moving blanket has dimensions of 68″ × 85″ inches, weighs around 2.45 lbs., and has a thickness of ⅛inches. The material is soft, durable, and can be used multiple times. Since the material used in manufacturing these blankets is recycled, the blankets are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The material includes recycled denim, cotton, polyester, and synthetic fibers. In addition, the blankets are provided with a reusable cover to protect them from dirt and dust.

However, the quantity of blankets varies according to the truck’s size. U-Haul provides a sufficient amount of blankets to make sure enough protection is provided for your luggage. For example, a 10-foot truck is supplied with ten moving blankets. Due to less capacity, less cargo loading will lead to less utilization of blankets. Similarly, if you book a 26-foot truck (i.e., the largest truck size), you will be provided with ten moving blankets, which you will find adequate for your luggage.

One may feel the need to get additional blankets. In that case, you can rent or purchase depending on the length of your trip and usage. A single blanket is slightly larger than a queen-sized mattress. Thus, a single blanket is sufficient to cover a single item fully. Large items such as large bookcases, dining tables, and headboards also require two to three. You can determine how many blankets you will need by following some general guidelines. For example, if you plan a long trip with more or larger luggage, you will need 10–20 blankets. For a medium move, you would need 10–15 blankets; if you aim to have a smaller move with less luggage, you would need 5–10 blankets.

Different types of U-Haul Moving Blankets

U-Haul does not offer a single type of moving blanket. There are three types of furniture pads that U-Haul offers. These are standard, quilted, and paper. They all vary in design, and each has its own specific purpose. Details about every type are mentioned below to help you decide which one you need for your move.

  1. Furniture Pad: This one is the most popular among the three options that U-Haul offers. This is the standard moving blanket with dimensions of 68″–85″ inches, made of recycled denim, cotton, and polyester. It is easy to handle because of its weight but has enough thickness to provide sufficient protection.
  2. Quilted Pad: These are multilayered moving blankets with a heavy-duty design for maximum protection. The dimensions are 72″ × 80″ inches and are made from compressed recycled cotton fibers. Even though they are quite similar to a furniture pad, their double stitching and multiple layers make them suitable to cover the most valuable items for longer use.
  3. Paper Pad: These are the most affordable of the three types. They are 3-ply paper, and they provide almost the same protection. These can be used to cover the floors, paintings, mirrors, and artwork. These are not usually considered moving blankets, but they get the job done.

Rental Duration and Cost

We usually discuss the rental charges of U-Haul trucks, but most of us aren’t aware that U-Haul has rental terms for U-Haul moving blankets and other moving materials as well.

For moving blankets, the U-Haul rental policy includes rental charges per day. This implies that your rental period starts once you get those blankets at any of U-Haul’s moving or storage centers until you have returned them. The rent for returning the blankets will equal three days if they are returned within three days.

Rental rates vary according to location while being charged for bundles of blankets at a time rather than individually. A per-day rate for U-Haul moving blankets goes for anything between $5 and $7 in most instances. The rental price for this pack of six blankets, your three-day rent, is likely to vary depending on where you reside and can range anywhere from $15 – $21.

Cleaning and Reusing U-Haul Moving Blankets

The blankets may become dirty and spoil some important things after you have made large moves with them and overused them. Users can use such washable blankets to wash and reuse them if they are stained or dirty. This way, they will not buy new blankets again, saving them more money to spend on their various essential requirements. This also extends the span within which users use blankets since they do not discard or reuse them. Dumping blankets is another type of waste that negatively impacts the environment, and thus, by cleaning and reusing our blankets, we shall promote sustainable use and, at the same time, help reduce environmental hazards.

The blanket should be washed according to the instructions to ensure long-term durability.

To avoid damaging the coverings, you should utilize a gentle cycle along with cold water when washing your blankets in the washing machine.
You can add detergent. Choosing a gentle, non-destructive detergent that will not split individual threads of fabric is important. Therefore, refrain from utilizing fabric softeners and bleach for the same reason.
The dampness of these blankets can be removed by air drying or using a dryer at a low temperature.
Direct heat can ruin the structure of the blanket, and thus, one should not iron the blankets.

Doing this will ensure that the blankets remain efficient for cushioning and protection purposes for much longer than the normal expected lifetime of the blankets.

Maintaining U-Haul Moving Blankets

Apart from following the guidelines while washing, maintaining blankets also plays a key role in ensuring that the blanket’s quality and durability remain intact and unchanged.

Here are some tips that you can follow for the maintenance of moving blankets:

Always check for tears or holes in the blanket before using it. The hole might tear further, and you can further damage the blanket. That’s why you should look for holes if they are present and fix them.
After every use, you should make sure that you clean the blankets and then store them. Remove all the dirt and dust, and use sprays to remove any bacteria or allergens from the blanket.
It would be best if you stored your blankets in a dry place. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or damp areas to prevent microorganism growth and smell.
Do not use harsh chemicals such as strong detergents, softeners, or bleach to maintain durability.
Fold the blankets gently and carefully to avoid creases.

How you fold and store the blankets contributes greatly to their maintenance. It helps the blanket stay in shape, protects it from wear and tear, and prevents wrinkles. The way you can correctly fold the blanket is to first lay it flat. Then, keep the dark surface toward yourself. Hold the ends with both your hands and join them so that the size of a folded blanket is exactly half the size of an unfolded blanket. Hold both ends again and repeat the technique. Keep repeating until you have folded the blanket completely. After folding it, store the blanket in a dry place, such as a closet or a garage, to avoid sunlight and moisture.

Alternative Uses for U-Haul Moving Blankets

U-Haul moving blankets are sustainable, durable, and versatile. Their large dimensions make them ideal for usage in various ways. You can think outside the box and utilize a moving blanket as an alternative in many places.

For instance, you can use your U-Haul moving blanket if you have broken your golf practice net and want to save money to get a new one. Or if you want to go camping or on a picnic but the blanket you usually use is in the laundry, then you can use a moving blanket as ground cover, a sleeping bag, or a camping or picnic blanket. You can also make a pet bed or use it as a drop cloth over your furniture to protect it from paint or spills. Some people also use it as a garage cover or tool chest liner. These can also come in handy for arts and crafts. Moreover, U-Haul moving blankets are also useful as soundproofing material, preventing your expenses from buying a new one.

Since the blankets are made from recycled material, repurposing them will further strengthen the concept of recycling and sustainability. U-Haul and any moving blanket shouldn’t remain bound to moving purposes. One can sew them together and build a quilt out of them. If you stitch it the right way, you can also make a pet bed or a blanket jacket from it. The blankets can also help with home or car insulation. Moreover, one can also donate blankets to animal shelters to protect the animals. In the long run, innovative ideas like these can contribute significantly to environmental sustainability and waste management. You can achieve multiple goals by purchasing one item and using it smartly.


U-Haul moving blankets are essential for DIY moving as they protect and cushion your furniture and other items. They are available for both purchase and rental. The rental charges are based on rent per day. The blankets are sustainable, durable, and large enough to cover surfaces adequately. The standard size is 68×85″ inches. However, the amount of blankets U-Haul provides depends upon your truck size.

It is possible to reuse the blankets after washing them. Users can save extra money and reduce waste by cleaning and reusing them for future moving trips. While washing, it is important to follow the care guidelines and other tips mentioned above to prolong the lifespan of the blankets and maintain their quality. It is also important to fold and store them correctly to preserve the blanket’s durability.

U-Haul charges the rent depending upon the location, but usually, the rent includes a bundle of six blankets rather than a single blanket. You can also purchase them for larger moves, but once you buy them, you can use them for multiple purposes, such as making a pet bed, using them as a picnic blanket, as a golf practice net, as insulating material, etc. By repurposing your moving blankets, you make the most of your rental purchase and help save the environment by following environmentally friendly waste management guidelines.

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