Does Geico Cover Uhaul Rentals? Geico Auto Insurance

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Life is full of “what ifs”, and this makes spending an even tougher decision. A financial co-pilot is a dream for everyone who’s going to spend lifetime savings to buy valuable assets. Geico Insurance plans work as a financial shield in this regard to protect you from the curve balls of life and let you chase your dreams without any worry. Whether you’re buying a house or a car or collecting expensive jewelry, geico is here to cover it all!

From housing rents to jewelry and pet coverage, geico has plans to cover all your assets and partners with most companies. But does Geico cover Uhaul, too? Before delving into detail, just remember that U-haul is a company for automobile items, and financial coverage options for heavy automobiles are one of the frequently asked questions.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether Geico covers U-haul and what plans it offers. But before that, let’s understand Geico and its policies first.

Understanding Geico:

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It is one of the top-notch insurance companies in America. Initially, this company provided insurance to government employees only; with time, it diversified its target audience and now provides insurance coverage to people from different sectors. Though other insurance companies are also present, Geico gained immense fame in no time because each insurance company has its limitations; some have hefty budget plans, and most of them don’t cover automobiles.

Geico was specifically launched to provide automobile rental insurance. This coverage plan was a treat for drivers and those owners who spent life savings buying automobiles. Now, Geico’s insurance coverage is not limited to automobiles, but it also provides insurance for housing, floods, pets, jewelry, and many other items. Geico’s slogan is “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance

Here are some top insurance plans of Geico

Automobiles: this insurance plan covers vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If an accident occurs, you’ll get paid to repair the damage.

Housing: this insurance plan covers damage to the house and belongings. This plan is a shield in situations of theft. The insurance company will pay for lost items.

RV and ATV: this insurance plan is for rental vehicles. Some vehicles, like shuttles, are made for parks and recreational places. So if any damage occurs, Geico will pay for it. ATV plan covers for off-road vehicles. These include bulldozers and road rollers.

Pets and jewelry: this insurance plan is responsible to cover for your lost jewelry or injured pet. You can get money to pay for veterinary hospital bills. 

For all these insurance plans, you’ll have to pay 15%, and Geico will serve as a financial shield for you.

Why rental insurance is important:

Rental insurance is important in every situation. This is kind of an investment. You pay a percentage of the total plan each month, and this will cover you in hard times. You may need rental insurance in the following situations:

  • Accidents
  • Theft in house and office
  • Damage to spare parts of big vehicles
  • Floods or storms 
  • Health issues

Rental insurance for U-haul:

Now that you’ve understood Geico and its insurance plans, let’s understand the need for rental insurance for U-haul. As described above, U-haul is an America-based company that manufactures automobiles. These include dollies, trucks, and big cars. The bigger vehicles are too expensive. Each part is hard to find in local hardware shops, and hundreds of dollars are required for mild damage. Also, buying a vehicle again after theft seems almost impossible. In such a situation, rental insurance works as a savior and provides coverage for all expenses. U-haul specifically needs insurance during 

  • Cargo, when belongings have a risk of theft and damage
  • Accidents of heavy trucks, in this situation, if the whole truck gets damaged, the company will pay for it
  • Burning of the engine that may cause fire on the vehicle 
  • Breakdown of vehicles during long distances

Geico’s rental options for U-haul:

Geico provides plenty of rental options to its customers. But the main question for this article is, does Geico provide rental options for U-haul? The answer is to some extent.

Although Geico does not provide full rental coverage for all vehicles under U-haul. But it does provide many coverage options that suit your needs. The rental coverage options for U-haul include:

Collision damage waiver: As the name indicates, this insurance package covers damage that occurred during collisions on roads. Geico is responsible to cover for U-Haul’s equipment under certain terms and conditions. 

Safemove Plus: Safemove or safemove plus is an insurance plan for bigger vehicles. This package is best for U-haul vehicles, including trucks and trailers. The insurance not only covers vehicle parts and belongings but also covers the medical bills of drivers and passengers injured during accidents. 

Cargo coverage: Cargo coverage is the best option for U-haul luggage transport trucks. The insurance covers belongings during the rental period. 

Other than these rental options provided by Geico, U-haul also provides rental options for its customers. These rental options include:

Personal accident insurance: This is a type of life insurance. If a person gets injured or dies in an accident during the rental period, insurance will cover all medical expenses.

SLI: SLI, also known as supplemental insurance, covers third-party liability. This insurance is limited to a specified period.

Two dolly and auto transport coverage: This insurance policy is specified for U-haul. U-haul is famous for its dollies and transport equipment. If any damage occurs to this equipment during the rental period, the customer can claim for money.

The coverage plans may vary depending on the type and size of the vehicle. Although there is no specified coverage plan for U-haul provided by Geico, the vehicle can be covered under general coverage plans. You can contact an agent of Geico to get specific information regarding your vehicle. 

Geico’s insurance plans : 

Geico is one of the giants in the world in insurance companies. Under the umbrella of Geico, various insurance plans are available that cover you from big luxurious items to the smallest belongings. Here is the table for a list of all the insurance types.

links for each coverage plan are mentioned

 Vehicle Insurance  Property insurance Business Insurance  Additional Insurance 
Auto Insurance Homeowners Insurance Business Owners Insurance Umbrella Insurance 
Motorcycle Insurance Renters Insurance General Liability Insurance Life Insurance 
ATV Insurance Condo/Co-op Insurance Professional Liability Insurance Overseas Insurance andEvent Insurance 
RV Insurance Mobile Home Insurance Cyber Liability Insurance Pet Insurance 
Boat/PWC Insurance Landlord Insurance Workers’ Compensation Insurance Jewelry Insurance 
Collector Auto Insurance Flood Insurance Medical Malpractice Insurance Travel Insurance 
Commercial Auto Insurance Earthquake Insurance Wellness & Fitness Insurance Identity Protection Insurance 

Benefits of Geico for U-haul:

Geico is customers’ favorite insurance company because of its easy terms and conditions. The plan can be as minimum as $12 per month. So now you understand how reliable is Geico. Geico is also a reliable option for U-haul, as very few coverage options are available for bigger vehicles from other companies. The key benefits of Geico include:

  • The first and foremost benefit of Geico is convenience. As most people in the US already have insurance policies with Geico for housing and cars, it’s convenient for them to bundle the policy with U-haul too. 
  • Geico has excellent customer service. Their terms and conditions are also open and easy to understand
  • Geico has credibility. This gives a peace of mind to customers.
  • As aforementioned, there is no specific plan for U-haul, but you may get covered by U-haul vehicles under some other plan. This is cost-saving and also allows you to extend the previous policy. 
  • The additional perks of the Geico policy include a 97% customer satisfaction rating, 24/7 helpline availability, and multi-policy discounts if you get combined insurance for home and automobiles. 

Rental considerations for U-haul:

U-haul equipment is the best solution to avoid the daunting tasks of carrying heavy luggage. From dollies to trucks, u-haul has vehicles to carry all types of belongings. These vehicles have ample space to carry luggage and are designed for moving purposes.

  • U-haul rentals are expensive, so it has specified rental eligibility for its customers. 
  • The customer must be 18 years old and should have a license
  • Reservations are made in advance, and the preferred payment mode is by credit card.
  • The U-haul trucks consume a lot of fuel; a full tank of fuel is provided upon pickup, so the vehicle should come back with a full tank.

Clarifying U-haul rental eligibility with Geico:

Geico has made it clear that it does not provide specific plans for U-haul, but U-haul vehicles may get covered in other coverage plans.

  • Geico coverage can be extended for U-haul vehicles. This can be applied only if you have an active Geico insurance policy. As Geico is a US-based company, it covers U-haul rentals that move in the US only.
  • U-haul offers insurance policies too. Geico is feasible for you if you’re already using Geico’s insurance. Thoroughly read terms and conditions to understand the extent of coverage.

Understanding coverage details:

Before buying insurance from Geico, it’s important to understand the rental policy of the company. Geico covers your vehicle in the following conditions:

  • During a collision, if your car or truck collides with another vehicle on the road and gets damaged, then Geico will pay for it irrespective of whose fault caused the collision.
  • Incidental damage, this means if your rental vehicle and belongings get damaged by incidents other than collision such as fire or theft, the company will still pay for you.
  • An underinsured coverage plan is also provided for people who haven’t paid the full percentage of insurance. This plan will cover them during any incident.
  • Medical care is also covered by Geico if a person gets hit on the road.
  • Range of Geico’s coverage:
  • Only a range of waivers is provided to deal with damage and medical coverage. Only the full coverage policy covers for full money spent on assets, but this policy does not apply to U-haul items.
  • The deductible amount for damage waiver ranges from $250-$500. You are responsible for this money in the event of a claim.
  • The limit for cargo coverage ranges from $15000-$25000. This is an ample amount to cover for most belongings.
  • Medical and life insurance has the highest range. It ranges from$100,000 -$250,000. This waiver will cover for the family if the person dies.
  • Liability coverage is also provided by Geico. This coverage accounts for a huge amount, ranging from $ 1 million -to $ 2 million. This protects against liability claims.


Although Geico is perfect coverage assistance for most assets, it has its limitations.

  • During a theft, only a certain range of amounts will be covered. If your jewelry or other valuables cost too high, the company will not fully cover them.
  • Damage waiver has limitations as it does not cover trucks used for commercial purposes.
  • Deductibles come with home and automobile insurance. This means you have to pay for a certain range of expenses before utilizing insurance
  • High-value items like diamonds are excluded from an insurance policy
  • Vehicles for commercial purposes are also excluded from insurance coverage.

How to confirm coverage: 

Now, you’re familiar with Geico and its insurance plans. So if you want to confirm coverage for U-Haul’s automobiles or other assets, then you can contact Geico on their website.


  • to confirm online coverage, go to Geico’s website, and sign up for an account. You’ll need to fill out a form for your personal information, including your name and password. 
  • After making an account, you can go through a list of coverage plans, read the terms and conditions for each plan, and choose the plan that fits your needs.
  • After confirming your coverage, get a policy number from Geico in hand. This policy number includes all details about renting. 

Contact number:

  • You can also contact the customer service number to talk to the agent.
  • You can specify your needs, and he’ll help you choose the coverage plan according to your requirements. 
  • The contact number of Geico is 1-800-841-4326.

Considerations and Alternatives:

U-haul vehicles are big and expensive, and you need to be considerate while choosing an insurance plan for them. The following factors must be kept in consideration before buying rental insurance for Uhaul

  • Always get quotes from a range of insurance companies and compare them to choose the best price
  • Check out the range of coverage each plan provides and review before confirming a plan.
  • Thoroughly read the terms to understand if your Geicos plan will cover Uhaul or not
  • Check for alternatives if Geico’s coverage plan is not fit for your U-haul vehicle.
  • U-haul itself also provides insurance plans, compares them with Geico, and chooses as an alternative if Geico appears to be expensive. 


In conclusion, Geico is one of the top-tier insurance companies providing financial shields to a range of assets. From home to vehicles and jewelry, every asset can be covered under the umbrella of Geico. As Geico provides a range of plans for vehicles, we were interested to know if Geico covers Uhaul as well. Although Geico does not have a specified plan for U-haul, most of the vehicles get covered under other plans. Terms and conditions need to be understood before choosing the coverage plan. Check for alternative plans, too, and get the plan that fits your needs. 

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