Are U-haul Rentals Covered by Progressive Insurance?

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Driving a U-Haul rental with or without insurance. Which should you opt for?

Knowing the size of U-Haul trucks, and vans and the amount of luggage they are carrying, driving it without insurance is not the best and intellectual choice.

And if opting for the insurance to have peace of mind, should you go for the U-Haul insurance or do you have any other option?

In this blog, we are going to discuss the details of U-Haul coverage with Progressive Corporate.

Does the popular insurance company provide coverage for U-Haul rentals?

If it does, what are the coverage options with Progressive and how should you buy and confirm the Progressive insurance for your U-Haul rental?

This blog post is going to be your ultimate guide if you are looking to get informed about Progressive’s coverage for U-Haul or looking for affordable auto insurance for your personal vehicle.

What do you need to know about rental insurance?

The importance of having auto insurance before renting a U-Haul or other car rentals is still not understandable by people.

You might have read a bunch of guides on ‘how to save money during a move’ and have gone through the advice of not spending the cash on buying insurance and driving safely.

But are we really aware of what the future holds? And what’s the need to take this huge risk?

We only consider those not buying the insurance and taking the risks who have a successful experience travelling a U-Haul.

Still, at the back of your mind, be prepared for an unfortunate happening.

The significance of travelling insurance is realized when something unfortunate happens and you face financial losses.

Having insurance protects you against financial losses and covers vehicle theft and liability claims for injuries.

Although the coverage varies according to the policies of different insurance companies.

As important as it is to have insurance, the same goes for knowing its coverage and being aware of it.

The coverage for rental cars and trucks can range from:

  • Vehicle damage, theft to liability.
  • Your belongings and cargo protection (doesn’t come under progressive insurance)
  • Roadside assistance.

Progressive’s insurance available options

Progressive has been offering insurance for a variety of fields ranging from businesses, homeowners, renters, dental and healthcare insurance, and auto insurance.

The vehicle insurance offered by Progressive Corporate has the following vehicles included:

  • Auto insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Golf cart insurance
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • RV/trailer insurance

The coverage for each insurance varies for different states and according to the policies.

Clarifying U-Haul’s rental eligibility

Whether for local or one-way moves, renting a U-Haul truck for a day, or towing a trailer with the truck for a longer duration, U-Haul rentals have been used for moving purposes for years now.

U-Haul has built a relationship of trust with their renters by transporting their belongings securely to their new places.

In doing so, they have set up specific criteria for the drivers to book their rentals to ensure the safety of the rental and the belongings it is carrying from unnecessary damage.

To rent a U-Haul rental, you must meet the following criteria.

In the meanwhile, it is much less strict than those for other standard vehicle rentals used for moving and trips.

Minimum age requirement.

The rental company has set up an age limit of 18 years to drive a U-Haul rental.

Having prior driving experience can help to prove the efficiency of the driver.

Driving license.

A driving license and a good driving record are essential prerequisites to rent a U-Haul truck, cargo, or pick-up van.


Before taking the U-Haul rental from the on-site location, payment, and a promissory note must be signed.

Only credit card payments are entertained.

The prerequisites for renting a U-Haul may vary according to the state and location.

Benefits of Progressive’s insurance for U-Haul rentals

The main privilege of having progressive auto/RV insurance for U-Haul rentals is reduced cost on rental insurance by combining it with ongoing discount.

Some of the great advantages the U-Haul renters can get with progressive insurance are:

Getting transparent quotes.

Unlike many insurance companies, Progressive is known for not having any hidden charges. So, you can expect a transparent quote by contacting them to purchase their insurance.

Make sure to double-check the coverage details before depending on it for your move with U-Haul.


Progressive auto or RV insurance is available for rentals as well as for your personal cars or vehicles.

It will kick in as the primary insurance for your vehicle.

Rate comparison tool.

Like many insurance companies, Progressive also offers a rate comparison tool.

If you are looking to buy insurance for your vehicle and want a quality one with the best rates. You can look into the rate comparison tool to compare the prices of different companies.

Loyalty rewards program.

To reward the users for remaining loyal to the company’s insurance and recommending it to others, you can earn a progressive rewards program and benefit from it later.

Use the Progressive purchase app to file the insurance claim.

During any unfortunate time, you don’t have to visit the progressive office to file the insurance claim but can use their application conveniently.

You can enjoy auto insurance + discounts such as teenage discounts or accident forgiveness discounts and get the best bundle.

Progressive’s coverage inclusions and limitations

Progressive insurance coverage inclusions:

The potential coverage for each insurance varies according to their policies. Meanwhile, the coverage for U-Haul rentals from progressive auto or RV insurance could be as follows.

  • Collison damage waiver. The coverage pays for the damage that occurs to the rental during the accident.

Like other companies, you must pay a certain deductible amount.

For example. If the damage done to the rental is around $2100, your deductible would be $250, and the insurance will cover about $1850.

  • Loss damage waiver or theft.
  • Roadside assistance. If your vehicle breaks down a specific mile away from your town, the coverage will include providing necessities like food and an alternative vehicle while your vehicle is under repair.
  • Personal liability. The company covers the damage you do to others’ property and personal injuries. This coverage is nearly available in all states.
  • Personal injury protection. Regardless of who’s at mistake, it covers your and your passengers’ medical bills that you had sustained in an accident.

Don’t be fooled by any company’s ‘full coverage policy’, as it can’t be 100% covered in any policy.

You must pay a certain deductible amount. Typically, you have to pay the deductible first before the insurance kicks in.

Confirm it according to your insurance policy.

Progressive’s coverage Limitations:

Every insurance policy has a specific limited amount that the coverage will provide.

Often policies allow the buyers to extend the limits according to their own needs by paying more than usual.

Progressive coverage has a limit for U-Haul rentals of up to:

  • $50,000 for the vehicle damage per accident.
  • $25,000 for the property damage.
  • The liability limits are $25,000 per person and double the amount for more than one person per accident.

Restriction: Any damage due to the intentional misuse of the vehicle may not be covered.

Confirmation of the progressive’s coverage for U-Haul rentals

Insurance companies change their policies from time to time, so to be on the safe side, it is essential to confirm coverage by contacting them before every move and trip.

Progressive has made the confirmation of insurance coverage quite convenient by making it available through different means.

  • Progressive insurance application. Log in to the app and view the coverage details there.
  • Phone. Contact the company representatives directly don 1-800-776-4737 and confirm the details.
  • Visiting on-site location. Check for the local progressive office near you and ask for the details there.

Required documentation for the confirmation:

  • Progressive’s auto insurance card (with details of the policy number, renter’s name, car model, and exploration date).
  • U-Haul vehicle type to be rented details.
  • Destination and locations with the dates.

Alternatives and considerations

Before relying on any insurance, there are some factors that renters should consider.

  • Coverage. The most significant thing about the insurance is how much damage it will cover.

If you have insurance that costs you a few dollars yearly but doesn’t give you enough coverage, you will end up spending more here and there.

So, firstly consider the coverage details before anything else.

  • Cost. Exploring different available options and choosing the one with the best coverage, offers, discounts, and most importantly affordability.
  • Convenience. When relying on any insurance, look out for how convenient it can be.

Does it provide any roadside assistance or have an online setup to file the claim as visiting the on-site location every time is not convenient for everyone?

Alternative insurance options for progressive

If you don’t want to rely on progressive insurance, you still have plenty of options to consider instead of it. Some of them are the following:

  • Personal auto insurance.

TBH, if your auto insurance gives enough coverage, why would you spend money on buying others?

  • Credit card rental insurance.

There are plenty of credit cards that give amazing auto insurance coverage. We have discussed Chase Sapphire credit card insurance in detail in another blog, you can check out that blog by visiting our site.

  • Third-party rental insurance.

You can also choose the rental company’s insurance, which a third party is providing. Usually more or less than $10 per day excluding other charges.

Bottom line

We have explained the availability of Progressive auto insurance for U-Haul rentals and how they can provide comprehensive coverage.

Although the coverage varies with different policies and vehicle types. We’d encourage our readers to always re-confirm the details before relying on it for your move.

Renters should directly contact the Progressive office before their move and must share the details of the rental vehicle they are interested in renting.

Ask relevant questions about the coverage and ensure that you have enough protection.

When planning for your move, it is essential to clearly understand your rental requirements and needs and choose the right coverage for your protection.

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