Does Turo Check If the License Is Suspended?

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Are you exploring the best car-sharing marketplace? Stop hunting because we introduce you to the largest marketplace for renting and sharing cars. This marketplace is none other than Turo. Turo is the biggest platform for peer-to-peer car sharing. If you are in urgent need of a car, just open up the Turo website, choose the vehicle of your choice, and you’re ready to go! 

Driving a car demands responsibility. You need an updated license and proper documentation for a safe and convenient ride. Breaking laws is unacceptable. If you violate laws, you will face suspension. In such cases, a person cannot drive a car. Normally, car owners face such consequences, but do rental cars also face such issues? This question holds immense importance, especially for those who want to rent a car from Turo. It focuses on a major concern for new drivers, and the answer is YES!

Turo never compromises on laws, and it does check for a suspended license. 

In this blog, we’ll understand the intricacies of Turo’s license-sharing policies, but before delving into the license policy of Turo, let’s first understand Turo and its renting policies. 

Understanding Turo’s License Verification Process

Turo is an America-based company. In 2010, students of Harvard Business School worked on this project. They launched a company named Relay Rides. Later, they changed the name to Turo. Since then, this platform has taken the vehicle market by havoc and become one of the top car-sharing companies.

Turo’s renting and sharing service is super easy for customers. All you need to have is cars, and whenever you’re not using the vehicles, you can upload them on Turo’s car-sharing list. People who need the car will select it and pay for the rent. The car owner can set the timings and rent the car, and the customer can negotiate with him directly. Pretty simple? Yes, it is! 

It is said that bigger fame comes with bigger responsibility. Turo understands this aspect, and that’s why it has very strict policies for following rules and regulations. License verification is a key requirement for any vehicle, and the same goes with Turo. Before renting a car from Turo, it is mandatory to go through a license verification process. Let’s understand the process.

Turo’s license verification process:

The license verification holds a significant place in Turo’s renting procedure. This verification is necessary for the reliability of the company. The drivers with fake or suspended licenses must be verified to maintain a secure system. Only qualified drivers with proper documentation are allowed to rent a car from Turo. The driving history is also supported to keep track of the driver’s record. 

Initial verification:

The first step for license verification involves account creation. The customer has to create an account on Turo’s website. Then, his information is verified using multiple methods. One of the methods includes cross-referring with DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles has all the license information Turo cross-checks information for verification. In the US, Apple devices are widely used. Turo integrated license information with Apple wallets to store and verify information digitally.

Some drivers have licenses from foreign countries. So, Turo facilitates them by validating tier information from international offices. This allows them to use international licenses and drive safely. 

Navigating suspended licenses:

Turo has a very strict policy to navigate suspended licenses. So, it’s always recommended to avoid vehicles with suspended licenses. If you rent such a car, you’ll solely be responsible for any damage. In fact, you may have to pay for damage to Turo. These strict policies are made to maintain the company’s standards and enhance reliability. 

Ongoing Verification for Active Users

Turo has clearly mentioned its strict policy for license verification, but is this verification actively ongoing? If yes, then how is Turo managing the process? Let’s explore these questions by understanding the ongoing verification process for active users. 

Turo has a strong system for verification purposes. This system works by renting cars and recording renters’ histories for a safe rental environment. 

Regular verification for active users:

History management holds a central place in Turo’s license verification process. The system conducts regular monitoring to keep an update on the license status. This approach is made to keep the license valid. If someone’s license is suspended for any cause, Turo will not rent a car to that person. This system also updates the license of renters reaching the expiry date. The tracking of license information prevents untrained people from renting cars, thus contributing to safe travel. 

Frequency of verification:

Turo continuously monitors the license updates of renters. The specific frequency of verification is not disclosed, but Turo’s system is so strong it does not let anyone spare with a suspended license. The frequent verification checks built a standard for renters to meet the requirements of Turo’s policy. This system ensures quality assurance and provides peace of mind to both renters and owners of cars. 

Duration of Turo’s verification:

Turo has a fast and up-to-date system for license verification. This system can verify the license in a few minutes. In some cases, the system needs to fetch information from the Department of Motor Vehicles; this process might take time, and in other cases, manual license checking is required. Though this is seldom, it may take longer for the verification process. Turo has set a standard for safe traveling. This regular checking for suspended licenses avoids many accidental cases. 

Consequences of Renting with a Suspended License

Reaching the heights of success might be relatively easy, but staying there demands much effort and responsibility. Turo has earned the trust of customers for years, and that is the reason this company never compromises on laws. The strong system to check suspended licenses maintains law and order. And if someone tries to abide by the rules, they will face serious consequences. Some of the repercussions in case of a suspended license are mentioned below.

  • Turo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing app. If Turo informs hosts about renting a suspended license, the host might cancel the reservations. 
  • In addition to the cancellation of a reservation, Turo suspends the account of the user and puts him on the termination list.
  • Normally, there is an insurance policy with rented cars. But if someone has a suspended license, then this policy does not apply, and the driver will be responsible for paying for any damage that may occur during accidents to the host. 
  • Renting a car with a suspended license is not a small mistake. It has legal implications, and the company may sue the person with criminal charges.

Importance of honest communication: 

It’s not necessary to be a criminal for a suspended license. There may be several reasons behind this. You need to be honest about your cause and communicate properly with Turo. Let them know the reason behind your issue, and they may help you resolve it. If your license gets suspended for any cause, here is what you can do to avoid legal reimbursement. 

  • Always keep an honest and transparent communication with Turo. If you have any concerns regarding your license, inform Turo immediately. They will guide you about the next steps to improve your status. 
  • Contact Turo’s helpline to discuss your situation. Remember, transparency is the key, and it will prevent you from penalty. 
  • Turo offers a dedicated support system for its customers. A helpline team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in complying with Turo’s license policies. You may also contact the host to discuss any unexpected issues with the car.

Turo’s safety measures:

Turo is a name of reliability. It is also known as “Airbnb for cars”. Airbnb was a top-notch marketplace place for hospitality services. Turo provides a high level of comfort and ease to its customers, which is comparable to Airbnd’s standards. That’s why Turo holds the same respect as Airbnb in the automobile market. The most admiring feature of Turo is its safety measures. These measures keep both the car and its renter.

Turo’s safety measures include:

  • The first and foremost safety measure is license verification. This verification process begins at the booking step to avoid any mishap after the car is rented.
  • Turo never spares any suspicious or fraudulent activity. It has a proper navigation system to detect such activities. This system provides additional safety to both the host and renter. 
  • Turo is a trustworthy platform. It encourages its users to report any potential security concerns. The customer service system is active all day long. If any user finds suspicious activity, he can contact Turo,, and it will take action immediately. 

Tips for Users with Suspended Licenses

As mentioned above, a suspended license is not a symbol of crime. But proper communication is the key. Turo takes care of its customers and guides them through thick and thin. If your license gets suspended, you can follow the tips provided by Turo. These tips include:

  • Check your license status before renting a car. If your license is suspended for any cause, inform the host about the reason. If he understands your situation, it’s up to him, but if you rent a car with a suspended license and don’t inform anyone about it, you’ll be charged with serious allegations. 
  • The license can be suspended for many reasons. The violation of traffic rules is the primary cause of a suspended license. Other than that, unpaid fines can also lead to this issue. Remember, laws are for you; they protect you. Face the trial for your fault. But if you do not appear in court, it will lead to severe consequences. 
  • Always pay for fines on roads. Sometimes, you may feel that the amount is unfair or you weren’t wrong, which was an unfair decision. Contact relevant authorities and never try to take the law into your own hands. 
  • Facing the trial is a basic procedure in case of license suspension. Follow up on your case and attend court sessions regularly to avoid complications. 
  • Sometimes, untrained drivers face license suspension. In such scenarios, the court orders the person to attend traffic safety classes to reinstate the license. 

Resolving suspension:

Now that you understand the license verification process of Turo and the consequences of a suspended license, the next question is what to do to resolve the suspension.

Here are tips to resolve your suspension:

  • Every state has a Department of Motor Vehicles. This department is responsible for resolving the issues related to licenses. They already have complete information about you and will guide you about further steps and documentation to resolve the issue. If the Department of Motor Vehicles is absent in your area, there must be an equivalent agency. Reach out to them to resolve the issue. 
  • After paying the penalty fee, you can get back your license. Keep proof of issue resolution. For example, if you did not pay fines and the company suspended you, you can pay the fine again and keep its receipts. You can provide receipts of paid fines. Similarly, if the court ordered you to complete a certificate for traffic classes, then provide proof of the certificate to reissue the license. 
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles may issue a reinstatement fee. You have to pay that fee to get your license back.
  • Patience is necessary in every issue. You need to wait for reinstatement of your suspended license. The processing time varies with each state, but Do not rush; just complete all the documentation and wait for the process. You’ll get your license. 
  • After approval of the new reinstatement, you will receive an email to receive your new license. Keep it safe and avoid any violations in the future. 
  • The license reinstatement process may vary with each state. The procedures may also be different. You can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles of your state to get accurate information. Follow the legal processes and avoid abiding by law and orders.


In conclusion, Turo is a top-notch marketplace for sharing and renting cars. Its strict rules and policies prove its reliability. The license is proof of the driver’s authenticity. Turo has a strong system for license verification. This system keeps track of the driver’s history and checks for the suspended license. The license suspension can occur due to numerous causes ranging from unpaid fees to traffic violations; whatever the case is, inform Turo about it. Its support system will guide you. Follow the tips for license upgrades and enjoy your journey with TURO!

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