What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Turo? Age Insurance & License

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Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, has revolutionized how people rent and borrow vehicles. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an occasional driver, Turo offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional car rental companies. However, before embarking on your Turo adventure, understanding the eligibility requirements, insurance coverage, and licensing regulations is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure experience. This comprehensive guide will delve into these essential aspects, empowering you to make informed decisions and navigate the Turo experience confidently.

Have you sometimes been caught up in a situation where you were all ready to rent your favorite vehicle for the trip with your family, and your plans for the trip were finalized?

But before taking out your vehicle, you got to know you didn’t meet the criteria for it, and you’ll not be eligible to rent it.

Or is it the case where a certain car’s rising prices and unavailability give you a headache?

How heartbroken does it sound? Have your dream vacations with your family been canceled or delayed for this reason?

It is always essential to know the requirements to rent a vehicle for each specific company and understand their criteria for it.

To save you from last-minute interruptions and delays, we will discuss the requirements to book Turo’s rental car requirements, including the age, insurance and licensing, and other details.

Turo is an alternative to traditional rental car services.

It includes car owners renting out their vehicles via Turo, meeting specific vehicle criteria and renters looking forward to a cheaper and more convenient alternative to rent it through Turo, fulfilling the company’s requirements for the car.

Understanding the steps of Turo rental’s requirement

Turo’s rental cars have been long known for providing a smooth and hassle-free rental experience. 

Similar to other traditional rental companies, Turo also requires the basic requirements for booking their rental, which include 

  • A Turo account
  • A specific age range
  • A credible license
  • And a good driving record.

Turo’s rental age requirements

The base age range begins from 21 years to rent a vehicle at Turo.

However, the minimum age range varies according to which country and state your trip is originating and the place of destination.

You must be 21 years old to rent a Turo car in the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The age limit in Canada begins at 23 years old.

The age limitation extends to deluxe, super deluxe, and classic cars.

With 25 years being for deluxe and 30 years old for super deluxe Turo cars.

Furthermore, there would be a young driver fee under the age of 25 years.

The charges will be $50 per day for less than the age of 21 and $30 per day for the age group of 21-24.

Moving forward, you cannot deny the company’s protection plan under the age of 21 years.

Yes, you’ll have a choice to go with a minimum or standard protection plan.

Vehicle restrictions according to age:

  • High young driver’s deposit fee with limited vehicle options under 21.
  • Access to only deluxe vehicles and a limitation to requesting a specific vehicle under 25.

Turo’s rental insurance requirements

When renting a vehicle, one of the biggest mistakes people make is relying on their auto insurance without confirmation of the coverage.

And the resultant headache is obvious when any damage to the vehicle occurs.

If you are absolutely sure about your auto insurance company providing coverage,

and you have confirmed the coverage via the insurance company before renting the vehicle, explaining the vehicle type details, you can surely skip the rental company’s insurance.

Now talking about Turo’s insurance, the coverage will include:

  • Third-party liability insurance up to $750,000 varies by the protection plan.
  • Property and vehicle damage.
  • Personal damage varies by the plan option chosen.

Turo’s rental insurance kicks in after the renter’s auto insurance.

Similarly, like other rental companies, the renter has to pay a certain deductible amount.

Turo’s insurance probably may not cover off-road vehicle damage or misuse.

Factors before considering the insurance

Before opting for Turo’s rental insurance or relying on your auto insurance, keep these factors in consideration:

  • Driving type. Are you going to drive on a highway road in a city, or it’s some off-road trip? 

If it’s the latter, consider choosing the best insurance available.

  • Driving experience. If the renter will be a young and inexperienced driver, you might want to go with the company’s insurance.
  • Access the local driving risks at the location.

If you are relying on your auto insurance, make sure to confirm the coverage with your insurance company, explaining the car type details.

When opting for Turo’s insurance, we’ll advise you to click some pictures of your rented vehicle before starting your trip.

It’ll be useful in case of any misfortune; the renter can send the pre- and post-damaged pictures to Turo.

Turo’s car guidelines and qualifications

If you are looking forward to using your vehicle to earn as a side hustle.

If you want to use your car as a rental at Turo, there are some guidelines that your vehicle should fit into to make it into the listed vehicles at Turo.

  • Vehicle age.

The car should not be over 12 years old in the US and Canada.

(Exception for Specialty cars)

In the UK, the vehicle’s age qualification is ≤10 years.

  • The vehicle should have a market value of up to $200,000.
  • It should be used less than 130,000 miles.

There’s an exception in this case if the vehicle is in good condition and continues to meet all the company’s conditions.

  • The vehicle should be registered to an authorized person and meet all the state’s legal requirements.
  • The vehicle should be in excellent physical and mechanical condition.

If you have any queries related to the approval of your vehicle, contact Turo Support and confirm it there.

Limitations for Turo rental vehicles

There are some restrictions you shouldn’t let go off the hook and must look into if you are looking forward to renting a Turo vehicle.

Vehicle type restrictions:

  • No availability of motorcycles, limousines and luggage trucks.
  • No vehicle is available to accommodate more than 10 people.
  • RVs, off-road, and three-wheeled vehicles are not allowed.
  • Towing equipment is not allowed with the vehicle.
  • Under 25, it is not legit to rent specialty vehicles. 
  • More than 25 are allowed when the vehicle’s value is ≤$85,000.

If the renter is under 25, there might be income proof needed.

Step-by-step process to rent a Turo

To rent a Turo vehicle, here’s a step-by-step guideline to get you started and rent your dream vehicle.

To become a Turo member:

You need to sign up for Turo and become verified to rent a Turo car.

  • Create an account to use Turo by visiting the site.
  • Fill in the information of your Full name, email address, contact info., license, birthdate, and address.
  • Turo usually takes 24 hours to review and approve/reject your application.
  • They’ll examine your driving experience and history to approve you as a renter.
  • You can check for your approval status on the account page.

To book a Turo vehicle:

  • After getting approved, choose the arrival and destination locations and the dates.
  • Look out for the available vehicles. Filter by prices.
  • Choose the vehicle you want to rent and click the book now. 
  • Collect your vehicle after submitting a deposit on the due date.

Before confirming your vehicle’s booking, make sure to re-confirm the charges.

The total charges might double the amount of the vehicle’s fee per day after including all the unlimited mileage, child safety, standard protection insurance ( though you can decline this) and some miscellaneous extra charges.


In the current era of traditional rental car price inflation, Turo is a great and convenient alternative.

To be eligible to rent Turo’s vehicle, one must consider the age, insurance, license, and specialty vehicle requirements.

We have discussed all of the requirements in detail.

We suggest our readers understand it thoroughly and follow it when renting a car for a successful rental experience with Turo.

Always contact Turo support to confirm the renting rates before every booking. The rates may vary with time.

You can also clarify any queries about car qualifications or renting requirements with them.

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