How Much Does Uhaul Pay Per Hour – A crash guide to U-Haul employee’s payroll

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Have you ever wondered about how much U-Haul and other rental car companies pay to their employees?

Is the hourly pay rate the same for their truck drivers and customer service representatives?

It is essential to know the details of U-Haul’s hourly rate and how it varies for the current employees, interns, and newly appointed ones if you are seeking a job at U-Haul or other rental car companies.

In this blog guide, all your questions related to U-Haul paying their employees will be answered.

We will discuss all the details of payrolls of different departments at U-Haul, what benefits are offered to them and how it differs for part-timers and the senior ones.

It is also all about the factors that affect the payroll at U-Haul and some mind-blowing tips to consider for job seekers.

Let’s get started with this U-Haul employee’s wage guide.

Understanding the basics of U-Haul payroll and pay structure

The average salary of U-Haul employees is around $31,000/year in the United States.

Although the pay structure of U-Haul varies with the job title, working hours, experience, location, and other things.

There will be a lot of differences in the hourly pay rates of a student doing a part-time job as a customer service representative and a full-time mechanic at U-Haul.

As for the rough estimation, the hourly pay rate for the part-timer will be $14. On the contrary, the Mechanic will be paid $25 hourly to do his duty.

Employee categories at U-Haul

U-Haul has set up a great employment policy according to the availability of employees.

The company does hiring for part-time jobs and full-time jobs, as explained in the earlier example.

They also offer jobs for different positions during the peak traveling seasons, and the pay rates are according to each position’s working hours.

  • Full-time working hours are >40 hours/week.
  • Part-time includes <40 hours/week, usually 20-30 hours.
  • Seasonal jobs are offered during peak seasons, and the working hours are set accordingly.

The benefits for each category vary, and the full-time workers avail themselves of the most benefits at U-Haul.

Moving forward, we will discuss all the hourly pay rates that U-Haul pays to their employees working in all the divisions and how the rates differ according to their job roles, locations, and peak seasons.

U-Haul employee pay rates per hour

U-Haul has been following the policy of paying all their employees hourly rates, whether full-time or part-time, for years.

There’s always the variability factor for different job roles and their factors for every company, and U-Hual is no exception in this case.

Here are some of the average hourly pay rates for different positions at U-Haul:

  • Customer service representative – $13.40/ hour
  • Reservation agent – $15.28/hour
  • Truck driver – $22.40/hour
  • Rental agent – $16.50/hour
  • Customer support representative – $22.00/hour
  • Technician – $18.05/hour
  • Repairing Mechanic – $20.22/hour

The average wage of a U-Haul employee in the US ranges from $10.94 to $23.91, with the average being $15.69. However, as discussed earlier, these pay rates may vary in different states and locations.

Some benefits and additional compensations as a U-Haul employee

Besides enjoying the employee discounts at U-Haul (usually an off up to 20%), there are plenty of other beneficiaries that they can take advantage of. Some of these are the following:

  • Getting the health, dental and vision care plans.
  • Disability insurance.
  • 401(k) plan, retirement savings.
  • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
  • Retirement benefits.
  • Paid holidays and vacations.
  • Overtime work is paid on an hourly basis.
  • Getting commissions on making extra sales.

U-Haul employee working schedules

U-Haul employee’s working hours vary according to their shift timings and the number of hours they spend working in a week.

The working schedules at U-Haul for full-timers and part-time workers differ accordingly.

Typically, U-Haul offers various shifts in a day. Each worker has their shifts assigned beforehand, and their timings are the following:

  • Morning shift – 6.00 am -2.00 pm.
  • Afternoon and evening shifts – 2.00 pm-10.00 pm.
  • Night shift – 10.00 pm-6.00 am.

As U-Haul offers services 24/7 in most of the states, so you’ll find the employees available in nearly all of the working hours of the day.

During peak seasons, there may be a slight change and rotation in the shift timings.

As for the full-time and senior workers, they have their shift timings fixed.

The company offers slight flexibility in shifting the working schedules. TBH, not for the newly appointed workers; it might take the employees to build some authority before asking for these holidays’ favors from the company and colleagues.

We’d always advise you to confirm your working schedule before joining in, as the schedule varies according to different states, cities and the workload.

Factors that impact U-Haul employee’s pay

Neither in the world equal wage is given to every employee in the company. It has not happened until today, and there is no possibility of it happening in the future.

Nor does it justify, as every person has their own skill set, and the payroll is set accordingly.

The same goes for U-Haul employees. There are several factors that affect the payroll at U-Haul.

We are going to discuss some of those factors that impact payroll below:

Job role/ title.

It is obvious that every job post has specific criteria, and it is given to the person who fulfills the qualification and other criteria.

And according to the qualification, payroll for each title is finalized.

At U-Haul, employees’ wages vary according to the job title.

As the manager and the customer sales representative, both have different job roles, workload and pays.

Experience level.

Every renowned company prefers an experienced candidate for a specific title over an inexperienced one.

To be obvious, experience level has a greater impact on the payrolls at U-Haul.

A senior truck driver with experience at other truck rentals will get a higher pay than a new truck driver.

Thus, the more time you have spent working at a company, the more reliable and trustworthy you become, and the increase in your paycheck with time goes altogether.

Geographic location and city.

The payroll for each job title will vary at different locations of U-Haul all over the state.

As the apartments rent, U-Haul trucks and trailers rent, and restaurants and hotel bills are not the same in elite and local areas of the state. The same goes for the wages of the U-Haul employees.

Some other factors that may also affect the pay at U-Haul could be:

  • Higher qualification from a reputable institute, higher chances of good job title and pay.
  • The more experience with certifications and licenses, the higher the pay for the role.
  • Loyalty and good performance, a chance for a raise in pay.

Although U-Haul offers competitive pay for each job role, these factors can have an impact on the finalized payroll.

How to inquire about U-Haul pay rates and working schedules?

If you are looking for a job at U-Haul, clear out all the questions related to pay and working schedule ahead.

About the payroll, the shift, and the working hours, you can get the information during the application process.

Usually, the pay, alongside other details, is mentioned in each job posting related to a specific role. However, if you’ve still got questions, you can ask them during the interview.

Pro-tip: don’t ask straight away. Rather, interrogate the salary details and the raise politely near the end of the interview.

If you’re already an employee at the company and still confused about the working schedule for the next week or so, you can ask the HR or manager for the details.

Tips for job seekers and current employees at U-Haul

Whether you are searching for a job at U-Haul or some other company, always be sure to follow these tips:

  • Before applying for a job, always confirm the offered payroll by visiting their socials.
  • Research the market rate for the same job role and compare them.

(You can check websites like or Glassdoor to compare the market rates.)

  • If you are negotiating for salary before getting hired or during the interview, always be confident and polite.
  • If you are asked to quote a pay rate, consider your skills and experience and do it without hesitation.
  • Always come up with reasons to justify why you’d like to go for your quoted pay rate.
  • Let there be room for negotiation. If you know your value and have an eye on better opportunities, don’t hesitate to walk out.

If you are already an employee at U-Haul or some other company and want a pay raise or are seeking a promotion, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Keep a record or documentation of your achievements at the company.
  • Discuss with your manager when he’s in a good mood, or forward your request to HR.
  • Justify why you should get a raise in pay, and discuss your seniority level excess workload (if any).
  • Be ready to negotiate and meet halfway.


The average hourly pay rate at U-Haul ranges from $10.95 to $23.91. Nevertheless, U-Haul has allotted different payrolls to each department and job role.

The company pays wages based on hourly rates all over the state.

We have discussed the average wages that U-Haul pays to different departments and various factors that impact the payroll of the employees at U-Haul.

We’d advise our readers to always clarify the payroll and working hours before joining the company, as the details explained may vary with time and location.

U-Haul does commit to providing competitive salary packages to each one of their employees and offers them the possible benefits, whether they are part-timers or full-timers and newly joined one or a senior employees.

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