Is U-Haul Open Today? A Guide to U-Haul’s Holiday Schedule

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One of the most searched questions on Google related to U Haul is “Is U Haul open on Holidays?” U Haul’s need is mostly on holidays, so people want to know about it. Today, I will answer your questions so you can celebrate your holidays with full relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. You must pay extra cash if you are searching for U-Haul rental services on holiday. Here’s the good news: U Haul is open on some holidays, but still, the operating hours might differ from regular days, except for the Christmas holiday, Independence Day, and other holidays. If you decide to use a rental service on holiday, check the availability and operating hours before making a reservation.

Wait, do you know why everyone is concerned about the opening of U Haul on holidays? People are free on holidays and plan to move their items or complete their tasks. So it’s better to know about the Haul’s holiday operational hours before your shift and have a stress-free holiday moving. As I told you, people usually use U-Haul rental service on holidays, so it’s a very busy time for the U-Haul. Ensure you have reserved your vehicle or tool before the holiday to utilize it on time and it comes under your budget. 

Today, we will see the U-Haul holiday schedule in our blog and save money and time by looking at the tips U-Haul offers their customers. U Haul’s working staff are humans too and have equal rights to enjoy holidays, so we will look at how U Haul manages their operating hours on holiday. We will see the availability of U-Haul centers and have a look at the reservation process so we can enjoy our holiday. U Haul also offers discounts on holidays, so stay with us and enjoy your journey.

Understanding U-Haul’s Holiday Schedule:

Awareness of U Haul holiday calendar 

It’s important to do some homework before getting things done. Hence, if you know on which holiday U Haul is closed, you can easily plan your move according to it. You can pack, load, or unload things before or after the holiday, and it will save you from the difficulty. If you know the U-Haul holiday calendar, you can plan your rental work on other dates when U-Haul is open and you are free. And if you are looking for U-Haul rental services on holiday, you might come across special offers that will help you to make your plan and budget accordingly. 

Holiday Closure and Customer Plan

Imagine you have a free day and packed all your items to move them to a new place. You are all set, and in the end, you are searching for U-Haul rental services but find they are closed. Oh, what a dreadful thought. So, to save you from this awful situation and rescheduling, we recommend you look at the U Haul holiday schedule list and plan accordingly.

Website Reservation

While looking on the website, you may find that some U-Haul locations offer holiday services. This can help you to relocate your pickup, but it will cost you extra time and money. But after all, it’s a blessing in disguise, so why not? Not only can the closure of the U-Haul branch disrupt your plans, but the non-availability of trucks can, too. You can be delayed or frustrated as more people are using U Haul rental service on holiday, so you might find it difficult to get trailers if you have yet to make any reservations. 

U Haul Holiday Schedule list

Furthermore, this is the most important heading you are looking for. U Haul usually tries to facilitate its customers even on the holidays, but they also need some days off. Here is the list of holidays, but they are not completely off; rather, adjust their working hours:

National Holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two most important holidays of the year. Everyone gets a day off, so why not the U-Haul staff? Independence Day is also among these holidays. Hence, there are two options: either they are fully closed, or they adjust working hours accordingly. 

Special Occasions

Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day are the historical events celebrated, but U Haul offers limited-time services to help their customers. 

Local Holidays

Not all holidays are celebrated on the same date in the whole country. Some holidays like New Year’s Day and Lobur Day vary from region to region, and U Haul continues its services in the states accordingly. That’s why I recommend you check the availability according to your area. 

U-Haul’s Approach to Holidays:

Client Centric Outlook

As we know, U Haul is also operating on the holidays, so it has always provided reliable and helpful services to its clients. For this, U Haul offers flexible holiday timings so that the customers can avail of the rental services anytime. Their customers are their priorities, so they design their policies considering their customers. The plus point of U Haul is that they take good care of your needs and preferences and offer budget-friendly prices on holidays to help you. They know that their customers need them on the holidays to provide a variety of plans. 

U Haul Locations open on Holiday

U Haul’s rental services are open according to the region’s locations. You might find one station closed while the other indifferent part offers services. This variability is due to the holiday schedule in that specific region. U Haul won’t be closed, but the working hours might vary. Some U-Haul stations offer services during the holidays because of the customers’ demand, which they keep in mind. If the request is low, they may get a day off depending on the local factors of the rental centers. Not only the location but staff also matters. If staff refuse to work on the holiday, you must close your services. So, there are different scenarios for different locations. 

Access to online information

In today’s digital world, you can get any information while staying at home. Just take your mobile phone out and Google U Haul’s official website for all your queries. You can check the holiday calendar, their pick-up and rental policies, and most importantly, see their FAQ, which will provide detailed answers to your doubts. U Haul keeps its website up to date about all incoming holidays and working hours of the holiday so its customers won’t get in trouble. Their customer service team is kind and helpful when you approach them inquiring about any holiday schedule, renting, or other policies. You can always contact them through phone or the email address given on their website. 

Checking U-Haul’s Holiday Availability:

Online Announcements

For all the updates, move to the U Haul official website, Here, you can see the holiday schedules, timings, and availability of any location you choose. Some websites have special sections for related information. For example, if you want to know about the holiday timings, go to the homepage and look for the holiday section. Search your nearest location, timings, and availability, then search your region-specific station. This will help you to browse the best options and upcoming important events.  

Personalized Assistance

Some customers need special help to remove their queries. So they should call U Haul customer service to ask about the holiday timing and tools they need. They should instantly make a reservation at their nearest U-Haul location if they are available. U Haul staff will always provide them with up-to-date and correct information. 

U Haul Mobile App

To facilitate their customers, U Haul has also designed a mobile app. You can download it from the Play Store or App Store and use it for your benefit. You can see different specified sections on the app that provide information about the holiday-affecting hours and availability of the rental trailer or tools in specific regions. It offers easy and quick access to the nearest open U-Haul location and gives detailed information about working hours, tools availability, and rental trailers.

Major Holidays and U-Haul’s Availability

New Year’s Day1st JanuarySundayOpen
Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday16 JanuaryMondayOpen
Presidents’ Day20 FebruaryMondayOpen
Good Friday7 AprilFridayOpen
Easter Sunday9 AprilSundayOpen
Memorial Day29 MayMondayOpen
Juneteenth19 JuneMondayOpen
Independence Day4 JulyTuesdayLocations May Vary
Labor Day4 SeptemberMondayOpen
Columbus Day
Indigenous Peoples’ Day
9 OctoberMondayOpen
Veterans Day11 NovemberSaturdayOpen
Day Before Thanksgiving22 NovemberWednesdayOpen
Thanksgiving Day23 NovemberThursdayOpen
Day After Thanksgiving24 NovemberFridayOpen
Christmas Eve24 DecemberSundayOpen
Christmas Day25 DecemberMondayClosed
New Year’s Eve31 DecemberSundayOpen

Planning for Holiday Moves:

Forge Ahead Reservation

Reservations are a beneficial part of our journey, saving our time, effort, and mood. If you plan to rent from U Haul on your holiday, make sure to avail yourself of the reservation option beforehand so that you can access the tools or trailers when needed. When you have made the reservation, you can work stress-free and plan your day and time accordingly despite the high demands on holiday.

Rush on Holidays

Most people are free on holidays, so they plan to move or rent a haul on holiday. So the demand increases and the best way to deal with it is to make a reservation several days or weeks before the holiday. Choose your rental dates wisely where the items you need are available, and keep visiting the app for offers and timings.


If the items you need are unavailable at U Haul rental service, you can change your day before or after the holiday. This will help you move peacefully and stay one step ahead. Talk to the staff members about the changes in the date or availability at other locations of U Haul. 

Tips for a Smooth Experience:

Confirm availability on the Holidays

Always check online about the availability of U Haul before going there. This will help you to plan your move smoothly, and you can avoid surprises about U Haul closure. This also allows you to plan according to the U Haul’s timing and avail most of your day. Make sure to match your plans with the U Haul availability, and if you still need to, you can alter your schedule accordingly to ensure trouble-free holiday moving. 

Early reservations

You have heard your parents are booking resorts, cars, or flights early to avoid the inconvenience and travel stress-free. The same goes for the U-Haul reservation. Early booking will help you get your hands on your desired rental trailers or tools on time. You can pick, load, or unload things hassle-free and save time and money. 

In Case of Emergency

Okay, now you have planned everything on the holiday but still caught some issues, so you can call U Haul anytime. Do U Haul service 24/7 to deal with the customers and their needs during holiday closure time, too? You can call them at 1-800-468-4287, and they will quickly respond. This number is a lifesaver, so save it now on your phones. 

U-Haul’s Dedication to Customers:

Client’s Assurance 

U Haul’s customers are their priority. So they always provide ways to help you even on the holidays. They are always there to solve all your problems and ready to assist you with every query so you can avail of the U Haul rental services smoothly. You can also order tools online and pick them up from the nearest location at the time and date you have reserved. Even on holidays, U Haul assists you so you can avail of the rental services stress-free.

All Day Everyday U Haul service

24/7 and 4 weeks a month U Haul is available to facilitate its customers online or physically. They always help you with the holiday schedule or rental services. Even on holidays, they are ready to serve you, but there might be changes in the working hours. U Haul is much more concerned about your transfer responsibility than you are. It provides a lot of options and facilities for their customers. 


Ultimately, I request you follow my tips and advice about the U-Haul reservation on Holidays. As we discussed, their working hours might change on Christmas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, National Day, or Memorial Day. Those affecting hours are according to the specific region where celebrations take place. You can stay updated about U Haul by using their official website or application or by calling the helpline. They are always there to assist you and make your reservations. If they are not operating on your set time, make little changes or see the availability on other locations. U Haul usually offers rental services throughout the year so that they can help their customers on holidays, too. They are trying to provide more relaxing facilities for your rental services so you can enjoy your holiday and journey.

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