Temporary Trailer Hitch Rental with U-Haul: Can You Rent a Trailer Hitch?

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U-Haul, which was once introduced as a small enterprise, has now become a buzzword in United States trade Marketing, owing to the smart business strategies of the CEO Leonard Shoen and his better half Anna Mary Carty. U-Haul reliable rental hitch and truck services have helped millions of people reach their destiny with comfort. The key point of installing U-Haul trailers is that they are robustly made. U-Haul adds value to its services by enabling its lessee to connect to its team of towing experts. To enhance the towing experience, U-Haul has launched its trailer hitches with different features which are highly compatible with hauling a tow vehicle with trailers. U-Haul towing accessories are matchless when it comes to quality at affordable prices and to add up on benefits U-Haul offers special discounts for delivering these towing units to your doorsteps.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the perks of renting equipment from U-Haul. We’ll look through the process of leasing a temporary rental hitch from U-Haul. We’ll explore a few safety regulations and best practices that work well for rental trailer hitches and discover a lot more. So, stick around till the end to find answers to all that.

Understanding U-Haul’s Temporary Trailer Hitch Rental Options

Installing U-Haul trailer hitches comes with tons of undeniable benefits for making your moves trouble-free. Trailer Hitch is towing equipment that is designed to couple up trailers with a tow vehicle. U-Haul offers towing unit rental and installation services at pocket-friendly and discounted prices starting from just $14.95. These hitches are available in different designs and features that can meet the hauling requirements of many vehicles. This is your sign to choose the one that is most compatible with your trailer.

A. Receiver Hitches

1. Class I – Class V hitches available

U-Haul receiver hitches are available in different grades, ranging from I to V. Every higher grade attributes a greater towing capacity to the receiver. Let’s have a closer look at it for a clear perception.

  • The Class I receiver hitches are designed with a tongue weight capacity of up to 200 lbs, making them suitable for hauling cars and crossovers.
  • The Class II grade receiver hitch is the best pick for towing cars, crossovers, and minivans with a tongue weight capacity of approximately 350 lbs.
  • Class III receiver hitch is suitable for taking on the burden of crossovers, vans, and trucks. This grade can withstand a tongue weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. 
  • Class IV receiver hitch is a top-notch choice for trucks and sport utility vehicles after grade V receiver hitch. It has a tongue weight capacity of about 1,000.
  • The Class V receiver hitches are the best fit for heavy assemblies because they come with a tongue weight capacity of up to 2,400 lbs. This feature makes it applicable to trucks and sport utility vehicles.

2. Compatibility with U-Haul trailers and various vehicles

U-Haul Receiver hitches are generally designed for a specific model of trailer or vehicle. This suggests that these towing accessories can be paired up with compatible vehicles only.

B. Specialty Hitches

1. Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fifth-wheel trailer Hitches are a top-tier choice for hauling 5th wheel trailers. Fifth-wheel hitches are designed in various styles to make towing smooth and stable. A remarkable feature of fifth-wheel hitches is that they are annexed in the bottom of a pick-up, rather than the base of the automobile’s rear bumper.

Merits and demerits of the fifth wheel hitch
  • Fifth-wheel hitches offer a smooth towing experience which is not possible with gooseneck hitches.
    Fifth-wheel hitches are easily modifiable for gooseneck hitches.
  • Fifth-wheel hitches can bear the burden of vehicles up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Fifth-wheel hitches are the best fit for your moving popup campers.
  • Fifth-wheel hitches are tough on your wallet.
  • Fifth-wheel hitches are not designed for moving heavy units.

2. Gooseneck Hitches 

If you are looking for a reliable towing device for hefty hauling, then gooseneck hitches are your way to go. This Hitch is affixed with a coupler on the trailer and has a ball secured on the moving camper bed.

Merits and demerits of Gooseneck Hitches
  • Gooseneck hitches are made durable to handle heavy assemblies.
  • Goose hitches keep theft in check owing to its towing strength.
  • Goose hitches bring down the maintenance cost.
  • Goose hitches are certainly not a good choice for migraine patients because they operate noisily.

Advantages of Renting from U-Haul

A. Wide Availability

U-Haul has a widespread network of more than 1,500 accessible rental spot locations countrywide. This cuts back the fuel cost and makes the prompt return of any faulty or incompatible equipment feasible.

B. Reliable Equipment

U-Haul automobile accessories are manufactured under quality control and well-maintained conditions to ensure that their lessees get the best possible road accessories in a one-stop store.

C. Expert Guidance

U-Haul is acknowledged for its well-trained and well-informed staff. You can reach out to U-Haul employees to seek their expert opinions and tips on selecting the right hitch to meet your towing needs.

Renting a Temporary Trailer Hitch from U-Haul

Here is a brief description of the renting process that you should know before leasing a temporary trailer hitch from U-Haul.

A. Reservation Process

The reservation process involves communicating with the U-Haul staff about the hitch features for a specific trailer or a tow vehicle. Reservations can be done either online or in-person depending on your comfort.

B. Rental Costs and Packages

U-Haul rental towing tools are available at economical prices, with additional add-ons and optional inclusions that can be acquired anytime to meet your towing needs. Moreover, the practice of price transparency by U-Haul has made reasonable pricing of products possible.

C. Pick-up and Return Procedures

Ensuring that the rented tool has been delivered safely is your first and foremost duty. Defected hitches should be returned immediately with proper evidence. You can contact the U-Haul customer assistant for complaints and a refund.

Sound hitches should be returned timely in a safe condition after for rental period

What to consider when renting a temporary trailer hitch?

Choosing the right hitch that best fits your towing needs can skyrocket your towing experience. Here’s what you need to take into consideration before renting a temporary trailer hitch. 

The type of trailer you will be towing.

Every trailer requires a different hitch for towing trailers securely. You can talk to the U-Haul customer care service for advice to make the selection process a lot easier.

The weight of the trailer.

Another important consideration to be taken before leashing a towing tool is the weight and size of the trailer. Because not all hitches can safely tow heavy appliances.

The length of the rental period.

The length of the rental period has a lot to do with the hitch choice. For a lengthy rental duration, go for the durable and robustly made hitch so that you won’t end up with a defective product.

Your budget.

Last but not least is the budget. In this step, you can also reach out to U-Haul customer service support for suggestions. They will guide you about the best hitch that can fit your budget easily.

Installing and using a U-Haul Trailer Hitch

If you have planned to lease a U-Haul Trailer Hitch, then you might want to learn about the installation procedure and practical solutions to problems that you might run across.

A. DIY Installation

Here are a few simple steps for hitch installation

  • Start by affixing the most suitable towing receivers close to the conveyance rear bumper.
  • Your next step is connecting a compatible ball mount to the receiver. Make sure that the ball mount is properly secured with a hitch pin.
  • Next, a trailer ball is securely mounted to the ball mount. Care must be exercised while doing this step because this serves as a connecting point of the trailer with the hitch.
  • Lastly, a trailer coupler is set up close to the front of the trailer. This trailer coupler should be congruous with the ball size that is being used.

B. Professional Installation

Hitch installation at U-Haul can cost you somewhere between 100 to 150$ which is very affordable when it comes to hitch installation charges of other automobile and towing accessories rental firms. Besides, hitch installation by towing experts grants customers peace of mind, which comes from knowing that the hitch has been set up securely.

Safety Guidelines and Best Practices

  • It is always in the best interest of your vehicle safety to double-check the connections between towing tools and trailers. 
  •  Weight distribution and loading considerations should be taken before loading a trailer. Because hefty loading can end up damaging the engine and compromises the automobile’s performance.
  • Following U-Haul’s towing safety resources and recommendations is the best bet for doing away with accidents that come along with faulty and negligent hauling. 

Return and Post-Rental Steps

  • Proper Maintenance and safety conditions should be followed to prevent hitch from damaging.
  • It is your duty to document any existing damage and keep evidence of it before returning it.
  • Make sure that you obtain return receipts and confirmations from U-Haul after returning the rental accessories.

Customer Support and Assistance

One of the virtuous deeds of U-Haul is setting up a customer support and assistance service. U-Haul customer support service comprises well-trained and knowledgeable towing experts who are committed to resolving any issue that surfaces during your moves.

Frequently Asked Questions about U-Haul Hitch Rental

A. Can I rent a U-Haul hitch for a specific type of trailer?

U-Haul hitches come with certain features that are desirable for a specific type of trailer. If you find a certain model of hitch applicable to your trailer, then you can lease it after talking to U-Haul towing experts about the make and model of the trailer and requirements for the hitch.

B. What if I encounter issues during my trip with the U-Haul hitch?

It is very unlikely for a U-Haul hitch to run into issues because U-Haul towing equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee master plan. However, if somehow you come across some quality-related problems, then you can get that replaced by the nearest U-Haul rental spot without restrictions.

C. Can I extend the rental period if needed?

If you are planning to extend the rental duration of U-Haul equipment, then kudos to you because U-Haul enables their lessee to edit and extend the return date on their online application. However, sometimes due to limitations the hitches must be returned on the due dates.


U-Haul has been around for 78 years to make people’s moves easier. U-Haul rental tools and road accessories are unmatched when it comes to quality and durability. U-Haul rents out hitches, pick-up vehicles, and other towing tools to ease moves. These rental hitches have been designed with various features to perfectly fit the towing requirements of the customers. U-Haul’s customer assistant service was launched to aid lessees in the battle against problems that could surface during hauling. So, whether it is about finding the most compatible hitch, refunding a defective towing unit, or editing the rental unit return date. U-Haul customer support services have got your back.

And that’s a wrap, folks! We hope that we’ve got all your questions covered, leaving no room for confusion. Have you ever leased hitches from U-Haul? How was the experience? Was the hitch up to mark or did you spot some defects?

It sounds off in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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