U-Haul E-ZPass and Toll Policy: Simplifying Your Journey

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Paying toll taxes is a must for vehicle owners. This tax fee is auspicious for the government to manage infrastructure, but it may be troublesome for drivers. Unfortunately, most rental vehicles go through this issue. Vehicle owners have to pay tolls for their own cars, but rental drivers have to pay tolls for cars that don’t belong to them. On top of that, rental companies may also charge drivers a toll fee in their rental agreement. It’s a racket, I tell you!

Toll taxes are a necessary evil, so you cannot surpass them, but a U-haul E-Zpass is there to make things easier for you! This pass lets you pass through the toll without stopping and deducts the tax from the prepaid account. Sounds easy, peasy? Indeed, it is!

Understanding U-haul E-ZPass:

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of U-Haul’s E-ZPass policy, let’s first understand what E-ZPass is and why it’s so popular.

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system that was first launched in the US in 1995. It’s now used in 17 states and the District of Columbia. E-ZPass allows drivers to pay tolls electronically without stopping at a toll booth. Instead, a small electronic device, an E-ZPass transponder, is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield. When the vehicle passes through a toll booth, an antenna automatically detects the transponder, deducting the toll from the driver’s E-ZPass account.


There are several advantages to using E-ZPass. First, it saves time. Drivers don’t have to stop at toll booths, which can help reduce traffic congestion. Second, it’s convenient. Drivers don’t have to carry cash or change tolls. Third, it can save money. Many states offer discounts to E-ZPass users.

U-Haul offers an E-ZPass policy that allows customers to use their E-ZPass transponders to pay for tolls when renting a U-Haul truck. This can be a convenient option for customers who frequently rent U-Haul trucks and travel through toll roads.

Benefits of E-ZPass:

E-ZPass is a lifesaver for road trips. Here are some of the benefits:

  • No more waiting in line to pay tolls.
  • U-Haul gives discounts to its drivers.
  • It’s a reliable way to pay tolls, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.
  • It’s easy to set up.

U-haul toll policy:

Now that you’re familiar with the E-ZPass and its benefits let’s delve specifically into U-Haul’s policy for the E-ZPass. This policy includes four key points:

  1. The first and foremost point is responsibility. The responsibility means that the driver is responsible for paying all taxes on time, avoiding violating rules and using the pass accurately. The renter is responsible for any issue that may arise.
  2. The next key consideration is the toll charges. The toll charges depend on numerous factors, including the meters traveled by the vehicle and the routes chosen by the driver. It should be noted that toll charges are separated from the rent fee. Additionally, the driver is responsible if the vehicle faces any issue after being rented. 
  3. All the rules mentioned in U-haul’s agreement should be followed accordingly. The driver should check for compliance with the toll policy. Only renters will face consequences in the event of any mishap.
  4. Anyone who tries to skip the toll tax and speedup vehicle will face serious consequences. U-haul will not cover that person. U-haul can also charge a penalty in that case. So follow the rules to avoid any extra charges.

This policy structure focuses on the importance of rules but also facilitates a lot. This E-ZPass makes traveling convenient, so you should consider getting this pass.

E-ZPass toll availability:

In the early 2000s, U-haul was famous, but its toll policy was cumbersome for renters. U-haul did not support E-ZPasses back then. This was really problematic for renters, as they had to pay the toll tax in cash and wait in the lane. Now, U-haul has started supporting E-ZPasses. Most U-haul vehicles have a transponder on their windshield. Some people still have queries, although U-haul has introduced E-ZPass. Is this pass available in all vehicles?

The answer to this question depends on a range of factors. These factors include the model of the vehicle, its location, and the type of vehicle. All new vehicles have E-ZPass, but the old ones don’t. So, the renter has to pay the toll tax in cash, or he may use his own EZ card. Similarly, the locations in bigger cities have booths for this system, but the remote locations often lack this facility. You can contact the nearest U-haul location for guidance.

Checking the availability:

Before renting a vehicle, check for the availability of an E-ZPass. For this purpose, you can contact the U-Haul help center. There are two ways of contacting U-haul’s management.

Either call them on the helpline or open the website and click on the helpline. This page contains enough information to brief you on the rental procedure.

Using your own E-ZPass:

As mentioned above, the E-ZPass is not available in all vehicles. This might be troublesome for drivers, but U-haul has solved this problem. You can use your own E-ZPass for a U-haul vehicle. You must follow the points below to use your E-ZPass.

  • First, buy a transponder and mount it on your vehicle’s windshield. The transponder will emit signals, and the electronic booth will detect them. The transponders are available in all E-ZPass customer service centers.
  • You can visit the customer center or send an online request for a transponder.
  • Check the quality of the transponder. If the transponder fails to send signals, the E-ZPass will not work.
  • Keep a fair amount in your account and track your account regularly to get a regular inference of your financial situation. You can recharge your account with online systems.

Additional tips to manage E-ZPass:

Managing an E-ZPass is easy, but having alternatives to avoid hassle is good. Here are some additional tips in this regard:

  • Most U-haul rental locations offer an E-ZPass, but if you’re at a place where an E-ZPass is unavailable, you can purchase it from the counter for renters.
  • Long trips can be hefty, and you may pass through more than one toll. It’s feasible to get a monthly E-ZPass for this situation. This pass will have a complete package and help you save money.
  • U-hauls The E-ZPass is also a savior in rush areas. It provides you with a parking facility. So, if you have an E-ZPass, the parking authority will guide you on where to park the vehicle and keep a slot for you.

Using U-haul’s E-ZPass:

Now that you have an E-ZPass, it’s important to understand how to use it. The first step is mounting the transponder, and the second is having enough funds. But you need to follow some rules to avoid inconveniences. Here, we’re sharing those rules with you.

  • Be in line! Tolls have separate lines for each type of vehicle. Use the lane according to your vehicle. There is a lane for E-ZPasses, so use that lane.
  • Don’t stop at the toll; pass through the lane, as your toll tax is automatically deducted.
  • Slow down your speed while moving through the toll.
  • Keep your headlights on so that the toll staff can recognize you.


Although using an E-ZPass is not difficult, you must know some troubleshooting tips to avoid any issues.

  • At times, the transponder is unable to produce frequencies. Though this situation is rare, you must have some cash to cope.
  • If your E-ZPass encounters any issue not due to your mistake, you can contact the company and file for a refund.
  • Always check your account status, and do not hesitate to contact U-haul for any queries.

Benefits Beyond Convenience

U-Haul’s E-ZPass provides several benefits beyond convenience. It also offers peace of mind by eliminating the hassle of waiting in line to pay tolls. Here are some of the top perks of U-Haul’s E-ZPass:

  • You don’t need to have cash or wait in line to pay tolls. You can simply drive through the toll booth, and your E-ZPass will automatically deduct the toll from your account.
  • Uhaul Rentals has some amazing discount offers. These offers provide a discount percentage and waive administrative fees for E-ZPass U-haul customers. This can save you a significant amount of money over time.
  • The best part is the financial track. U-Haul E-ZPass provides a view of your toll history online. This tracking system helps track your spending and ensures you are not being charged for tolls you did not take.

Tips and considerations:

Now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about E-ZPass, let’s talk about some tips and considerations to keep in mind as you start using it!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to use E-ZPass with ease!

  1. Check your transponder, ensure it works efficiently, and produce a signal at the toll booth.

Keep your E-ZPass in a visible location on your windshield.

2. Identify your lane and be in the EZ lane to avoid confusion with other vehicles.

3. Just slow down while passing the lane, but don’t stop; keep your windows up so that signals are interpreted accurately and no interference happens.

4. Pay attention to signals to understand if your tax is paid.

5. Contact U-Haul at their web portal. The helpline number (1-800-468-42850) is also provided to help you in any trouble.


In conclusion, U-Haul’s E-ZPass is the best solution for long-distance travel. This pass lets you pass through the toll without waiting in a lane. E-ZPass also provides discounts and monthly deals. The best part is that this pass never lets you get scammed! It keeps track of your account. Additionally, U-haul has a customer support system that guides you 24/7. The E-ZPass also facilitates parking areas. In short, a U-haul E-ZPass is a safe and reliable option to pay toll taxes easily. So grab your pass today and begin the venture!

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