How to get the U-Haul first responder discount. A complete guide.

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U-Haul acknowledges the hard work the first responders put in by responding and providing help immediately to emergencies and natural disasters.

Thus, the company appreciates the frontline workers by offering them a special discount on the U-Haul rentals and other moving supplies.

The effort and bravery the first responders show to help people surely need acknowledgement and support. And providing them with discounts and offers is a great display to show your support for them.

U-Haul always comes forward to appreciate the hard work one puts in, whether it is for teachers, the military, their employees, or the first respondents.

In this blog, we will discuss all the details of U-Haul’s discount for first responders and how you’ll qualify and get this discount.

Explaining the U-Haul first responder discount

To appreciate the dedication of first responders and as a token of thanks, U-Haul has brought forward an excellent discount program.

Moreover, U-Haul gives up to 20% discount on truck and trailer rentals for firefighters, emergency healthcare providers, military, law enforcement members, and many other essential workers.

This discount can be availed in all of their locations. Some might be exceptions to its availability.

Moving forward, we will explain the criteria and eligibility process to get this discount and how you can maximize the benefits of this discount as a frontline worker.

Eligibility and access to the discount

Who will be eligible to get the discount?

All the current and retired members can avail of the first responder discount.

If you are unsure about being included in the essential workers, here are the professions that will qualify for the U-Haul first responder discount and can save on renting a U-Haul rental.

  • Firefighters
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Emergency medical and healthcare providers
  • Police officers
  • Rangers and military members
  • Paramedics
  • Rescue workers

How to get access to the discount

If you have found yourself eligible for the first responder discount, follow this step-by-step guide to avail yourself of this discount.

This discount is not eligible for online bookings. Moreover, to get it, you must visit U-Haul’s nearby location, confirm your identity, and make a reservation in-store.

  • Bring your official government-issued ID or the first responder’s ID. Anything authentic that briefs them about your profession.
  • It must contain your name and job information.
  • Show them the ID and get verified for the discount.
  • Tell them which vehicle you want to rent and confirm its availability.
  • Confirm all the charges and get a discount on your moving rental on the due date.

What benefits can you get with U-Haul’s first responder discount?

To thank the frontline workers for providing their services and being available immediately to help, U-Haul has brought forward this discount that can save hundreds of bucks for them.

The first responder discount can help you with the following benefits.

  • Reduced prices at U-Haul vehicles.

First responders can get up to 20-25% off at U-Haul trucks and trailers. A variety of sizes are available for their one-way or in-town rentals.

You can choose the rental according to your needs and move.

  • The first responder discount is given on nearly all U-Haul locations throughout the state, with only a few exceptions.

So, it is pretty convenient to plan your move wherever you are and get the discount by visiting their nearby location.

  • The first responders can also enjoy special promotions alongside the reduced rent prices.
  • Additionally, you can avail of the free towing inspection offer if you tow a vehicle with your U-Haul rental.

You can also get the pre-towing inspection done, where a U-Haul professional will inspect your vehicle and hitch before letting you proceed with your move.

  • Discount at hotel rents.

If you rent a U-Haul vehicle and become a U-Haul member, many beneficiaries are waiting for you ahead.

One of them is getting the hotels at discounted prices. You don’t have to worry about booking an economical hotel. You can get the best hotels at discounted prices when renting your vehicle.

U-Haul has partnered with many renowned hotels to give their customers a discount of 20%.

If you look forward to booking a hotel with U-Haul, you can check the list of discounted hotels by visiting the U-Haul website.

  • You can also enjoy other deals at U-Haul, such as getting free shipping when you order moving supplies to pack your belongings safely.

Add-ons and some limitations of the discount

Does any business offer a discount to their customers without any restrictions? Well, we have yet to come to know any.

The first responder discount also comes with its limitations.

  • The discount is only valid for in-store bookings. You cannot get it online.
  • The first responders cannot make a reservation on a phone call. They must visit a U-Haul location to identify themselves as essential workers.
  • You can surely enjoy some add-ons with this discount, but you can’t combine this discount with other ongoing discounts.
  • The discount will be available around the year, but they’ll probably not offer it in the peak season of moves.

Before going to U-Haul’s location to make any reservation, confirm the availability of the discount on the U-Haul website.

U-Haul’s support to frontline workers

U-Haul has committed to appreciating the frontline workers’ efforts and supporting them in any possible way by reducing the financial burden of moves.

The company is playing its corporate responsibility of supporting those in need in several ways:

  • U-Haul has been helping in disasters by providing their rental trucks and trailers for free.

An example of U-Haul collaborating with the American Red Cross in 2012 was providing trucks and helping move supplies from warehouses to shelters during disasters.

  • Providing free self-storage in their on-site locations in disasters and floods.
  • Besides providing the rental services for free, U-Haul has offered the first responders the opportunity to volunteer.

U-Haul has been trying to take every initiative to support the first responders by helping them and lessen the after-work of disasters.


U-Haul has offered an excellent service for the appreciation of the first responders, including the firefighters, EMTs, police and military, paramedics, rescues, and all the others who respond immediately to an emergency or disaster and help those poorly affected.

Furthermore, they have taken a great initiative by giving them moving rentals at reduced prices as a token of appreciation.

Lastly, everyone must appreciate the hard work the essential workers put in for us.

We have explained every bit of the U-Haul first responder discount. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to go ahead and take advantage of this discount.

U-Haul remains thankful to the first responders for being selfless and providing their services to the community!

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