U-haul Insurance Costs: Exploring Overhead Damage, Safetrip, And Safetow Options

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Are you planning to move your precious items from one place to another? U Haul provides the best transport services and helps you cover damages through insurance. You might mix insurance options, so let me clarify: U Haul offers different insurance options and policies to secure its client’s life and goods. U Haul also provides insurance options like safe trip, safe tow, and overhead damage coverage to its clients. 

While renting a U-Haul truck, look at the price of the insurance options and choose the one that fits your budget. The cost information will help you make decisions and make your trip safer. 

Before starting, I would like to tell you the most common questions clients are concerned about. What type of insurance does U Haul offer? How much does U Haul insurance cost? Do I need U-Haul insurance or any of the alternatives? What are the alternatives to U Hual insurance? Keep reading this blog post if you are also seeking answers to these questions. 

This blog will explore different types of U-Haul insurance and their costs so you can decide on the best option under budget. We will also tell you whether you need insurance or not because only some people need insurance for their route to transfer items safely. Lastly, this blog will tell various alternatives to U-Haul insurance so you can also avail of them if needed.

Understanding U-Haul Insurance

You can choose the best insurance option for you once you have. Can understand the possibilities and facilities clearly. So, it is equally important to gather in-depth knowledge about U-Haul insurance before you get it. This insurance helps you to protect your finances from huge shocks. They also provide damage insurance for your truck, goods and life. This type of protection will reduce stress, and you can travel freely. 

Importance of U Haul insurance

U Haul provides insurance options that help you to protect yourself from unexpected damages and costs. If you have rented a U-Haul with any of the insurance and have met with an accident or theft during the route, then insurance will cover your cost for truck goods damages. Moreover, in some insurance options, U HAul covers medical and legal expenses and helps to reduce stress. 

Questions frequently asked when you rent U-Haul without insurance.

So people are more concerned about the insurance-free renting of U Haul. Let me address some of the most asked questions, like “Can I rent a U-Haul without insurance”? Yes, you can rent a U-Haul vehicle without insurance, but they make you sign a damage waiver. U Haul doesn’t ask you to take an insurance option. You can go without insurance if your route is less risky or short.

Another question is, “What are the risks of renting without U-Haul insurance?” If you are not taking an insurance option and opt to pay for the damage, you are responsible for paying for the damage caused to the truck during your use time. If your goods are stolen, or you need medical help, you will pay for them from your pocket. U Haul won’t be responsible for any legal liabilities. 

People also ask if auto insurance covers U-Haul rentals. Yes, but in some cases. U Haul rental policies differ according to the region. Some auto insurance policies cover the U-Haul rental, but some do not. So before taking insurance, check the policies for the details of insurance.

Types of U-Haul Insurance

U Haul provides many insurance options so every customer can afford it. It offers:

Safe Trip Insurance

The Safetrip insurance option helps you deal with truck and cargo damage. If the truck meets with an accident or rollover during the journey and you have insurance, then U Haul will pay for the damage. Also, this option covers all the cargo expenses. If your goods are damaged or stolen, you will get compensation from U Haul. But also remember that Safetrip will not pay if the damage is intentional or there was negligence while loading goods. U-Haul will not pay the expenses in case of truck overload and careless driving.

Safetow Insurance

As the name suggests, Safetow Insurance offers insurance related to tow damage. If you have met any accident caused by the tow, this insurance will cover the cost of the damage. U Haul offers this insurance when your rental truck shows disturbance in the tows within 100 miles of the route. Safetow also covers the little maintenance that your truck requires during the journey. The point to be noted is that this insurance covers rental car expenses but not truck repair expenses.

Overhead Damage

Overhead damage includes specific insurance options. It will cover the cost of damage if you have met an accident due to low-clearance obstacles like bridges, overpasses and parking garages. But it only covers rental truck damage, not damage caused to your goods or belongings. 

Costs of U-Haul Insurance

U Haul always tells you to see and compare the insurance costs before you take it so you can choose the best fit for your budget. I can provide you with a rough cost and budget for the insurance and factors that affect the insurance costs.

Circumstances that affect the cost of U-Haul insurance 

The cost of your insurance depends on the duration you are renting a vehicle. If you rent for a long time and route, insurance costs will definitely increase. An increase in the cost will be due to the greater risk on the long route. Another factor that can affect the cost of U-Haul insurance is the option you choose. If you go with Safe Trip insurance, it will cost you more as it will cover the truck and goods damaged, but if you choose Safetow insurance, then your insurance will be less as it covers only damages related to the tow of the vehicle.

Price of U Haul insurance

The most important and relevant question to every other customer is, what is the cost of U-Haul insurance? Remember that U Haul does not offer the same insurance rates throughout the rental service stations. But it may vary from region to region. So, as we talk about the major cities, U Haul offers between $15 to $20 per day for Safe trip insurance. On the other hand, if we opt for Safetow insurance, it will cost us $5 to $10 per day as it covers only towing-related damages. At the same time, the overhead damage coverage price is between $10 and $15, and it only pays for low clearance damage.

Evaluating the Need for Insurance

Everyone needs clarification while deciding between the insurance options. We are here to assist you. You have to look at several factors while taking insurance. 

The worth of your belongings

Remember the value of the goods you transfer in the UHaul rental truck. If the goods are expensive, use the U-Haul insurance option to avoid any risk. But if your goods are not worth the money, you can transfer them without insurance. 


The most important thing to consider is the distance to which you have to transfer your goods. If the distance is long, there are more risks of damage, accidents and rollovers. But if you have to cover a short distance, it will also be safe without insurance. 

Experience of driver

Distance matters, but the experience of the driver also matters a lot. If the driver is inexperienced, there are chances of accident if the distance is short or long. In other cases, there are also chances of damage if the driver has not traveled long distances with the heavy truck. So, the experience of the driver matters a lot while making decisions. 


Some routes are risky to travel on. So always check on which type of route you are using. Even if the distance is smaller, there are high chances of low clearance obstacles and accidents. It will help you to decide that overhead damage is the best option for you now. 

Personal auto insurance 

Look at your auto insurance policies and carefully read the details. There are chances that your auto insurance covers your rental truck damage as well. This will make your decision easy. 

Risk of Repair charges

There is always a risk on long routes and distances. If you are ready to take those risks and pay damage costs, you might proceed without insurance. But if you can’t take the risk and cannot pay heavy damage and repair costs, you should consider insurance options before moving.

U Haul’s overhead damage policy

U haul provides a separate insurance option for the damages caused by low clearance sites like overheads, bridges and underpasses. It’s always risky to cross low clearance places with such a heavy load, so U Haul provides an overhead damage insurance option for it separately and is not included in the base rental price of the truck.

Alternatives to U-Haul Insurance

Existing Auto Insurance

Customers usually get confused while checking auto insurance policies and their details. They don’t know what U Haul’s existing auto insurance policy provides. So, before making a decision, keep two things in mind. Firstly, make a call or meeting with your insurer, ask questions about the existing auto insurance, and then make decisions. You can ask him whether U Haul provides rental insurance at a basic rental rate or not. Secondly, ask your insurer to provide clear and detailed information on existing auto insurance policies and which metal covers these insurance options. 

Limitations of Auto insurance coverage

If auto insurance covers many things, it also comes with limitations. You should have known about them to decide between the insurance options. Some limitations are:

Damage to other vehicle

This insurance option might cover the damage caused to your rental truck, but do not extend its insurance policy to other vehicle damage caused by you. So, it means you have to take other insurance options covering liability damage for you. 

Damage to your belongings

Auto insurance covers your rental truck damage but does not cover your goods or belongings damage that is caused due to accident or theft. 

Overhead damage

Some auto insurance options may not provide overhead damage buyouts. U Haul offers overhead damage insurance to its customers and protects them. 

Towing costs

Auto insurance typically does not include any towing-related damages cost, but if you want that towing-related insurance, you can opt for the safetow insurance option. Unfortunately, auto insurance does not provide coverage for related accidents. 

Risk assessment

Before deciding on the insurance option, assess your risk tolerance as well. See if you are okay with the coverage for the damage and you can pay for the costs of the accidents, then you can go freely. But if you have a low-risk tolerance, U Haul provides different insurance options and helps you travel stress-free. If you are okay with your auto insurance coverage, there is no need to take other U-Haul insurance options. But if you can’t take risks with auto insurance, opt for other options.  


In short, I would like to say that U Haul has vast insurance options like safe trip, safe tow and overhead damage, and you can choose any of them according to your situation. Safe Trip offers coverage for trucks and belongings damaged, along with roadside assistance and medical costs of just $15 per day. On the other side, safe tow is only available when there is any towing damage to the rental truck for $10 per day. Not only this, U Haul also gives coverage for low clearance obstacles under the overhead damage insurance option at $5 per day. Still, your decision is the last, so before deciding on insurance options, always look at factors like goods, distance, route and experience of the driver. Yet you need guidance from the insurer or the U Haul website. Here’s a tip for my readers: if you rent a vehicle, check the details of auto insurance coverage and compare the insurance prices with other companies. Always read details and information; if you have any ambiguity, ask a U-Haul representative for guidance.

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