U-Haul Mileage Discount: Your Key to Affordable and Convenient Moving

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U-Haul rental costs aren’t the only cost customers have to worry about. There are additional costs that one must consider when renting U-Haul vehicles. One of them is mileage charges. However, these charges are different for everyone. It depends upon the customer’s choices, such as which vehicle they want to book. How many miles can they potentially exceed, and what locations are they choosing as their origin and destination? 

Even though the concept of mileage charges is to add to the infrastructure funds of the United States, these charges increase the overall cost of the customer. One way you can get concessions is through U-Haul mileage discounts. These discounts aim to decrease the burden on the customer and encourage them to use the services under the budget. With smart planning and utilizing these discounts, one can improve one’s moving experience. 

This blog focuses on answering all the possible questions you might have when it comes to U-Haul Mileage discounts. It will help you to understand what mileage charges are, the importance of having U-Haul Mileage discounts, how to avail of them, how to become eligible for them and qualify for them, their benefits, how to access them and their limitations and considerations.

Understanding Mileage Charges

Mileage charges are a fixed amount you must pay if you exceed the miles driven mentioned in the agreement. State mileage charges do get added to infrastructure funds. However, the mileage charges are different for everyone.

U-Haul mileage charges vary greatly depending on factors such as total miles driver, vehicle type and rental duration. To calculate mileage charges for U-Haul trucks, you must first decide your destination and your point of origin. Once you’ve added that, you must determine the vehicle you opt for. Bigger trucks are more expensive. But since they can get the job done in just one trip, it won’t rack up the mileage fee; however, if you choose smaller ones, they are less expensive. But you have to have multiple trips that can increase the total mileage charges.

 All truck sizes are not available for in-town move as well. For that, you have to check on the U-Haul website which ones are available and what are their mileage charges. Thus, it also depends upon whether it is in town move or one-way. U-Haul mileage charges are $0.99 – $1.00 per mile.

How can I reduce my mileage charges?

There are multiple ways through which you can significantly decrease your mileage charges or avoid them as a whole. For instance, you can substantially reduce the miles driven by planning your trip thoughtfully by using a direct route through major highways instead of roaming around on random streets. It will also help you to return on time. Your driving skill matters as well. If you avoid abrupt accelerations and brakes, it will prevent you from having higher mileage charges, and you can save up on mileage fees.

Moreover, you can also buy some extra mileage to be on the safe side so that you won’t have to worry about the uncertainty of paying later. Last but not least, select your vehicle accordingly. Not all vehicles have the same mileage fee. That’s why you should inquire about all the details before renting a vehicle. 

Importance of Mileage Discounts

As discussed before, it’s not just the rental cost that adds to your expenses. Mileage discounts and moving supplies, such as furniture pads, boxes, tape, packing paper, etc., also increase the overall cost. Moreover, the more the weight (if you add a trailer), the more the gas utilized, and the more will be the mileage fee. Hence, having mileage discounts can be beneficial for anybody who wants to rent a U-Haul vehicle under a budget. For instance:

  • It helps to lower the overall rental cost of the vehicle. You can save money and spend on moving supplies. Your long-distance trips can require a lot more stuff as essentials that you can easily buy from the money saved through mileage discounts. 
  • It can help you to become more open to choices. You can plan your journey more flexibly because you won’t have to compromise your plans while planning your move since you won’t have to consider the mileage fee as soon as you avail of the discount.
  • Nothing is more important than mileage of mind. Having lower costs and good services can help you attain that peace, which will enable you to enjoy your experience and have fun. 

Once you decide to have a U-Haul Mileage discount, you must budget your trip accordingly. First of all, you have to estimate how many extra miles you will be driving. Then, you can calculate the discounted amount by comparing the mileage discount amount from U-Haul or any third party. Deduct it from the overall cost. You can then include the amount you saved from discounts in your overall budget.  

Availability of Mileage Discounts with U-Haul

U-Haul mileage discounts vary a lot depending on the vehicle type, rental duration and location. That’s why it is always wise to inquire and confirm about U-Haul mileage discounts beforehand. However, U-Haul does have some affiliated promotional offers that have fixed amounts of mileage discounts, for instance:

  • Those with UHaul Membership are eligible to receive a 10% discount on mileage charges.
  • U-Haul provides 10% off on mileage charges to military personnel and their families. Military personnel have to be actively on duty and not retired.
  • U-Haul provides a 5% discount to members of the American Automobile Association.
  • U-Haul has special consideration for older people who are 65 and above and students. They both get 5% off on mileage charges. However, they have to submit proof of their identity (school ID card in students case)
  • UHaul mileage discounts are often available for the ones who book their rentals online.
  • There’s always a high chance to get U-Haul mileage discounts on times when there is less demand. So, one can keep that in mind and take advantage of it.

Eligibility and Qualifications

U-Haul Mileage Discounts are only available if you fulfil certain criteria and become eligible to apply for the discounts. The eligibility for U-Haul Mileage Discounts varies. For instance,

  •  U-Haul discount isn’t applicable for all sorts of vehicle users. The discounts are only eligible for certain vehicles.
  • U-Haul Discounts also vary according to the location. You must have a specific location to become eligible for a mileage discount.
  • U-Haul Mileage discounts also have a rental time duration. You have to fit the duration criteria accordingly to avail yourself of the discounts.
  • Sometimes, you have to have a U-Haul loyalty program membership to access the U-Haul mileage discounts.
  • American Automobile Association (AAA) can get U-Haul Mileage Discounts.
  • In the corporate sector, U-Haul grants mileage discounts to the companies they have partnered with. Check if your company has any ties with U-Haul.
  •  U-Haul Mileage Discounts are occasionally available on online booking rather than in-person booking. So always try your luck while booking online.

How to Access Mileage Discounts

We all know that U-Haul provides many discounts to their customers, valuing their money and focusing on customer experience. 

U-Haul is very active when it comes to brand promotions. You can visit the U-Haul website to learn about U-Haul mileage discounts or sign up for U-Haul email alerts.

However, only a few of us are aware of all the discounts. In the case of U-Haul mileage discounts, only a few of us know how to avail it.

 As applicable for the majority of the discounts, customers can get U-Haul mileage discounts by entering a code. If you have a discount code, you can easily add that to the booking process online. Or you can select from the list of codes mentioned. If that’s not the case, then you can contact U-Haul customer care services. U-Haul customer care services are available 24/7, and they are quite responsible. You can inquire them about discount availability and how you can access it. 

However, it would be best if you kept an eye on U-Haul promotional offers. U-Haul is very active when it comes to brand promotions. You can visit the U-Haul website to learn about U-Haul mileage discounts, or you can sign up for U-Haul email alerts.

Once you have accessed the discounts, you can apply the mileage discounts by following the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Visit U-Haul’s official site. I.e. www.UHaul.com

Step 2: Tap on rentals.

Step 3: Add your pick-up and drop-off locations

Step 4: Add prospective date 

Step 5: Get the rental rates by tapping on the rental rate tab

Step 6: Choose your rental vehicle

Step 7: Add discount code in discounts box given

Step 8: Click ‘Apply’ to activate your discount.

Benefits of Utilizing Mileage Discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? We are all here for discounts. But why? What difference would U Haul Mileage Discount make? 

Read below to find out so you can keep an eye on U-Haul mileage discounts while renting a U-Haul truck.

  • Deduction in Rental Costs: By having mileage discounts, the overall rental cost of a truck can decline. Since one can spend money saved by discounts elsewhere, it would be more affordable for those with affordability issues. 
  • Better experience: Discounts make customers happy. By having discounts, customers’ moods and satisfaction levels uplift.
  • Decreased stress: moving itself is quite stressful for many individuals. Having discounts can ease budget constraints and help customers feel mental peace and satisfaction. 
  • Adds value: through U-Haul Mileage discounts, one can have good quality services but under the budget, adding more value to already existing great services.
  • Flexible Plans: These discounts allow you to have comprehensive and substantial plans where you won’t have to compromise much because of the mileage restriction. Thus, customers can have a wholesome experience overall.

Considerations and Limitations

Even though U-Haul Mileage Discounts are quite beneficial for users, not everyone can avail of them at all times. It is very important to keep in mind that these have certain limitations.

Certain restrictions exist; for example, mileage discounts are unavailable on every vehicle. It depends upon your location, availability of trucks and availability of assault Mileage Discounts on them. Moreover, it also depends on the duration of your rental. Sometimes, you are bound to adjust your journey accordingly.

Moreover, there are certain times of the year when these discounts aren’t available. You have to look into discount terms while applying for the discount to have more details.

There is quite an uncertainty about whether discounts are applicable during holidays. Or when the demand is high, for example, in peak time.

Furthermore, discounts will be applied if you want to go overboard with a certain amount of miles mentioned on the rental contract. Discounts are only sometimes applicable in case of exceeding a variable amount of miles.

If there are certain limitations and restrictions, and you need to get the desired discount to make your trip under budget, check out other discounted offers as well and compare them with U-Haul Mileage discounts. 

Surveying a little, reading about the limitations and restrictions while applying for a discount and making a deal is always important. It might save a few extra dollars. 


U-Haul mileage discounts are quite useful when it comes to cost saving, adding value to the service, better planning, reduced stress and customer satisfaction. They help save extra bucks, improve the customer experience, and make the service budget-friendly. It gives the leverage to the customer to plan their trips better without the fear of extra miles restriction.

However, U-Haul Mileage Discounts vary a lot. The percentage of discount granted varies on your eligibility, depending on your memberships, your association with U-Haul partnered companies, your mode of booking, time of the year, location, vehicle type and rental duration. 

Hence, it is crucial to learn about the discounts and know about their limitations, restrictions and availability beforehand to prevent any inconvenience to your plans. For more details, you can visit U-Haul’s official website or contact U-Haul’s customer care services to get answers to all your remaining queries.

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