U-Haul Mobile Pickup App Not Working? Troubleshooting and Solutions

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In this era of rush and a digitized world, operating an app such as U-Haul to rent a truck or van should be a relatively easy process. Moving is already a frustrating process, and if at the moment you’re faced with such difficulties while using the UHaul mobile pickup app, your plans can get affected, and it’ll leave you feeling stressed and exhausted.

You might have a packed schedule; you have to move in as short a time as possible, and you find the app freezing, maybe crashing, or having some other issue. This will just lead to delays, stress, and uncertainty.

But don’t worry, we empathize with you, and this blog focuses on every U-Haul mobile app-related problem. In this blog, we will provide you with easy solutions and a way to ease your stress if you see the app not working. Our aim with this blog is to ensure you have a hassle-free and nice move!

Common Issues with the U-Haul Mobile Pickup App

U-Haul is your go-to app for renting a vehicle, but the ride is not always smooth; sometimes the app crashes. A few instances in which the app crashes are given below.

App Crashing

You might’ve seen your app crashing in these common instances. 

Pickup process:

As you start the pickup process, the app crashes, making it impossible to move forward.

Scanning documents: 

The app crashes as you’re scanning your documents or during the identification of your documents.

Selection of vehicles:

The app crashes right after you’ve selected a vehicle of your choice; this is the most frustrating!

Confirming details: 

The app crashes right after you’ve confirmed your details or in the middle of it.

Random shutdowns:

The app keeps shutting down at random moments during the whole rental process.

Login Problems

You might encounter such problems during your login process.

Incorrect password input.

You might have double-checked the password, but the app rejects it.

Login credentials forgotten

You might have forgotten either your password or username for your account.

Non-recognizable account

Maybe you have logged in after a long time and your email is not recognized.

Page loading is slow.

It may be that your app is taking too much time to load and generate a response.

Frequent logouts

You may find yourself logged out of your account even after you have successfully logged in.

Error Messages

These are the common error messages that you might find on your screen, which can be exhausting and frustrating!

Document scan errors:

“Invalid document scan” or “Document scan not accepted”

Payment processing errors:

“Payment processing error” or “Payment declined”

Vehicle not available error:

“Selected vehicle not available”

Reservation not found error:

“Reservation not found” or “Reservation expired”

Technical server errors:

“Technical server error” or “Server unavailable.”

 We have mentioned above every kind of error and problem you can face while using the Uhaul mobile pickup app. If this list of ours identifies your problem, stay tuned to find out the solutions to these problems because they are given below in this blog, and we are here to make your rental journey easy and seamless!


Troubleshooting U-Haul Mobile Pickup App Issues

These are some solutions for troubleshooting the UHaul pickup mobile app.

1. Check for updates

go to your device’s Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) and check for UHaul app updates.

Keeping your app up-to-date is very important; updates are meant to fix bugs and improve performance. If you are an avid UHaul user, check for updates and keep updating the app for the best experience and the most improved version of the app.

2. stable internet connection

Make sure you are connected to wifi or using strong and reliable cellular data before using the app.

Before starting the rental process, make sure to check your wifi and make sure it has strong signals and a high internet speed. For cellular data, make sure you are in a place where signals reach you and you have a reliable data network.

3. Clear the app’s cache and cookies.

Clearing the app cache and removing issues can solve a lot of issues since the temporary data that may be causing problems is removed and the app functions as well as ever. The following are the steps for clearing your cache according to your device:

For iOS:

Open settings > general > iPhone storage > U-haul mobile pickup app > website data > remove all website data.

(Or you can delete individual site data by swiping right and tapping delete.)

For Android: 

open Settings > Apps/applications > U-Haul mobile pickup app > Storage > Clear cache/data

4. Reinstall the app.

Delete the app and reinstall it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Install the latest version of the app once you’ve deleted it; that will make sure the persistent issues clear up and get fixed.

5. Force close the app.

When you have persistent issues, force-closing the app might be the easiest way to resolve them.

For iOS:

Hold the home button for a while, then swipe the U-Haul mobile app to close it.

For Android:

Double-click either on the home button or tap the left-side box icon and swipe over the U-Haul app to close it.

6. Restart your device.

Restarting your device is an easy and effective way to solve every problem that you might have been facing on your phone or tablet.

For Android and iOS, both hold the power button and tap restart.

7. Contact U-Haul Support

However, if everything above fails, contact the U-Haul support team for further assistance. They will listen to your problem and provide you with an effective remedy.

Solutions to Login Issues

1. incorrect credentials

Double-check your login and username.

Sometimes being so involved in a rush makes small typos escape the eye. Re-enter your password or your username, taking account of the caps and the numbers.

 Passwords are very sensitive; make sure where there is a capital letter, enter a capital letter, and where there is a small letter, enter a small letter.

Try a different device or browser.

The issue might be device or browser-related; try changing your device or moving to a different browser for a better experience.

Contact customer support.

In the end, if the issue persists and everything above fails, you should contact customer support for a more specific answer.

2. Password reset

forgotten password option:

If you have forgotten your password, tap the forgot password option.

Provide the username or email associated with the U-Haul mobile app.

U-Haul will send you an email. Check your email and your spam folder, and follow the steps carefully.

Upon opening the email, you will see a link to reset your password, which will reset your password and allow you to access your account.

Error Codes and How to Deal With Them

Error codes are annoying, and mostly we don’t even get what the numbers mean; they are really bricks in our way to get to our destination. While you use the U-Haul mobile pickup app, you might experience such error codes, which might leave you frustrated and confused. Below is a list of error codes, which we have decoded for you so the irritating error codes do not bother you any longer.

Error codes and meanings:

Bad request: 400

The server is unable to process the request because of a client error.

Steps that will help:

Recheck the URL; this is the easiest way to get rid of this error.

Clear the browser cache and cookies.

Fixing the internet and trying again

Recheck if the request you’ve made is in the correct format.

Unauthorized: 401

The client request has not been completed because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the requested resource.

Steps that will help:

Check the credentials thoroughly: login details, passwords, and usernames.

Check the URL and refresh the site.

Forbidden: 403

The request was recognized, but access was denied.

Steps that will help:

This is generally not an error but an indicator that the site or request that has been made is not permissible for the user to access.

Double-check the access and make sure the site allows you.

Refresh the page before using it.

Not found: 404

The server is not able to find the client’s requested webpage.

Steps that will help:

Verify if the source has been deleted or moved within the app; double-check the URL you are using.

Double-check if the source has been moved or if it has been deleted.

Recheck the URL and restart your browser.

Internal server error: 500

The server faced an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

Steps you can take:

Reload the page; it might be a temporary glitch.

Update the app, and this might solve the problem of this server-side error.

  • Troubleshooting steps: 
  1. Always read the error code carefully; it tells a lot about the nature of the problem.
  2. There is always an accompanying message along with the error code; it might tell you a lot about the problem and how to decode it simultaneously.
  3. There are temporary glitches that might be server-side errors or due to traffic; try again.
  4. restart the phone. If not, force-close the app and reopen it again.
  5. If everything above fails, contact customer support for a more personalized solution!

When Troubleshooting Fails

 Even if you try your level best, sometimes you cannot solve the problems on your own, so in these instances, you have to contact U-Haul customer support. Here are the alternative options related to app problems that you cannot solve on your own.

Contact U-Haul Support:

1. Phone:

  • Phone Number: 1-800-GO-U-HAUL (1-800-468-4285)
  • Hours of Operation: U-Haul’s phone support is available during their business hours. Check the website or your local U-Haul location for specific hours.

2. Website:

  • U-Haul Website: https://www.uhaul.com/
  • Customer Support Page: Visit the U-Haul website and navigate to the “Customer Support” section for helpful resources, FAQs, and options to contact support via email.

3. Email:

Customer Support Email: You will find the “Contact Us” or “Email Support” option on the U-Haul website’s customer support page. This allows you to send an email with your specific inquiry or issue.

In-Person Visit:

4. U-Haul Location:

You can go to the nearest U-Haul location for in-person assistance and tell your query to them; that way, you will have first-hand experience with the people and get your issue fixed.


In this guide, we have summarized all the possible solutions and troubleshooting steps for you to experience a stress-free rental experience. If you are in a rush and you experience this roadblock, it might be that you end up feeling frustrated. We have listed troubleshooting steps, and as you follow them, these common app-related problems can be tackled. By double-checking your credentials, keeping your app updated, and clearing cache and cookies, you can have a stress-free rental experience.

You can keep your journey seamless by being active and keeping up-to-date with the updates of the app, using the app beforehand and not in a rush in case of an emergency, and keeping a stable internet connection.

More importantly, when everything else fails, contact U-Haul customer support; they will never fail you, and you will have a very personalized solution to your problem!

Have a nice trip!

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