U-Haul Mobile Home Towing: Tips and Guidelines

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Suppose you plan to relocate your home but need help deciding which rental service to opt for. No worries because U-Haul pulling Mobile homes service is just a call away. 

An American brand, U-haul, is a trailer or truck rental vehicle service. Which basically rents your vehicle and equipment and a team for assistance transporting mobile/manufactured homes from one location to another. 

While the need for rental trailers is increasing, finding a reputable and cost-effective brand has become challenging. 

Considering this notion of “providing terrific service while being pocket-friendly,” U-Haul came into existence. They are highly invested in providing impeccable customer service.

Moving mobile homes alone can be cheaper than hiring a company for assistance. But the risks DIY brings are unprecedented. Some could be equipment mishandling, towing, road accidents, etc. 

Wisely, you would never risk such bad scenarios to save a few more bucks. 

We have provided you with extensive insight into the working of Trailers and how U haul services work so you can decide for yourself. And deduce whether you really want a trailer or not (because, quite frankly, you will need a U-Haul trailer).

Moving Mobile Homes with U-Haul

Moving a mobile home is no easy job because it is much more than hitching your home to the truck and hitting the road. For instance, granting a road permit, choosing the right trailer size, taking essential measures such as dimensions and weight of the house so that it corresponds to the trailer’s moving capacity, the list goes on. 

Checklist To Consider Before Towing

  • Every country has different moving permit policies and regulations. Meaning you cannot pack up and leave. There are many legal requirements that you would need to fulfil before moving. Including the current location, new location, and route it will take.          
  • The size of houses directly impacts the ease of towing and relocation. The larger the place, the more difficult it would be to move. 
  • Likewise, weather can be an ick as well. Consider weather conditions before hauling since poor weather conditions can be dangerous.

After reading the summary, you will likely face a few challenges when moving to a mobile home. Consider consulting U-Haul Services for Moving Mobile Homes for this purpose. 

They provide the best rental services. Their services include truck rental and dolly rental moving services, i.e., parking, loading, and unloading. 

U haul services also assist with granting road permits and clearing paperwork. Since doing it all on your own can take decades. Mind you, most companies only offer such a service if you have a moving permit. But guess what! Choosing the right moving company, like U-Haul, can eliminate the hassle of collecting the pass. They will do that for you.

U-Haul Moving company will give you an extra perk. Not only that, U haul services aid in route planning beforehand. That will help you decide which route to take for a smooth ride without police intervention or narrow lane issues. Navigating through narrow lanes can be quite challenging with a large mobile home at your back.                                                                                                                         

U-Haul Trailer Rentals for Mobile Homes

Now that we know the importance of renting U-Haul trailers, let’s get into the range of trailers U-Haul offers for towing mobile homes. 

Types of Trailers

Categorically, there are three options available: 

  1. 5th Wheel trailer
  2. Full-sized trailer
  3. Car trailer 

5th Wheel Trailer

Fifth-wheel trailers are the best option of all. They are larger and offer more living space. And can carry big homes easily. The raised front section of their unique hitch design enables more space that additional house areas can occupy. It is capable of truck arrangement. 

Fifth-wheel trailers provide excellent manoeuvrability due to the hitch’s location over the rear excel. Hence, it gives a better experience when towing and moving.

Full-sized Trailer 

U haul offers full-sized trailers to accommodate sizable stuff. It comes in different sizes and weights. The range of sizes makes them feasible, and most rented trailers. 

Vehicles, including SUVs, cars, and trucks, can tow full-sized trailers. 

Car Trailer 

Car trailers are the least common among all the trailers. They come in various sizes but can only accommodate up to enough stuff. However, car trailers are the most affordable option out there. 


Deciding on a trailer without checking the compatibility factor can also be extremely dangerous for the ride and the house. Compatibility measures mobile homes’ size and weight by house weight and dimensions.

For a trailer to be compatible, the size of the house should always equal the size of the trailer. Also, the trailer’s weight must always exceed the weight of the house.                                                            


U-haul trailers help pick the right trailer to make things more accessible because it is better to be safe than sorry.  

If nothing else, deem the importance of your house’s safety and those on the road. U haul is equipped to ensure safe transport. 

Call the company and book a reservation now.  

Choosing the Right Trailer

With the wide range of options for trailers and metrics such as the house size, weight, and dimensions of the Mobile Home, it becomes complicated to choose the correct option. 

So, it becomes crucial to weigh the house and measure its size since it will help you choose the right trailer. 

Also, house size accounts for the cost of the vehicle. Whether the house is more significant or massive, the price will increase accordingly. 

Following are some of the standard home sizes:

  • Single section homes: size ranges from 14 by 56 feet to 18 by 80 feet. 
  • Double section homes: size ranges from 24 by 56 feet to 32 by 76 feet.
  • Triple section homes: size ranges from 36 by 56 feet to 45 by 66 feet. 

Typically, mobile houses come in the following sizes. However, it should be kept in mind that these are flexible housing sizes, i.e., they have plenty of variations among each. Meaning measure your house dimensions correctly beforehand and booking the trailer correspondingly. 

Knowing these metrics before the relocation is essential because the cost of towing directly depends on the house’s dimensions and weight. 

For instance, if your Home is more extensive, i.e., double or triple-sectioned, it will cover more lanes, making it costlier—Also, the more massive the Mobile Home, the more equipment it will take to tow.

Are you planning to take the matter of towing in your own hands? If yes, this list of tasks should be double-checked to ensure a smooth towing experience.  

Size of the trailer w.r.t Home

The size and weight of the home must always equal the trailer size. Now that we know the importance of these metrics, let’s proceed with determining them and using them to our advantage. 

For measuring the dimensions of the house, you need a tape measure. Calculate its length, width, and height. Write them down somewhere.

Weight of House and trailer 

For the weight of the trailer, multiply the length by width. Take the number and multiply it by pound per square foot. 

The vehicle’s towing capacity must always exceed the trailer’s total weight. If you rent a trailer from a well-reckoned site and brand, they usually display all these critical details on their website.

U-haul pulling trailers come in various sizes to accommodate all types of houses. Using the calculations, analyze which trailer would best serve the job. 

Other Equipment

Ensure the trailers you opt for have brakes, ramps, and stabilizers. 

Brakes help you maintain control over the trailer. They are significant if you are travelling through hilly terrain.

Ramps make it easier to load or unload. Stabilizers serve to keep the trailer in a balanced position so it doesn’t tip over. 

The features, stupid as it may sound, are critical to the functionality of the entire trailer, and ignoring any of them can cost much more than the damage to the goods you are towing.

Towing can be hectic and stressful, especially if you are naive. Don’t worry; dealers and rental companies like Uhaul provide vehicles, equipment, and labour needed for relocation. And it will make the work easier for you. Consider hiring them if the need arises. 

Preparing for the Move

Other than the technical aspects, there are other things to keep in check before the move. This includes securing the housing interior to prevent any damage during transportation and disconnecting utilities. 

Here is a brief overview of how you can do it.

Pack it up

Pack all of your stuff in sturdy boxes for the record, and clean the clutter before that. Since it will help in easy packing, try to pack as far in advance as possible.

Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for lighter objects such as pillows, clothes, etc. It is not a rule of thumb, but this will ease the towing and smooth the moving process. The labourers have complained a lot about large boxes with massive weights since they are not only hard to tow, there are many possibilities of them tearing apart.

Another thing to consider before moving is to cancel all subscriptions and ask the utilities to update the address and give them the address of your new location. 

Disconnecting all the utilities; 

  1. Turn off the main water valve.
  2. Flush all the toilets, pour water down the drains, and turn off the sewer valve.
  3. Turn off the gas valves.
  4. The main breaker of the electricity should be turned off. 

Ensure you do all these at least two weeks before moving to your new Home. 

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free

Moving Home can be extremely costly, and we understand not everyone can afford it. Don’t worry! There are plenty of cost-effective or accessible moving strategies. 

These strategies would be less than 100% free since they take time, and time is money!! 

For starters, borrow a truck or trailer from a friend. Just make sure the weight and size of the house are equivalent to or less than the weight of the car and trailer you are using to carry the place around. 

You do the towing yourself if you are skilled and have experience handling heavy and technical rigs. Just rent towing equipment (hitches, chains, straps, etc.), jacks, and other tools needed for disassembly and reassembly. And you are good to go.

There are many low-income moving assistance programs that you can apply for. However, the criteria and eligibility to apply for it are extremely low. You need to belong to low socioeconomic status or be homeless to get this assistance. One drawback of these organizations is that the middle class or the individuals earning enough to feed themselves or cover their basic needs are not considered worthy enough to be given this opportunity. 

So U-Haul Trailers came up with a solution, i.e., make their rental and labour services as cost-effective as possible without compromising on our quality of services.

Visit our website and book a reservation if you want to save money but still need to compromise on the crew experience and quality of work.

Safety Measures and Legalities

Although mobile homes are more convenient than regular homes, some laws must be obeyed before relocating. Some of them include the following:

  1. You will need to get a moving permit to relocate your Home. Moving tickets include a certificate from the county treasurer ensuring no unpaid rent or overdue taxes. 
  2. A transport permit covers the permission to move vehicles on public roads. It also covers which route it will take, which date and time.
  3. A certificate of title for the property or a copy of the certificate of title. 
  4. Keep in consideration the weight limits of the road. And seek an overloading permit since it most likely exceeds standard road regulations. This will help in that. 
  5. Many areas have zoning restrictions, i.e., only a few sites to be housed mobile homes. So before moving, check if your zoning permit aligns with the local zoning laws.
  6. Some states have strict regulations for trailer brakes. If your trailer surpasses a certain weight and size, i.e., 1,000 to 3,000 pounds, it must have brakes; otherwise, fines or penalties may be charged. Not adhering to it can cause an increased risk of accidents. 
  7. Other essentials for towing are safety chains, headlights, and reflectors on all sides.

Safety Precautions:

Following are some safety precautions that you should take to ensure a safe ride:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Try to avoid (at all costs) overloading the trailer.
  • Make sure the trailer is secured correctly, i.e., check hitches and 
  • Do regular trailer checks
  • Transporting with a trailer is a challenging job. You would need high vigilance and sound controls. Be ready to stop. 

Renting U-Haul Equipment

Renting an appropriate U-haul Trailer is incredibly important. Let’s dive into the steps of reserving a U-haul trailer. 

Visit the U-Haul website/app.

U-haul owns an official website and app as well. To make a reservation, open the site login and proceed to the next step.

Enter the pickup/drop-off location.

Once you are done signing up. Please enter your current home address and the location to drop it off.

Choose trailer type

The next thing you would want to do is choose a trailer type. Choose which trailer best suits your needs. I have talked about it in detail earlier above. If you need to improve selecting the right trailer type, leave it to the professionals. Just give them the dimensions, weight, and size of your house. They will pick the best trailer size to meet your needs. 

Set pickup/drop-off dates/times.

Tell the moving company which date, time, and day you want to be dropped off. Inform them at least a week or two before the move. 

Provide contact info

Give your contact number, email, and whatever so they can contact you anytime.

Pay online or at pickup.

After you finish the steps mentioned above, you must clear your payments. U-haul offers both online and pickup money payment options. Decide what suits your needs and clear the bill. 

Insurance Options 

The U-haul rental company offers insurance options to cover any accidental damage to the trailer. As the wise man once said, we cannot predict accidents, but we can plan for them. So, U-Haul came with an exciting opportunity to cover damage waiver, cargo protection, and life protection. There won’t be a deduction of a single penny if no damage is observed. 

Executing the Move

Executing a smooth move is incredibly crucial to ensure a safe ride. So here are some tips on how to do it efficiently;

First, you need to level the surface parking to prevent the house from tipping.

Install metal straps on the door so they don’t fly open. 

Enlisting Professional Help

It is best to seek out professional help from the companies that offer such services because it will not only ensure secure transport of the house but will also be convenient. 

We have provided you with a few of the most famous and well-reckoned professional movers to help you select the best one easily. 

U Haulers

U haulers and well-renowned brands have 80 years of experience. By providing excellence and by thriving to reach the hearts and needs of their customers, U haulers won prestigious heights very rapidly. They have provided an insurance policy to cover any harm incurred to the vehicle or home without charging you a dollar extra.  

These policies make them one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands. They have also been featured many times in Phoenix Parade. Book a reservation now. 

Heavy Haulers 

Heavy haulers is a nationwide extensive transportation system. They have a highly experienced team, advanced technologies, and exceptional customer service. 

They have an insurance policy, and you will get a full refund if everything goes smoothly.

It has been listed in Inc. 500 magazine as the world’s fastest-growing business multiple times. 

It is highly recommended!

Bennet truck Transport

It’s one of the best moving companies out there. They are a leading Canadian brand and offer exceptional performances. According to the BBB rating, they have been graded A+. 

A brand famously recognized as a Top women-owned business in transportation. 

And if you caught yourself wondering if they have any insurance plans, they do. And quite versatile. So, if you are considering using their services, it’s advisable to discuss insurance details and any specific requirements with Bennett Truck Transport directly to ensure your cargo is adequately covered.  

Nexus Auto Transport 

They offer trailer moving services but specialize in auto shipping. Their user-friendly interface makes them convenient for booking by providing affordable, secure, and fully insured against all accidents.   

They usually charge $3000- $15000 per move. 

BB’s Mobile Home Transport 

A+ graded with 40 years of experience. BB’s Mobile homes transport service not only relocates your Home but also provides the benefit of setting it up. 

Highly recommended!!

It is, however, advised to gather quotes from multiple companies before choosing. 


U haul Mobile Home Transportation Services is an outstanding and legitimate rental service in the USA. Considering the impeccable towing services, pickup and drop off service, and immaculate insurance services it provides, claiming it as the best would do the justice.        

Their team is flexible with their times and services. Also, it is a highly cost-effective option out there. So, if you are on a budget, U-Haul is just a call away. 

Plan the entire relocation and list the house’s length, width, and dimensions since you need it to choose the best trailer that suits your needs.  

It is advised to follow safety guidelines and explore U hauls services.

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