U-Haul SafeMove Plus Insurance: Is the Extra Coverage Worth Your Investment?

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We all know that U Haul is everyone’s first choice for moving their stuff from one place to another. It helps you easily rent and move your belongings with various facilities at their service station. But do you know they also offer insurance policies to protect and secure the objects of their valued customers? Yes, you have read right: U Haul offers their customers two types of insurance, Safemove and Safemove Plus. Safemove insurance is responsible for paying for your truck and belongings damage, while Safemove Plus insurance helps with the liabilities. 

Do you know why people take insurance options? So they could always prevent problems before they occur and save their lives. People using U-Haul prefer to take insurance because handling big trucks on long routes is difficult. We are still determining when the truck can meet with an accident, having your home stuff or anything valuable. So, insurance is the best option to secure yourself to deal with any challenge or damage. U Hauls one insurance, Safemove, covers your damage to the truck and your belongings. If, unfortunately, the driver or passenger was also caught in the accident, this insurance claims to cover your medical and life costs. This is a good way to protect you, your truck and your valuable things on a long journey. The second Safemove Plus insurance covers all the costs of Safemove. Also, it covers your liabilities, which means that it covers your truck damage and medical costs, along with any potential legal and financial liabilities you have to deal with after the accident. This insurance is worth the investment.

So, in this blog, we will see if the Safemove Plus is worth the investment. We will see in-depth which insurance will suit different situations and their pros and cons. Thus, if you plan to take U Haul rental services, this blog will help you choose the right insurance options. 

Understanding U-Haul Insurance Options

U Haul understands the needs of their clients, like their own children. So, U Haul provides different insurance options to provide customers with the best rental transport experience. U Haul insurance can pay your truck damage,  goods damage, medical insurance and other legal and financial liabilities. But imagine if you have no insurance while you are availing rental services; unexpected bills will most likely catch you. 

Choose your insurance option


The safemove insurance package is provided by U Haul, which helps you pay for any truck damage caused during your rental services. They also pay for the damage caused to your belongings. Not only this, they compensate you for your medical and life bills. Isn’t it amazing how U Haul simultaneously cares for its customers’ goods and lives? Though the compensation is limited in the safe move option, it still helps a lot. 

Safemove Plus

As the name suggests, plus it means it covers all the facilities provided in the Safemove and the other options. It is one step ahead, including more legal and financial protection if you have met an accident while using U-Haul. This is a mind-blowing insurance option to protect yourself from damage. 

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

As the name suggests, the Collision Damage Waiver is only for the truck if it is damaged due to a collision. It is the lowest insurance option than the Safemove and Safemove Plus. It only covers the truck damage but provides no insurance for the goods,  medical and legal liabilities. 

The most asked question is what safe move covers. Safemove covers all types of damages caused to the truck, either due to collisions or rollovers. This insurance is responsible for compensating you in such a case. Moreover, it also covers the damage caused to your belongings, but to some extent. And lastly, it covers the medical and life costs with slight restrictions. 

Comparing Safemove Plus and Safemove

Do you need clarification on Safemove or Safemove Plus? Don’t worry. This blog will help you to choose between the two according to your scenario. 

Evaluating Safemove and Safemove Plus

When we look into what Safemove covers, we can see that it gives us truck, and goods damage costs and covers a limited amount of medical and life costs. But on the other side, Safemove Plus covers truck, goods and medical costs and extra financial and legal liabilities. 

Price of the Safemove and Safemove Plus

When discussing the coverage of both insurance options, let’s have a sneak peek at the prices, too. You can get Safemove insurance for $15 per day easily. It is economical for most people and includes the U-Haul rental fee. At the same time, you have to pay $28 per day for the Safemove Plus insurance. It’s because you are getting more protection and benefits with this option. 

Extra comfort 

Safemove provides only the mentioned benefits to its customers, but Safemove Plus provides supplemental liability insurance. Not only your goods and life are protected, but also further legal and financial liabilities are secured. 

Costs of U-Haul Insurance

The costs of Safemove and Safemove Plus depend on the various options that these insurances provide. So, the cost is calculated by keeping in mind the rate of the truck which the customer is renting. If the truck is expensive, the insurance cost will increase. Secondly, your rental duration matters a lot. If you rent a truck for a long time, it will cost more insurance charges. Not only this, but your rental location also affects when you apply for the insurance. There are different insurance charges in different regions. Lastly, the insurance package between Safemove or Safemove Plus you choose will greatly impact your rental cost. 

Insurance Price

If we talk about the price of the insurance, then it varies depending on the insurance option you choose. As discussed, SAfemove offers $15 daily, while Safemove Plus offers $28. But these rates are affected by the rental locations, the quality of the truck and your distance. 

Possible Damage Cost of U Haul

You need to be made aware of what type and to what extent you can be in an accident. If the damage to the truck done by you includes little costs, then you have to pay little cost, but if the damage is big, like collision or rollover, then you have a big amount to cover it. So it means if the damage is great, then the cost is high, but if it is minor damage, it costs you little. 

Understanding the purpose of insurance

Why is it important to use the insurance policy? It’s to protect your truck, goods and life beforehand. This will not only save you money but also make you relax throughout the journey. People take insurance options depending on their budgets, location and distance. Some still do not take insurance, but most people like to take insurance policies to travel safely. 

Evaluating the Need for Insurance

Most of the people take insurance options. But do you know what they look at while deciding on the insurance? They consider the value of their goods, the way to the destination and the budget while taking insurance. So people should consider the following factors while taking insurance:


Always know the worth of the goods for which you are renting a U-Haul. If your goods are very expensive, then make sure to take an insurance policy so you can avoid any financial loss in case of damage, robbery or accident.

New Driver:

The next important thing is the experience of the driver who will drive your U-Haul truck. If the driver is new or not experienced in the log route, go for the insurance. The same goes for you. If you are driving your truck for the first time and need to learn how to handle it on the long route, take the insurance.

Risk Tolerance:

The tolerance level of every individual is different. Some people can tolerate the risk of damage and are willing to pay for it. But some people want peace of mind and can’t tolerate taking the risk and taking insurance. You should assess your possibility of suffering and decide whether to take insurance.

Rental Duration:

The time you rent a car greatly affects the cost and type of insurance. If you rent for more time, the risk of accidents and damage increases. But if you are renting U Haul for a short route, then there might be no need for an insurance policy. 

Travel Distance:

If you are taking a rental U-Haul to far places and the condition of the roads could be better, then there are more chances of accidents. Make sure to take the insurance and save yourself from financial loss. 

Risk related to Rental U Haul

There are always risks in large things. Large things like trucks are difficult to handle, and if you are not a master in handling large trucks, then you are at risk of damage or accident. Heavy trucks are themselves hard to manage, and if loaded with heavy furniture, it makes it difficult for anyone to manage on the road. U Haul gives us an insurance policy to avoid this risk and pays for our damage and loss. 

Is U-Haul Insurance Worth It?

Cost-benefit analysis is the most common way to choose between the two options. You can also apply this while renting a U-Haul truck. This will help calculate the cost of the damage if caused and the benefits of taking the insurance. It will help you to make a decision. 

Cost of Insurance

U Haul has already specified its Safemove and Safemove Plus rates as $15 and $28 per day, respectively. Cost may vary depending on the location, distance and goods, but it is almost the same. 

Estimated repair expenses

The cost of repair depends on the level of the damage. In case of small scratches or dents, there might be a small bill of a few hundred dollars in the list of repair bills. But if there are large dents, scratches, or small accidents, it can cost thousands of dollars or more. And if you cause severe damage, then you are responsible for paying the full replacement value of U Haul.  

The worth of your calmness

U Haul insurance policy gives you financial freedom in the case of damage or accident. You are at peace of mind if some damage happens, and you have insurance. If you know that you have the option of U-Haul insurance, then you can move your goods with U-Haul trucks safely and easily, even on long routes as well. Your stress is reduced when you know your goods are safe, and if some accident might happen, then you are on the safer side. This insurance is worth your calmness and peace. 

Alternatives to U-Haul Insurance

Hey! There’s a surprise for you. Is there an alternative option to U-Haul insurance? It is called Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This option is best as it covers the truck damage separately and protects you from future financial costs. So the question here is, what does CDW cover? CDW covers all the costs that are related to truck damage. It can include any kind of accident. It may be collision, rollovers or any scratch during your rental journey. But sadly, it does not pay for your goods or legal liabilities. It is a more tailored choice than Safemove and Safemove Plus. 

When to consider CDW?

You can choose CDW if your driver is confident enough that he can handle heavy trucks on long routes and has done this before. Then, you can take a Collision Damage Waiver. But if your driver is going on the long route with heavy goods for the first time, you might consider Safemove or Safemove Plus. 

Existing Auto Insurance

Okay, when renting a truck, read and understand all the details about the truck, services and policies. There might be chances that your truck already has insurance that covers the damage cost. So it’s important to have a look at the auto insurance. You can ask your insurer about the specific truck’s policy and compare the cost of U-Haul insurance to expand the deductible on your auto insurance policy. Doing this may give you a good way to get coverage for your U-Haul rental truck.


To conclude, I would recommend you consider the insurance options of U Haul. It offers different insurance options like Safemove, Safemove Plus and Collision Damage Waiver. Each of them is described with their specific features and scenarios. While deciding between the insurance options, remember the rental duration, location, risk tolerance,  value of the goods and experience of your driver. Not only this, but your peace of mind is equally important, so choose the insurance option that secures you the most. Safemove covers the truck and good damage, while Safemove covers the same along with the financial and legal liabilities. Collision covers specific truck damage, so choose according to your easiness and route.

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