U-Haul Storage And Trailer Auction Schedule Dates

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New trailers and storage units are very expensive to buy as compared to used trailers and storage units, which are inexpensive at U-haul auctions. You receive access to a range of trailers and storage options during the auction. You can participate in the auction in person or online. U-Haul auctions offer a wide range of options for those who are seeking a versatile trailer for moving or extra storage. In this blog, we will focus on auction schedules and upcoming dates. 

Understanding U-Haul Auctions

U-haul auctions are popular and frequently provide fantastic opportunities. These auctions offer a great way to get many different products at a minimal fraction of the retail price, including furniture, appliances, vehicles, tools, and many more. The auctions are held at U-haul locations nationwide. To satisfy a variety of demands and interests, they provide a broad range of products.

The whole concept of a U-haul auction revolves around the sale of abandoned items or abandoned storage units and the auctioning of retired rental fleet trailers in a good position. The auction aims to recover unpaid storage fees and give bidders a chance to score unique and valuable items.

Types of U-Haul Auctions

U-haul auctions can be categorized into two types. The first one is trailer auctions, and the second one is storage unit auctions.

  • Trailer Auctions:

U-haul trailer auctions are regular nationwide. These auctions provide a variety of trailer types to meet different needs. Enclosed trailers for furniture and appliances, open car trailers for cars and motorcycles, flatbed trailers for heavy equipment and materials, and utility trailers for landscaping and sporting goods.

  • Storage Unit Auctions:

These auctions are held regularly across the nation. The belongings kept in storage units might differ greatly, including furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, sporting goods, tools, antiques, and many more.

Accessing U-Haul Auction Information

It is necessary to access the auction schedule for those who are interested in participating in the U-haul auction. The U-Haul auction schedule is a variable component, so staying informed will help you avoid missing out on potential opportunities. To access the U-haul auction schedule, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the dedicated auction page on the U-Haul website.
  • Browse the upcoming schedule for trailers and storage units according to location and date.
  • Reach out to the U-haul dealer for more specific information. They can provide details on available items and auction terms.

U-Haul Auction Dates

It is very important to know how U-haul auction dates are announced. These types of information are typically transmitted through U-Haul’s official website and their social media accounts. U-haul auction dates are added irregularly on their website with no proper or fixed pattern of frequency, so keep yourself updated by checking the website regularly. You can also find information about upcoming U-haul auction dates through local newspapers, TV, or radio.

It is important to know that auction dates vary according to the location. Some areas held auctions every week, and others held fewer. To stay informed, check the websites regularly or get help from the local dealer. Keep in mind that there is no specific pattern for items, dates, times, or locations at the U-haul auction, as storage unit elements determine the auction’s elements.

Participating in U-Haul Auctions

To participate in the U-haul auction, no specific qualification is needed. Anyone can take part in the auction, but the person should be at least 18 years old. To register for the U-haul auction, follow these steps:

  • Open the U-Haul auction website.
  • Click the “Register for Auction” control.
  • Create an account or sign in.
  • Enter personal information such as name, address, phone, and email.
  • Agree to the auction terms and conditions.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Once registered, you can bid at any U-Haul auction.

Benefits of U-Haul Auctions

There are many benefits to U-haul auctions, but the main benefit is that you can buy valuable items at a lower cost. These auctions are held to recover unpaid storage fees, which helps the bidders secure their items, such as furniture, appliances, tools, or electronics, at a fraction rate. U-haul auctions provide unique and unusual finds that are useful and amusing for the bidders.

Additionally, U-haul contributes to recycling and sustainability efforts by reducing landfill waste. Abandoned storage unit contents or items are sold out, and they get a second chance to be useful, benefiting both the buyer and the environment. 

Preparing for U-Haul Auctions

You need to be fully prepared before attending the U-haul auction. You need to be sure about your needs and your budget. Research the items you are interested in online or in stores, then clearly inspect the items to find out if there is damage or not, and ask questions about the condition and the history of the items. For used trailers, check for rust, dents, and history.

Before participating in bidding, make a budget that includes all costs, taxes, and fees. Decide how much you are willing to spend and stick to your budget. If the bidding gets uncomfortable, be ready to walk away.


U-Haul storage and trailer auctions are an excellent way to find valuable items at a fraction of their retail price. These auctions offer diverse selections and contribute to recycling efforts. To make the most of U-Haul auctions, stay informed by checking the schedule regularly, prepare by researching and setting a budget, and get ready for exciting bidding opportunities.

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