Are There Student Discounts for U-Haul Rentals? Exploring U-Haul’s Discount Options for Students

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U-Haul rentals come into every student’s mind when they plan their move to the college or university’s dorm. Isn’t it this famous?

But why do they hesitate to rent it? Isn’t it because of the reviews that we often hear about U-Haul being an excellent rental option but not for tight budgets?

Considering their tight budgets, what if we say it is a great moving option for students?

We know there is little left after paying hefty tuition fees and buying the necessities, stationery, and many other things.

So, let’s dive in for an unbiased U-Haul student discount review, how it works, and all the prerequisites you need to know before applying for this discount.

How does the U-Haul student discount work?

U-Haul understands the financial burden that adds to student challenges during their move.

To support them, they offer student discounts on and off to provide the moving rentals at less price for students.

Usually, students can get deals and coupons on nearly everything businesses provide to aid financially not-so-stable students.

Moving is always stressful, and when you are an unemployed student, it gives you more than usual headaches.

Therefore, U-Haul occasionally offers student discounts of up to 10-30%, enabling students to spend these savings participating in other activities. 

Students can save on U-Haul truck rentals for moving and also get transportation at reduced prices.

Thus, U-Haul is proving to be a valuable moving resource for students.

Eligibility and prerequisite for U-Haul’s student discount

To qualify for U-Haul’s student discount, you must currently enrol in college or university.

You have to fulfil specific criteria for verifying your student identity by providing the following:

  • Your valid student ID.
  • You need to be a full-time college student to avail this.
  • Minimum age= 18+
  • A driving license in case you will drive the rental truck or tow the trailer yourself.

If you met the prerequisites, you must follow the following steps to avail yourself of this student discount.

  • Go to the website.
  • Explore the website and choose the truck, trailer, or moving boxes you want to rent.
  • Put in your pick-up and drop-off location and see if the rental is available on your selected date.
  • Head to the checkout and apply your valid student ID in the discount box.
  • A student discount will be applied.

If you rent your vehicle after visiting U-Haul’s location nearby, bring your valid student ID to show them when you purchase and get the best discount.

Is the student discount applicable to all rental options?

U-Haul rentals are available for a variety of purposes and sizes.

Many options are available if you need a truck rental to move your appliances or a utility or cargo trailer to tow behind your car or U-Haul’s truck. Typically, the discount is 10%, but it could be between 10-30% occasionally.

The student discount would apply to the following:

U-Haul truck rentals.

The discount can be availed on 10′, 15′, 17′, 20′, 26′ trucks and 9′ cargo vans.

Either for in-town or one-way rentals.

U-Haul trailers.

Student discount applied on all the cargo (4’x8′, 5’x8′, and 6’x12′) and utility trailers (4’x7′, 5’x9′, 6’x12′) with and without ramp.

Available for both in-town and one-way rentals. No mileage charges are added for trailers.

Moving supplies.

Applicable on tape, bubble wrap, dollies, and furniture pads.

College boxes.

U-Haul has designed an excellent service of college boxes that the students can use to put in their belongings.

U-Haul will provide pick-up service from your dorm when you leave and drop your packed boxes back when you want for free.

You only have to pay quarterly for storing your boxes with them.

Waived deposit charges.

As a student, you can avoid paying the security charges and avail yourself of this discount.

Advantages of U-Haul student discount

U-Haul provides a tremendous rental offer for students and provides the following benefits:


Providing dollies alongside a loading deck makes the loading process easier for students.


The main thing to look out for students is their coupons and seasonal offers and save money. They can combine student discount offers with any other ongoing offer for all.

Reliable and safe.

As a teenage student, we can understand that you don’t have much experience with packing your items safely and with the moving process.

U-Haul comes your way to make your moving experience smooth and deliver your belongings carefully to you.

Towing capability.

Towing the trailer behind the car can also be a good option for tight budgets. Students can also get the free mileage charges by towing the trailer.


With the U-Haul locations available nearly all over the US, it has been easier for students to rent U-Haul without needing to travel long.

Besides it, U-Haul online booking is also a great option, but avoid it to get accurate charges.

Other support by U-Haul for students

U-Haul understands students’ financial challenges and continues to support them.

Besides providing rentals at a discounted price, U-Haul has some student-friendly features that you should look into.

Self-storage container.

As U-Haul’s locations are spread all over the country, you can benefit from it and keep your dorm room’s vitals in a nearby store without any hassle when you are away.

You can also keep your belongings there while home over the summer.

Moving help.

This is excellent support for providing moving labourers who can do all the hard work for you by loading or unloading your belongings.

You can customize your booking by putting in your loading and unloading location and for how many hours you need their help.

Make sure to choose the right amount of hours you need with help so you don’t overpay later.

Providing moving supplies.

You can order the boxes from their website and get free in-store pick-up delivered to your doorstep the same day.

Whether you need apartment boxes, wardrobe boxes, or a box to fill in your books, go to the U-Haul’s site and order your supplies.

College move service.

Students must pack their belongings and utilize the moving solution with pick-up service, storage, and shipping according to their customization.

How to get the best out of U-Haul’s student discount?

Although U-Haul provides discounts for students, there are other ways, and you can avail of the best deals in town by using them.

  • Plan and book ahead.

Planning beforehand and booking your rental early saves you a lot.

Besides saving bucks, you can choose the rental of your choice as you have plenty of options compared to booking it a day before your move.

  • Calculate your charges, including any add-ons, and confirm with them by visiting their location before renting the vehicle to avoid additional costs later.
  • Avoid moving during peak times to get the rentals at reduced prices.
  • Understand the terms and conditions carefully and determine if you are eligible for it before applying.
  • Keep updated by signing in to their membership and newsletter and joining their social media platforms. It will allow you to access their coupons and discounts for students early on and get the best deal before others.

Some essential moving tips for students:

  • Plan everything early. The earlier the planning, the less the stress.
  • Pack carefully using strong bags and boxes.
  • Recheck if you have placed all the necessary things.
  • Take your documents with you. You will need them more than usual.
  • Do everything, keeping your calm.

Can you combine your student discount with other promotions?

Yup, you can always combine your student discount with the ongoing free delivery or ongoing seasonal sale.

That’s why we keep emphasizing joining U-Haul’s newsletter and socials to remain aware of any upcoming deals and offers beforehand and plan your move accordingly.

There may be a lucky day when you can rent or book your rental at an extra-low price.

So, keep your fingers crossed and hope to avail yourself of any offer like this.

Suggestions before loading and unloading for your move

We care for you and want your move to go smoothly. So here are some tips from us to remember when making your move.

Don’t sacrifice your safety.

If you are driving the rental yourself, keep all the safety precautions.

Watch out for sharp and uneven objects, as it will take much work to drive a loaded truck or even a car if you are towing a trailer behind.

Careful while lifting the boxes

Lift the boxes with care, or better, book the moving labourers if you are alone doing the heavy lifting.

If you have a friend to help you with the lifting, take breaks in between.

You can save a few bucks by doing it yourself.

Wear safe clothing.

As injuries usually happen during the unloading of luggage, wear full sleeves, long pants, gloves, and toe-covering shoes. You better be prepared before.

Label the boxes beforehand, as it will help in unpacking.

You will realize it when you are unpacking your belongings and tired within bones. Labelling will help you do it in less time.


Now you know all about U-Haul student discounts, providing a reliable and cost-effective service for students whether for moving rental, moving supplies, or the Collageboxes service.

Lastly, read all the eligibility criteria and the add-on charges again to avoid getting into a problem later. Always plan your move thoughtfully, considering all the conditions affecting the cost.

Keep an eye on their socials to avail of the discounts and benefit from U-Haul’s support for students.

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