U-Haul Teacher Discount: Supporting Educators in Every Move

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In our society, people play various roles. They mould into different occupations and give their input into our society. Teachers play one of the most prestigious and significant roles among them. They play an integral part as they are the ones who build the foundation of society through classrooms. They contribute by imparting knowledge, the greatest asset one can acquire, leading to an individual’s success and an entire community. Thus, it makes them worthy of the appreciation they deserve.

One way brands pay off the favour teachers provide to society is by giving special discounts. This does not only make them feel valued but respected as well. It is a way of showing gratitude to them for their dedication to their students. Moreover, it is a great marketing strategy to make people aware and attract new customers. Similarly, U-Haul is one brand that believes in valuing and encouraging them. U-Haul recognizes a teacher’s contributions by providing discounts, coupons and special offers which they can use according to their convenience and feasibility.

If you are a teacher or are familiar with one, you must have many questions about the teacher’s discount offered by U-Haul. How to access U-Haul teacher’s discounts? What is the significance of providing teachers discounts? How do you qualify for a teacher’s discount? How to apply for it? What perks will a teacher get through these discounts?

Keep reading; you will learn everything about the U-Haul teacher’s discount.

Recognizing Educators with the U-Haul Teacher Discount

Before learning how to access the discounts, let’s talk about what makes them worth it.

We should support teachers.

A teacher prioritizes student’s education and well-being. Their dedication leads them to fulfil the expense of the supplies whenever the school cuts the budget to avoid hindrance in students’ progress. According to research, in 2022, teachers spent $33 per student from their pocket in addition to the $11 allotted by the school. Subsequently leaving them with less money for themselves.

It will lead to brand promotion.

There are over 3.8 million teachers all around the US in 2023. Marketing your brand in such a way will cost you nothing and bring a huge pool of customers. These customers are not only influential, but they also shop all around the year.

Teachers love to share. Studies determine that 78% of teachers hear about teacher discounts from fellow teachers.

Honouring teachers with recognition and appreciation.

There is no doubt that teachers deserve appreciation and recognition. What adds more to it is the confidence they get. In addition, more and more teachers are motivated to do their jobs whole-heartedly. 40 – 50% of teachers believe that such gestures by brands make them feel respected. While 60- 70% of the teachers feel valued through discounts. Quality teachers are produced that help to flourish the futures of individuals.

Does U-Haul give a teacher’s discount?

There is an ambiguity as to whether U-Haul grants teachers discounts. The answer is yes. However, their discount policies are available on and off. U-Haul has a fixed discount of 10% on U-Haul truck rents and 5% off on moving supplies. A teacher’s school ID is important to complete the verification process. The teachers union card would also work if you don’t have it.

Qualifications for U-Haul Teacher Discounts

Since U-Haul gives teachers discounts, their eligibility criteria should be considered. U-Haul grants discounts to only those teachers who fit the criteria and get successfully verified by them.

Generally, what you need to be eligible for access to teachers discount is:

  • You must be a part-time or a full-time teacher in a US school. U-Haul does not give teachers discounts for teachers teaching in private tuition or home tuition. Secondly, the school has to be based in the US only. U-Haul does not offer discounts to teachers from schools outside the US.
  • The school has to be either a public school, a private school or a parochial school. As stated above, this discount offer does not entertain home tutors or online teaching platforms.
  • The teacher has to have a valid teacher ID card. U-Haul will require a teacher’s union card if the ID card is misplaced or a new one isn’t issued.

After you fit into U-Hauls eligibility criteria for teachers discounts, U-Haul starts its verification process.

This verification process comprises the following components:

  • Checking for the name with correct spelling and the district where the school is situated.
  • Verification of teacher’s signature.
  • Checking issue and expiry dates on teachers’ ID cards or union cards.

What if I don’t have these documents?

If you don’t have an ID card issued by the school or a teacher’s union card, you must think about alternative documents you can use to get through the U-Haul eligibility criteria and verification process. Apart from the ones mentioned above, U-Haul can use three other documents to prove your educator’s status.

  • A letter from the principal or superintendent stating details about you as a teacher in their school.
  • School district pay stub
  • Tax return proving teaching status

In case of any further queries, you can directly contact U-Haul customer service and get in touch with them. They are quite active and will answer any question you would have.

Applying the U-Haul Teacher Discount

Once your educator’s status gets verified, you become eligible to use the discounts. You can access them by adding the discount code in the designated field while booking U-Haul services. Below is a complete step-by-step guide to make you understand how it goes.

Step 1: Click on the link below to open the U-Haul website.


Step 2: Create an account by adding your credentials or sign in to your existing account.


Step 3: Pick your preferred option for renting. For example, date, day, time, preferred truck type, etc.

Step 4: Add your payment details.

Step 5: Look for the Discount option. Enter the code “TEACH”.

Step 6: Click Apply.

Step 7: Verify if the discount percentage has been deducted from the total amount.

Advantages of the U-Haul Teacher Discount

U-Haul teacher’s discounts are useful for empowering the teachers and providing financial relief. Earlier, we discussed how teachers spend much of their personal savings on their students. They are the ones who regularly shop for school supplies. Through U-Haul discounts, teachers save 5% on moving supplies. And 10% on their truck rentals helps the teachers stay under their budget efficiently to make up for their extra expenditure for students.

Being punctual, taking care of children, making them learn, maintaining class decorum, checking copies, conducting exams and making report cards already adds too much pressure on the teachers. Teachers are reported to be more stressed and have more mental illnesses than any other profession. Moving from one place to another adds to that stress and anxiety, which isn’t healthy for them and the students they teach. Their stress affects their health, students, and the economy in the long run. Thus, U-Haul discounts facilitate teachers in terms of stress management and take some load off them.

Teachers look for teacher-friendly services that can be trusted with their luggage. U-Haul is the best moving service in the US and has been trusted since 1945. It has multiple franchises around the US, making it accessible to everyone. Thus, getting a U-Haul discount doesn’t only save money, but they also get the best services so that they don’t have to look for anything better.

Promoting Well-Being

A teacher’s well-being is the well-being of their students, parents and society. Teachers’ discounts can ensure that in the following ways:

Saving money:

10% and 5% off on renting and moving supplies make a huge difference. This will prevent teachers from using their personal budget to buy school stuff and focus more on what they need for themselves with that money.


Teachers feel appreciated and recognized. They feel a sense of achievement and are also being seen outside classrooms. 72% of the teachers feel that they are being respected through discounts.

Stress reduction:

Reducing financial burdens and responsibilities by giving discounts while providing excellent services can significantly reduce a teacher’s stress level. They can transition in their lives without any disruption.

Student focus:

Happy teachers and happy students today mean a better and brighter future tomorrow. Teachers are capable of altering society’s fate.

More influx of teachers:

In 2023, only 1/4th of the US states will have sufficient teachers, while 3/4th will experience a teacher shortage. Consequently, perks like these can help people attracted to pursue a profession in teaching and excel them.

Accessing the U-Haul Teacher Discount

U-Haul teacher discount is valid for both online and in-person reservations.

Online Reservation

As mentioned above, you simply have to log into U-Haul’s official website for online reservations. Create an account, select rental details, add payment options contact details, then add the discount code “TEACH ” in the discount box and click “Book Now”. Afterwards, verify code activation. At the time of pick-up, don’t forget to take your teacher ID card or teacher union card with you to ensure the procedure is complete.

In-Person Reservation:

To apply for a reservation in person, you have to follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit your nearest U-Haul center

Step 2: Talk to the staff. Inform them that you are a teacher and need a U-Haul Teachers discount.

Step 3: Show them your teacher ID card or teacher union card as proof of your educator’s status.

Step 4: Staff will apply a discount on your rental amount.


U-Haul offers well-deserved discounts to teachers to appreciate them and recognize them. This lowers teacher’s stress while moving and prevents their focus from diverting from students. It helps them save extra money for themselves and their beloved students with U-Haul’s affordable yet high-standard services.
U-Haul not only focuses on quality services by providing feasible and convenient services but also intends to highlight the importance of honourable teachers as the foundation of a flourishing society. Above all, this can potentially help to fill in the teacher shortage in the United States and promote the well-being of society.

This is a great opportunity; thus, more and more teachers should take advantage of it, learn about it, talk about it and spread the word to their peers.

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