U Haul Utility Trailer Rental: Affordable Per Day Rates

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All you need to know before booking a U-Haul utility trailer rental.

Are you thinking of shifting to a new place with your family, but this thought is giving you sleepless nights? How do you move your furniture to the new place without spending your entire monthly earnings, or are you a small business owner looking to deliver your customers’ orders safely but are tight on budget?

I understand that having a budget-friendly option is essential so you don’t spend the same amount as you have on new furniture.

If you are in this problem, this guide is for you. I will discuss a quality service providing budget-friendly moving options by providing you with all their details, including pricing, benefits of using their utility trailers, and what things you should consider before booking them.

U-Haul utility trailers

Utility trailers haul and transfer goods and materials ranging from bulky materials to your daily usage items from one place to another.

They suit different purposes, but most people don’t use this service. Who wants to spend their entire month’s earnings on it?

I’ve done my research to bring you the best, most reliable, and budget-friendly option that you can avail to transfer your goods.

U-Haul utility trailers are one of the trusted services for transferring your goods from one place to another. It provides a versatile range of services for various needs.

If you are still wondering about who can use U-Haul utility trailers. Is it for you, or should you pass it? Here’s a list of U-Haul trailers providing services for various needs:

Families moving out to a new place

You’re shifting to a new house in a different neighborhood or moving towards a new city. Using utility trailers could be the best and the most affordable option to keep your memories and furniture with you.

Small businesses

If you’ve just started your own enterprise and are looking to deliver your customers’ orders safely to them without turning your budget upside down.

Furniture-making companies

If you own a company of making furniture. In that case, you might already know how essential it is to transfer your plywood and other heavy and oversized equipment to your customers.

Construction companies

To haul land sliding equipment and recreational vehicles.

The Rental Pricing Structure For U-haul Utility Trailers

U-Haul offers multiple pricing plans for different purposes.

Their most eye-catching offer is paying only $19.95. This offer is only applicable to local movers with the provision of small utility trailers.

U-Haul in-town rental pricing per day starts at $14.95. You have a fixed-size trailer for this purpose.

Different factors determine their one-way moving rates, such as utility trailer size, point of origin and destination, and if they want to book the insurance to keep their mind in peace. You must pay for specific days to complete the move beforehand.

Are there any additional charges?

You might have booked another utility trailer company before that seems budget-friendly. Still, they make you pay many surprising additional charges differently, such as mileage charges, fuel charges, taxes, and damage protection charges.

So what about U-Haul utility trailer pricing? Do they also charge you separately per mile?

They don’t charge per mile for trailer rentals. All of their utility trailer equipment includes unlimited mileage.

They might charge you for insurance if you go for the insurance beforehand. But there would be the slightest surprise charges for you compared to other rental companies.

Factors influencing U-Haul utility trailers pricing

1. Trailer size

A U-Haul utility trailer is available in 4 sizes.

4×7 Utility Trailer Rentals

The best choice for local in-town moves.

Load capacity = 1770 lbs.

Rent per day = $14.95.

5×8 utility trailer rentals

The perfect choice for small businesses for deliveries.

Load capacity = 1890 lbs.

Rent per day = $18.95.

5×9 Utility Trailer Rentals (With Ramp)

It is famous for various businesses and one of the best local and one-way move options.

Load capacity = 1650 lbs.

Rent per day = $24.95.

6×12 Utility Trailer Rentals

A perfect option for in-town deliveries and to dump unwanted items.

Load capacity = 2670 lbs.

Rent per day = $29.95.

Note: There might be any price changes, so confirm the rental price before booking them.

2. Duration of rental

You have to pay the trailer rental pricing per day. The more days you book it, the pricing will vary according to it.

3. Location: 

Your origin and destination location can vary the rental rates.

4. Seasonal rush: 

The rental rates can vary when there is too much demand in a specific moving season.

Benefits of booking U-Haul utility trailer rentals

It’s essential to compare the pros and cons of the available options and choose the balanced and budget-friendly option.

Here are some of the U-Haul trailer rental benefits that should look into:

· Versatility

U-Haul trailers are designed to adapt to different individual requirements and fulfill other purposes.

· Budget-friendly:

Renting a U-Haul trailer is a budget-friendly option as compared to other companies. Its main benefit is having no mileage charges.

· DIY moving: 

U-Haul provides the great advantage of allowing you to move alongside your trailer, thus ensuring the security of your goods.

How do you calculate your U-Haul utility trailer rent?

You can calculate your trailer rent before booking it. The rent of your trailer depends on the size and duration you choose.

Let’s take you through an example. Assume I wanted to book a trailer rental for a day to shift my luggage from home to the university’s dorm, and I chose the 4’x7’ size trailer.

My base rent for this sized trailer would be $14.95, and I also asked for the safe move plus insurance; it is $15 in my case, so my total rental would be $29.95, which is pretty affordable.

You can also calculate your trailer’s total rent by using this:

Full cost = base rental fee + insurance fee (if you choose any)

How to book your U-Haul rental trailer?

You can book your rental through the U-Haul official site by filling in the details and contacting them at their given number to clear any doubts.

The best option I would prefer you to do would be to contact their office situated near your location. This way, you can get the actual pricing details without any hindrance.

What other services does U-Haul rental offer?

Apart from U-Haul utility trailers, they offer a wide range of services and equipment.

· Cargo trailer rental

· Trucks rental

· Towing Equipment

· Storage Boxes

· Packing supplies

· Cargo carriers

Tips for budget-friendly U-Haul Trailer rentals

· Plan ahead: Book a few weeks before your move to secure the best rates. They might charge you more if you book them on the same day as the move.

· Off-season booking: Plan your move in non-peak times to get the best pricing rate.

· Look for discounts: U-Haul might be giving some deals occasionally. Keep an eye on them.

Transparency of U-Haul rentals

U-Haul offers transparent pricing, and that’s one of the things that I appreciate about them when it comes to others.

You might not get a trailer after paying only $19.95 per day. As they say, there would be other charges, such as insurance fees and mileage, in the case of a U-Haul utility truck.

But there would be much less surprise final payment than other rental companies.

Bottom line

U-Haul utility trailer rental is one of the finest and budget-friendly options available when moving or booking them for your business. They provide plenty of options in size, making it easier for you to plan your move according to your needs and budget.

A plus point is that they provide transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

I’ll still recommend you research their pricing as they keep changing it, plan ahead of your move, and book them beforehand to get the best results for your activity.

Enjoy your move with U-Haul utility trailer rentals!

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