U-Haul vs. Penske vs. Budget vs. Ryder: Which Moving Truck Rental Should I Choose?

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Are you facing issues moving your belongings to a new place? No worries, book a moving truck and simplify your life. Search automobile services in the market and select the best one. This is because choosing a rental truck service will directly affect the ease of your relocation. Therefore, we have compiled a list of your four best options. These rental companies include U-Haul, Penske, Budget, and Ryder.

Each offers a wide range of options to accommodate your moving needs. However, you must consider specific factors to decide which company you should opt for. These determinants are price range, truck sizes, availability, customer service, etc. All these four truck rental companies have excellent reputations.

For this reason, you should also assess your requirements, the number of items, and your choice of services so that you will single out the one which suits your needs. This article will compare the services, sizes of trucks, pros and cons, and other specific factors of these four companies. By the end, you will get an insight into all the factors to make a good decision before booking any truck.

Everything About U-Haul

Started in 1945, U-Haul has now become a leading company in the trailer renting industry. The popularity and reputation of its service are directly attributed to do-it-yourself moving. Moreover, its superiority is evident from its price affordability, wide range of equipment, and customer service. 

Besides this, U-Haul has a broader network. It has established up to 20,000 offices in the USA and Canada. With an expansive span, you will find their services in all 50 states of the USA and 10 Canadian provinces. U-Haul owns multiple sizes of moving trucks, cargo vans, and pickup trailers to fulfil customers’ unique requirements.

Furthermore, these automobiles are designed with fuel-saving technology to make renting trucks affordable. For providing a convenient renting experience, U-Haul has a hassle-free reserving system. Therefore, with a few clicks on your smartphone, you can easily book a moving truck. Enjoy the experience of enhanced loading and unloading technology with U-Haul!

U-Haul’s Offered Services

U-Haul offers a wide range of services for its customers. Whether you want moving labour for loading and unloading belongings or need moving supplies for efficient packing of goods, U-Haul has you covered. Moreover, don’t worry if you want your vehicles transported to the new location; you can trust U-Haul car trailers.

With various storage solutions by U-Haul, you can choose U-Box containers for storing your items. Besides this, no worries if you are stuck on the roadside due to malfunctioning in your vehicle. U-Haul offers roadside assistance, trailer hitches, and SafeMove insurance to give you full peace of mind while moving.

U-Haul’s Range of Truck Dimensions

To cover the specific moving needs of its customers, U-Haul has an expansive range of different sizes of trucks and vans. It offers an 8-foot pickup truck or a 9-foot cargo van for tackling small jobs. However, its box truck range starts with a size of 10, which measures approximately 9’11” x 6′ 4″ x 6’2″. 

It’s perfect for relocating belongings of a small studio or a one-bedroom apartment. 

Stepping up in the range, you can choose a 15-foot truck at 15′ x 7′ 8 ” x 7 ‘2″ option or a 17-foot truck at 16’9″ x 7 ‘8″ x 7’ 2 ” option. Among the above two options, the earlier one can transfer one to two houses while the latter can move belongings of 2-bedroom apartments.

Besides this, if you want to move your fittings of a 2 to 3-bedroom house, you should choose their 20-foot box truck at 9’6″ x 7’8″ x 7’2″ dimensions. Lastly, its largest 26-foot truck measures 26’5′ x 7’8′ x 8’3′. It easily accommodates items of 4 bedrooms or above. Among all these trucks, the 10-foot truck has a mileage of 12 mpg while others have 10 mpg mileage. 

Pros of U-Haul Truck Renting Service

Here are the pros of using the rental trucks U-Haul:

  • Availability all over the USA
  • More than 20,000 U-Haul outlets 
  • Easy-to-use online reservation system with the availability of online quotes
  • Wide range of trucks and trailers with different dimensions
  • High-quality trucks with enhanced loading and unloading technology
  • Affordable pricing
  • Multiple Storage solutions 
  • Easy loading of equipment on trucks having EZ-Load ramps
  • Effective Customer Support

Cons of U-Haul Vehicle Renting Service

Besides its outstanding service, its renting has a few cons:

  • Few reviews by customers
  • Occasionally, hidden charges on quotes
  • Variation in cost due to the availability of trucks
  • No guarantee of pre-booking
  • Limited distance covering on trucks
  • Alteration in bookings with compensation due to vehicle shortness
  • Additional charges on long-distance coverage

Penske: A Detailed Review

Another top gamer of the truck rental industry is Penske. It stands out among the top three vehicle rental companies, with 50,000 automobiles. Its outlets are located nationwide in the USA and in different territories in Canada. Its services include local vehicle rentals, one-way truck renting, and long-distance moves. 

Besides these, they also provide towing services. Hence, customers can choose their desired moving vehicle from a large fleet. However, when renting a truck from Penske, make reservations in advance. Otherwise, you will have to compromise on the truck size.

As compared to other competitors, Penske has a comparatively small scale. But this doesn’t make them compromise on their highly attributable customer service. In comparison to others, renting a truck online on Penske is easy. Their website is straightforward.

Moreover, their agents are always a message away to help you find affordable rental offers with discounts. Further, the top quality of Penske, which single outs it from its league, is a wide range of new vehicles. They are newly designed, tidy, and user-friendly. So you can experience a smooth, moving journey.

Penske Offered Services

Penske has an inclusive range of services to meet its customers’ unique moving needs. From providing moving labour to offering car trailers, it helps in the smooth transition of your belongings. Compared to others, their storage solutions are safe for relocating delicate home items. 

Moreover, with multiple insurance plans, you can enjoy the process of moving. Lastly, they make sure your relocating experience with them is hassle-free. For this reason, Penske provides moving supplies and roadside assistance.

Penske Range of Truck Dimensions

Penske provides a range of trucks with customized dimensions to tailor your relocating preferences. Its box truck selection starts with a size 12-foot truck at 12′ x 6.6 ” x 6.1″. Its dimensions are perfect for moving articles of 1 or 2 bedrooms efficiently. Moving upward in the range, you can choose a 16-foot box truck (12 mpg mileage) with 16′ x 7.7″ x 6.6″ dimensions.

This option has the capacity for possessions of up to 4 bedrooms. For those who want to shift large spaces, Penske presents two choices. One is a 22-foot rental vehicle with measurements of 22’11” x 8.1″ x 8.1″ and 6 to 10 mpg mileage. This spacious truck can carry items from a 5-bedroom apartment. 

The other larger truck option is a 26-foot size measuring 25.11″ x 8.1″ x 8.1″. It is suggested that you should only use this truck when you are transferring 5 to 7 rooms. Besides this range of box trucks, Penske also offers a versatile option of an 11-foot high-roof cargo van. It can handle different types of moves, including smaller loads to specific relocation needs.

Pros of Penske Truck Renting Service

The advantages of their service are: 

  • Durable and robust trucks range
  • Availability of one-way and two-way renting of vehicles
  • No limit on mileage for long-distance relocating
  • Provides insurance options 
  • Availability of discounts for students, members of the military, AAA members, etc 
  • Easy-to-use website presence with no additional charges on bookings
  • Employee green technology in moving
  • Newly designed, clean trucks

Cons of Penske Vehicle Renting Service

Some of the disadvantages of using Penske vehicle renting are:

  • A limited number of outlets
  • Less affordable local moving rentals than others
  • Small scale division
  • Only offer truck rentals.

Truck Rental Service by Budget

Budget owns a considerable share in the rental industry. It is mainly specialized and well known for its car renting service. People are mostly unaware that Budget also offers this renting service. However, Budget has a wide variety of truck rental alternatives. They usually present affordable rates supported by discounts.

Budget is committed to offering competitive prices in the market to gain popularity in truck rental services. Through this dedication, they aim to provide the customers with the best rates so far to align their rates with competitors. This price alignment strategy includes discounts, promotions, and coupons. As a result, customers will save an extra penny while renting trucks.

They are located in over 1700 places across the USA and Canada. Moreover, to make your transitioning adventure more reliable and smooth, they have collaborated with MoveLift. With an easy-to-navigate website, Budget allows you to secure your truck rental booking. Their availability of service is quite impressive and popular among its customers. 

Budget Offered Services

The budget has an inclusive spectrum of truck rentals to cater to your basic moving house needs. From one-way truck & van rentals to commercial rentals, it makes sure that you get the suitable truck according to your needs. Furthermore, they also sell moving supplies to tackle packing delicate items. For instance, they have furniture pads for boxing fragile stuff.

Also, they have reliable protection plans to add more security to your house. Besides this, if you need storage solutions, they got you covered. Make your move hassle-free with Budget’s roadside assistance, car carrier, and tow dolly range. Check out the service of Budget to get top-notch offers with various discounts.

Budget’s Range of Truck Dimensions

The Budget has a fleet of trucks with different dimensions to tailor customized requirements. Their moving vehicle range starts with the 11-foot cargo van. It has ample space, which is suitable for small relocations or navigations. For catering belongings that want more space, it has a slightly larger 12-foot truck at 11.8″ x 6.3″ x 6.1″.

This box truck has enough space to accommodate articles for two rooms and provides a mileage of 8 to 14 mpg. A 16-foot truck measuring 16′ x 6.3″ x 6.7″ can move belongings up to 4 rooms. The mileage this truck offers ranges between 6 to 10 mpg.

However, for larger moves that have two truck options. The first option is a 26-foot truck that has dimensions of 26′ x 8.1″ x 8.1″. It has enough span to adjust items of almost eight rooms and delivers a mileage of 8 to 10 mpg. However, if you want to move belongings of approximately 5 to 6 rooms, you can book their 22-foot box truck.

Pros of Budget Truck Renting Service

Here are the benefits of their service:

  • Market competitive pricing
  • Present all over the USA
  • Upto 3000 physical stores, making Budget the second biggest renting company in the USA
  • Occasional discounts and promotions for customers
  • Easy to operate online presence with a personalizable experience 
  • Offers easy-to-generate online quote

Cons of Budget Vehicle Renting Service

Unfortunately, there are a few cons to using the service Budget:

  • Limited range of truck sizes
  • Additional charges for personalized services
  • Adds extra cost for extra miles of distance
  • Not recognized by many people 
  • Offers limited mileage of trucks. 

How is the Service of Ryder?

Ryder’s truck hiring service is recognized worldwide, especially in Canada. Its remarkable growth is attributed to its differentiated niche targeting in the truck rental industry. In simple terms, Ryder specialises in moving sensitive items like weatherproof and heat-sensitive articles.

However, it is not recognized as U-Haul and Budget in the truck hiring market. 

But it offers quite an affordable range of trucks. Besides this, you can choose the desired vehicle from various truck dimensions. It has a massive collection of up to 37,000 automobiles that operate at 500 different locations in the US. Renting and booking all the vehicles can be done using their website.

Ryder Offered Services

Ryder provides an extensive arrangement of transporting solutions to tackle your needs. In terms of automobile renting, it offers van rental, truck rental, tractor rental, and trailer rental. In addition to this, they offer services for used cars at cheap rates. They present fleet risk services to provide an efficient and safe renting experience. 

For example, training programs for drivers, insurance, and risk assessment. Furthermore, Ryder presents offerings like damage and liability protection, extended coverage options, physical damage protection, and liability protection benefits to ensure your assets are safe. 

Ryder’s Range of Truck Dimensions

Ryder has a lineup of truck sizes to accommodate the moving needs of their customers. Whether you are looking for a small or large truck, they have you covered. Their vehicle lineup starts with a 10-15-foot parcel van with an internal area of 810 cubic feet. Therefore, this van can accommodate a weight of 5,000 pounds, perfect for more than two rooms.

Stepping up in the lineup, you will have an option of a 16-foot cab-over truck, which is slightly larger with 960 cubic feet of space. Hence, it is appropriate for moving items of up to four rooms weighing approximately 7,500 pounds. They have two truck sizes for larger moving needs: a 17-24-foot box truck and a 26-foot box truck.

The earlier one has a capacity of 10,000 pounds, offering space of 1,500 cubic feet and relocating five or more rooms. The latter has the same weight capacity of 10,000 pounds, but its internal space is 1,800 cubic feet. It can accommodate more than five rooms’ possessions.

Pros of Ryder Truck Renting Service

Using Ryder’s service has the following advantages: 

  • Provides water or temperature-resistant trucks
  • Inexpensive service
  • Easy to reserve and cancel reservations
  • Highly supportive employees 
  • Easy booking on the website
  • Option of do it yourself packing and driving the rented vehicle

Cons of Ryder Vehicle Renting Service

Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Occasional non-availability of trucks for long-distance 
  • Variations in services across different outlets
  • Ryder is more inclined to commercial truck renting than local renting
  • Changes in quotes while reserving and confirmation 
  • Responsibility for driving a robust truck in case of DIY renting

Cost Evaluations of Four Rental Truck Services

Now, after having an insight into these four rental truck services’ services, it is essential to compare their pricing. As the services of these companies vary, so is their cost. Let’s explore their comparative prices: 

  • Price of the 10-foot truck: Start by comparing the cost of a 10-foot truck. U-Haul, Budget, and Ryder offer the same price for this truck size of $19.95. However, Penske offers a slightly higher price range of $20 to $35.
  • Price of 12-foot truck: Going up in the range, U-Haul and Penske offer the same price as they offer for 10-foot trucks, i.e., $19.95 and $20 to $35. But Budget and Ryder have increased their cost for this truck to $29.99 and $29.95, respectively. 
  • Price of the 15-foot truck: The rates offered for 15-foot trucks by U-Haul and Ryder are $29.95. The Budget has a slightly high rate of $29.99. However, Penske offers a high rate ranging from $40–$80 based on the location of moving. 
  • Price of a 16-foot truck: In the case of this truck, U-Haul, Budget, and Penske offer the same rate they offer for a 15-foot truck. These rates are $29.95,$29.99, and $40–$80. On the other hand, Ryder offers $39 for this truck. 
  • Price of 17-foot truck: Again, for this truck, U-Haul, Budget, and Penske have the rates they have for 15 and 16-foot trucks. Nevertheless, Ryder has a price of $89.95. 
  • Price of 20, 22, 24, and 26-foot trucks: The prices offered by the four companies remain the same when you move in this series. U-Haul provides the same rate of $39.95 for all of them. Similarly, Budget has the same cost of $39.99 for these sizes. Penske has the same price range of $80–$100. In contrast, Ryder charges $89.95 for these sizes of trucks.

Which option is favourable: U-Haul, Penske, Budget, or Ryder?

Choose the right truck rental service to make your transitioning adventure more efficient and smooth. Although their renting procedure is almost identical, the service variation can affect your move. Therefore, carefully inspect the differences between the options to make a good decision. 

U-Haul: U-Haul is an appropriate option for renting a truck when you want quality paired with affordable rates. Moreover, you will get a chance to choose from a diverse collection of trucks. However, their original charges differ from those they advertise. 

Budget: Just like its name, Budget doesn’t pressure your spending. This is done by offering various discounts and promotions. Nonetheless, their truck sizes are limited. 

Penske: This company is best for choosing trucks when moving to a long-distance destination. It is the only company that offers unlimited mileage and well-maintained trucks. But you have to reserve in advance and submit complete information for quotes. 

Ryder: It’s the best one when you want to book and cancel reservations quickly. Moreover, they also have facilitated trucks for special needs. In contrast to others, it doesn’t offer insurance plans while moving. 

Ultimately, choosing between U-Haul, Budget, Penske, and Ryder depends on your needs. Therefore, you check which one aligns more with your preferences. Hopefully, by reading the above article, you can make an informed decision about renting a truck.

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