Can You Rent Furniture Dollies From U-Haul? Simplifying Your Move with Convenience and Efficiency

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You are already sad leaving your house full of memories and imagine your furniture items met an accident during transferring. OH no! We can’t even imagine this pain and stress. Let’s see how we can avoid this type of situation. When we are moving heavy items, personal belongings, furniture and logistics, it is always a difficult task to transfer to the desired place safely. So we should always have tools and equipment with us to ensure our goods’ safety. Have you heard about Dolly? Dolly is an important equipment used to transfer heavy equipment into the truck, such as big sofas, refrigerators and furniture. 

Furniture dollies are easy, time-saving and life-saving equipment for transferring heavy objects. Heavy objects are challenging to move not only for time but also for life. They not only help us to move our furniture efficiently into the truck but also save individuals who are pushing the items from injury or muscle pain. 

U Haul provides rental trucks and tools and equipment like furniture dollies to move your household items. They help us to save time and reduce the risk of injuries. So here lest see the unique features of this dolly


The length of the U-Haul furniture dolly is 30 inches, and the width is 18 inches. The height of the dolly is 6 inches, and provides a large platform for heavy and big items. 

Protect our belongings

U Haul keeps the protection and security of its customers at the top of the list. These dollies help in the safe and efficient transfer of the goods. They are specially designed in a way that they can protect our precious interests and also the floor.

Prevent from injuries

Dollies are used so people who are moving objects can avoid injuries, pain and muscle rupture. As we know, heavy things are difficult for individuals to move, so these dollies help you to move them and reduce the risk of injury.

Additional features

These dollies are specifically designed with safety in mind, so they come with swivel wheels that help in the case of tight spaces. There are padded platforms for some dollies, which give some extra layer of cushions to ensure fragile furniture’s safety. Moreover, built-in straps help keep the furniture in place while moving on challenging routes. 

Understanding the Need for Furniture Dollies

These extended dolly features make it important to use when moving heavy items. Furniture dollies help save time, are more efficient and protect us from injury. Here are some benefits of using furniture dollies during heavy objects transfer:

Obstruct from injury

Everyone needs a guarantee of their life when doing work. So U Haul rental furniture dolly promises safe and coherent movement of heavy objects. It reduces the risk of injury and pain. Moving heavy objects is quite difficult for individuals to do manually. Imagine moving heavy furniture downstairs or out of the house; there is always a risk of back pain, bruises and muscle strain. So to prevent this, U Haul offers furniture dollies and protects you physically. 

Faster and easier move

Advanced features of furniture dollies like swivel wheels help to move heavy objects easily and fastly. These wheels also help you when you are moving your goods through stairs or steep surfaces where it is difficult for individuals to handle annually. You can use dollies to move the items quickly and manage them easily. 

Protect your belongings

Furniture dollies protect our belongings from damage. They provide padded platforms for the safe relocation of heavy objects. Also, they have a strong and stable platform with shock-absorbing capabilities. If you are worried about the transit of fragile, antique or expensive items, that furniture dolly is life-saving equipment for you. 

Effortless transport of items

You are probably concerned about the type of items the furniture dolly can transfer. It can transport vast amounts and sizes of heavy, light, bulk and fragile items easily and effectively. Let me provide you with the list of the items so you can understand easily:


Furniture dollies can transfer appliances like washing machines, dryers, televisions, refrigerators and many other heavy items. Dollies protect and secure these appliances from any damage. 


All furniture can be easily relocated into other spaces without wasting much time. Furniture can be of different varieties, like beds, sofas, dining tables and couches. 

Boxes and containers

When moving, you must make big boxes filled with clothes, little things and essential items. They become heavy to hold, so you can also use furniture dollies to move them. In warehouses, workers use them to transfer crates and heavy boxes of products from one place to another.

Other heavy items

Large items like pianos and big safes are impossible for humans to pick and move. So dollies are used there to transfer them safely. 

Availability of Furniture Dollies at U-Haul

Confirmation of availability of dollies at U Haul 

You can come and take furniture dollies from U Haul at any time. U Haul offers three types of rental dollies for its customers:

Furniture dollies

Furniture dollies transfer different types of furniture, like sofas, beds, cupboards and cabinets. They have a secure and stable soft platform to protect the furniture. It not only saves time but also from injuries. 

Appliance dollies

As the name says, these dollies are used to transfer appliances safely. If you are shifting house and need to transfer your refrigerators, stoves, washing machines or any other heavy appliance, then you must rent an appliance dolly to move them. 

Utility Dollies. 

You need to move big boxes and containers from place to place at home and in warehouses and utility stores. U Haul also offers utility dollies for its rent so that you can move heavy boxes easily. 

Reservation to rent dollies

Before using these dollies, you must make necessary reservations so they are available when you need them. For reservations, you can visit your nearest store or the official website of U Haul. This reservation usually helps in the peak season when the demands for these dollies are higher. 

U-Haul Furniture Dolly Dimensions

U haul provides complete information about the dimensions and specifications of dollies so you can read them and get the best one for you. 


U haul furniture dollies are designed to be easy to handle and carry the maximum weight of the furniture. The length of these dollies is 30 inches, and the width is 18 inches, making it spacious for the furniture. The height of the dolly is 6 inches to protect the furniture from sliding. 

Weight capacity 

Not only the dimensions but also the weight-bearing capacity of U Haul is amazing. It can hold weights up to 1000 pounds and help customers move heavy items easily. Also, be aware to stay within the weight limit of 1000 pounds, or it would result in an accident. 


U-haul rental furniture dollies come with four flexible swivel wheels that can easily function in tight spaces. Wheels help to move in the hallways and doorways, too. 

Other features

U haul furniture dollies come in specific dimensions and specifications, and they also have a handheld design that helps to lift and store dolly. This feature helps them transport easily to our desired location and use them again easily. 

Importance of having knowledge of dimensions and specifications


It’s important to know about the size of the furniture dolly before you rent it so you can decide whether a furniture dolly will be suitable for your furniture or not. They can decide if a furniture dolly can handle their big items for transit. 


Having knowledge about the maximum limit of furniture dolly is equally important. By knowing about the weight capacity, you can avoid overloading issues and reduce the risk of any accident. Renters can see whether a furniture dolly can carry heavy items. 


Before renting the furniture, Dolly inquired about the space. See if that furniture dolly can move through your hallways without any challenge. This helps to save time and keep your transit stress-free. 

How to Rent Furniture Dollies from U-Haul

You can rent furniture dollies for your furniture move anytime from U Haul. For renting U Haul furniture dollies, you have plenty of options. Reserve them in a way you are comfortable with.

Options for reserving Dollies


For online reservations, visit U Haul’s official website and make an account there if you still need one. Then log in to your account and search for the type of dolly you want. When you find your desired dolly under the “furniture dolly” section, select your location and date when needed. Hurray, you did it. Confirm your reservation, and you will get it at your desired time. 

By Phone

It doesn’t matter if you need to learn how to reserve dollies through an account on U Haul. Just pick up your phone and call U Haul customer service at 1-800-468-4285. Staff service at U Haul will help you reserve a furniture dolly at the exact location and date. 


If you are not a mobile person, U Haul offers in-person reservations for your comfort. You can visit your nearest U-Haul service station at any time, and their staff will assist you in choosing the best-fit rental dolly. 

Rental Processes 

After choosing the best option for renting, let’s have a look at the process of how to rent dolls. Here are simple and easy steps to follow while renting furniture dollies:

Choose the dolly type

First, look at your items and then select the type of dolly you want to select from U Haul. If you are moving your furniture, choose a furniture dolly. 

Reserve dollies

As mentioned above, there are different methods of U-Haul reservation. Please choose one of them and reserve your furniture dolly on time. 

Pick up your dolly.

After making a reservation, you must pick up a dolly from the reserved location and date from U Haul. U Haul’s staff will ensure that the dolly you need is ready to pick. 

Do careful inspection of dollies

Before leaving the U-Haul, carefully inspect the dollies. Check whether their wheels are moving and handles are working properly, then take it with you. 

Pay for your rental.

You can pay through credit cards, debit cards and cash for your rental dollies. There’s no restriction for any mode of payment; you can freely choose them. 

Return the dollies

Once your work or move is done, kindly make sure to return them soon. Please note that you must return them at the same store where you picked them up and return them on time. If you can’t return them on time, ask the U Haul rental service location for additional charges and time.

Benefits of Using Furniture Dollies

Good Efficiency

Furniture dollies are easy, safe and efficient to move furniture and household items. Many ways make them efficient to use, like

Moving numerous items at the same time

Large and heavy items in the furniture are impossible to move by one person. So furniture dollies hold and move heavy and numerous items at once, saving us time. 

Distributes weight stably 

Furniture dollies have a stable and cushioned platform, which helps make the items stable. This even weight distribution helps to move the furniture from one place to another easily. 

Reduces strain 

When a furniture dolly holds the weight of heavy items, it reduces the risk of physical pain and pressure on the body. People moving furniture is easy with doilies as they have less risk of injury, muscle shear and pain. 

Reduce the need for heavy lifting.

When U Haul rental furniture dollies are there, then there is no need to bear heavy items on your shoulders. You can move and transport heavy items by renting furniture dollies without holding them physically. 

Move heavy furniture safely.

Now, you can move your heavy furniture safely with the help of U-Haul furniture dollies. They help you to manage heavy weights and easily protect fragile household items. 

Navigate stairs on multi-story moves easily.

In moving furniture, stairs are the main challenge faced by people. So U Hail provides dollies with wheels that can help you move furniture up and down easily through stairs. 

Protection of Furniture

UHail furniture dollies work efficiently and protect your furniture from damage. It has several features that help to protect furniture.

Smooth surface

Smooth and level surfaces of furniture dollies are the main thing to protect furniture. A stable platform helps the furniture to remain in three places and helps to avoid dents and fragmentation.

Built-in straps

Most of the time, furniture dollies come with built-in straps that help to keep the big items in their place and avoid accidents. Straps are used so that the furniture can prevent falling during transportation.

Prevent from scratches

As discussed above, furniture dollies have a stable platform that keeps the furniture safe and stable. This stability prevents scratches and dents during the move and keeps the furniture safe. There are more chances of scratches on uneven surfaces like doorsteps and carpets, so it is effective to use them. 

Operating in tight spaces

Dealing with tight spaces like doorways and hallways is a big challenge. So U Haul furniture dollies help you to move your furniture through tight spaces using furniture dollies.

Move furniture up and down the ramp.

Furniture dollies can also be used to move furniture through ramps. They are safe to use, like moving furniture in or out of the building or truck. 

Considerations When Renting Furniture Dollies

You have to consider many things when you are planning to rent a U-Haul furniture dolly. Make sure you know how much longer you need the rental dolly and consider different options for the availability and reservation. 

Rental duration

First, look at your items and route carefully, then decide how long it will take to move items and how much time you will be renting a furniture dolly.

Short move

If you are planning a shorter move, like within the town or city, you will be renting for only a few hours. If you have to move your furniture within the house or within a few kilometers, I suggest you use a furniture dolly as it will fit under your budget. 

Long move

If you plan to move your furniture to another city on a long route, then a furniture dolly is best. It will help you to move your furniture easily, and you can take it with you too. 


Check U Haul’s inventory

Before renting, check the availability option at U Haul’s nearest location from your dolly. Ask the staff about your dolly and confirm if it’s available on the needed date and time. You can check this on their official website and on call, too. 

Limited supply during peak season

If you are planning to rent a furniture dolly during peak season, then it’s safer to reserve your desired dolly before time. It may be possible that it gets out of accessibility due to higher demands in the season. 

Call U Haul

If you have any doubts, please call your nearest U Haul station and ask them about your desired dolly. If available, then you can reserve it immediately on call. 

Other details

Other than rental duration and availability of dollies, keep in mind to consider further details as well. The details include


Prepare a rough budget in your mind and then consider different options for dollies. It will help you to get a budget-friendly dolly for your move.

Weight capacity

Remember the weight of your furniture items, and then select the dolly. See if your dolly can bear the weight of your items or not. 

Ease of use

While renting a dolly, make sure to see the features carefully, like wheels, platform and handles. If you see any problem, exchange it with another dolly. 


To sum up, renting a U-Haul furniture dolly for your transportation is worth renting. They offer their services worldwide at many different locations. Always remember to check the inventory for the availability of furniture dollies at your nearest station. These dollies are effective for moving your heavy items easily and safely from one place to another. Let me tell you once again that the dolly comes in 30 inches in length and 18 inches in width with 6 inches in height. They can easily handle heavy items due to a stable platform. These dimensions are designed specifically to reduce the risk of any accident or damage and protect furniture from dents and scratches. Moreover, using a dolly can save time and prevent any injury or pain, and they work well in tight spaces. I recommend you use dollies as they are convenient and simplify the moving process.

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