Capital One U-Haul Discount: Save Big on Moving with Your Card

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We are all familiar that in today’s world, when technology is quite advanced and when it is not safe to carry cash around, someone rarely uses cash at the payment counter. People use credit cards and online transactions more often now while purchasing their essentials. One of the ways that aided this development is trustworthy and user-friendly credit card companies, and there is no doubt that Capital One is one of them. 

Being one of the most talked about credit companies, Capital One offers up to 30 credit cards to be used in different domains. More importantly, Capital One has partnered with many brands in the United States to provide exclusive discounts for Capital One credit card users. When we talk about the most used moving supplier companies in the United States, the list is only complete with people’s go-to DIY moving company, U-Haul.

Capital One U-Haul discounts are quite user-friendly and can be accessed easily. The discount partnership between both countries is not only beneficial for them but also helps the customers receive the services of both companies while saving a lot of dollars through numerous discount offers. Through these discounts, one can plan their budget accordingly and use the amount that is saved by the discounts on other essentials that they require.

However, not many people are aware of Capital One U-Haul Discounts. What is the Capital One U-Haul discount? When and where is it available? What are the benefits of using Capital One U-Haul discounts? How to access the discount? And how can one maximize the discount?

Keep on reading, and you’ll be able to find all the answers to your queries related to Capital One U-Haul Discount. 

Understanding Capital One U-Haul Discounts

Capital One is one of the largest banks in the United States and is amongst the top 15 banks in the US. It was founded in 1994 as a credit card company. Still, now, with its marketing strategies and expansion in terms of introducing loan policies and retail banking, they have become a household name. On the other hand, U-Haul is a United States well-known moving truck, trailer and self-storage rental company established in 1945 and is famous for its efficient and customer-friendly services.

Capital One U-Haul discounts aren’t limited to the benefit of the customers. Both the companies themselves get huge benefits through discounts. Because of Capital One’s diverse discount offers, many customers sign up for their credit card registration. Once you become a Capital One credit card holder, you are eligible for many discounts. These people tend to shop more, which is useful to attract customers.

Similarly, more customers will use U-Haul discounts, and Capital One card users will also become U-Haul customers as discounts make customers feel smart and confident in their shipping. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both the users and companies that are offering discounts. Capital One and U-Haul have a discount partnership that attracts customers to single up for Capital One credit cards, and through discount offers, it increases the influx of U-Haul customers.  

How much discount does Capital One membership offer?

Capital One offers many discount coupons and deals to avail U-Haul offers. Capital One membership avail the following discounts:

  • On Capital One Venture Card, users can avail 10% discount on U-Haul services 
  • On Capital One Spark Cash Card, users can avail 5% discount on U-Haul services 
  • One Capital One Spark Miles Select users can avail of a 5% discount on U-Haul services.

Both companies are doing well in receiving customer satisfaction. Therefore, through their discount partnership, customers end up receiving great services but at a lower cost. While paying for U-Haul, users can get 10% off if they use a Capital One Venture Card and a 5% discount if they use other discounts while making their payments as soon as they add a Capital One credit card number at the time of checking out for payment of the U-Haul trucks.

All you have to do is to be a Capital One credit card holder and have a Capital One membership. You can get the discount by booking U-Haul vehicles online, entering your Capital One discount number and doing online transactions via Capital One card.

Availability of Discounts for U-Haul Services

U-Haul does not only provide rental trucks but also supplies packing material, storage supplies etc. Different offers are based on all the services or just on some specific supplies. That’s why users often need clarification when it comes to what are the supplies on which discounts are applicable. 

When it comes to Capital One discount memberships on U Haul services, it’s safe to say that customers get discounts on almost everything. Users can get 5% – 10% discounts on:

  • Moving supplies
  • Rental trailers
  • Rental trucks

However, there are slight obvious limitations to be considered. For example: 

  • You have to be a Capital One Credit Card holder. (Venture Card, Spark Cash, Spark Miles). If you don’t have a Capital One credit card, then you are not eligible to avail of the discount. 
  • You can only pay via credit card. It can be an online or in-person transaction. In the case of online, you have to add your Capital One credit card number to unlock the discount. If you have a venture card that offers a 10% discount, then the amount equivalent to 10% will automatically get deducted as soon as you enter your credit card number.
  • One cannot combine multiple offers as single offer. In subsequent headings you will learn about ways through which you can maximize your discount offers.

Even though Capital One offers discounts on several U-Haul services, there are a few on which Capital One doesn’t offer discounts. You can visit Capital One’s website to learn about what are the services on which you can get discounts.

Benefits of Capital One U-Haul Discounts

Capital One U-Haul Discounts can have a major contribution to cost savings on U-Haul services. Customers can use the saved amount elsewhere and easily access the services when it comes under their budget. Discounts also help the customers to feel more confident in their purchases. Moving is itself a hectic process. Customers can attain mental peace and satisfaction through these discounts by saving up extra money.

For instance, if you book a rental truck for $ 1,000 and you are a Capital One Venture credit card holder, you become eligible for the discount. After adding your credit card details, you’ll immediately get 10% off, i.e., $100 off on your rental. These $100 saved can be used in any way by the customer according to his need. Thus, this suggests that the discounts add great value to U Haul services, and Capital One discount membership can be quite fruitful for the customers.

What’s most astonishing about this discount deal is its convenience. All you have to do is to do a transaction through your Capital One credit card, and you can save quite some extra dollars. There is no need of additional promo code or extra charges in order to access the discount. Moreover, you can use the credit card online as well as in-person purchases in almost all the U-Haul locations around the United States.

Hence, Capital One U Haul Discounts not only allow the customer to save quite a substantial amount of money but also take care of their convenience due to its easy accessibility. 

How to Access Capital One U-Haul Discounts

Unlike other U-Haul discount offers such as U-Haul Teacher’s discount or AAA U-Haul discount, the verification and accessibility of Capital One U-Haul discount is quite simple.

To access Capital One U Haul Discount, one has to have a Capital One credit card and membership. To access the discount, you will first have to verify your Capital One membership. There is a simple process to confirm your membership. All you have to do is show your Capital One credit card. 

If you are booking your truck or trailer in person, you have to show the U-Haul representative your credit card at the time of booking the vehicle. You may have to tell them your reward number as well. Whereas if you are purchasing the supplies, such as storage boxes or packing material, all you have to do is show your Capital One credit card at checkout time. 

After membership verification, you don’t even require any promo code or links to unlock the discount. You just have to show your valid credit card, and you can get the discount.

How to access it?


Step 1: Visit the U-Haul official website.

Step 2: Select the U-Haul services.

Step 3: Go to checkout 

Step 4: Add a valid credit card number in the payment details

Step 5: Discounted amount is deducted from the total amount.


Step 1: Visit any U-Haul location

Step 2: Select your services 

Step 3: Go to the checkout/Booking counter 

Step 4: Show your U-Haul credit card for discount and verification by a U-Haul representative.

Step 5: Discounted amount is deducted from the total amount.

Maximizing Capital One U-Haul Discounts

People often try to double or triple the discounts offered. The way to do this is by trying to combine multiple discount codes to get maximum off. But unfortunately, with Capital One discounts, it’s not possible. You can’t add multiple discount codes or choose more than one Capital One U-Haul Discount to multiply your discount. Here’s what you can do to maximize your discounts:

  • It would be best if you were the right credit card holder. If you want the maximum discount, opt for the card that offers the greatest discount. For example, Capital One Venture credit card offers a 10% discount, whereas the rest offer 5%. If your card offers 5%, then you can switch to a card that offers a greater discount.
  • Another technique to get U-Haul services at cheaper rates is to book the services or purchase them beforehand. There are times when the demands are high. During that period, the prices were sore. Hence, booking at the right time is also crucial to buy services at a reasonable price.
  • You can book a bigger vehicle for more discount. The bigger the vehicle, the higher the price; hence, more amount would be saved on the same percentage of the discount.

You can search for other U-Haul discounts and check for their offers instead of Capital One if you require more than a 10% discount. See if you fit in their eligibility criteria, and you are good to go.


Capital One and U-Haul are both well-known companies in the United States. Capital One offers numerous discounts and makes customers’ lives much easier. Through U-Haul discounts, customers won’t only ease their moving experience but will also help them to save money and avail services under their budget. Through the discount partnership, both companies can have a mutual advantage as they both will receive a greater influx of customers. 

However, there are a few limitations, such as the unavailability of discounts on all the U-Haul services, discounts valid for specific cardholders and customers’ inability to use multiple discounts simultaneously. Still, its easy accessibility, various advantages and great discounts make the Capital One and U-Haul discount partnership worth it. 

Hence, Capital One cardholders should definitely avail of the U-Haul discounts because they help customers fulfill their moving and storage requirements under budget, which brings both mental and financial satisfaction and adds great value to the money in U-Haul services.

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