The Costco U-Haul Discount: the ultimate mini-guide

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Costco is well-known for providing quality products at a reasonable range as it has been partnered with quality brand names. 

It has millions of loyal customers throughout the globe because of the quality they provide. What else do you need when you get quality brands with discounts?

But they also have something special for their members.

Costco and U-Haul have partnered together to bring special discounts for their customers and offer them to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

We will take you through unlocking the Costco U-Haul discount, how it goes, and how you can avail of this. In short, all you need to know about the discount.

Unpacking the Costco U-Haul discount

You might already have a great experience with U-Haul rentals and want to rent them again, so after lots of research, we are bringing you unbiased, eligible discounts that can help you maximize your savings and make your move smoother.

To clarify things, not all of these discounts will work every time. They have their specific seasons, as we already mentioned in each of the discount guides.

But we give some incredible tips on making the most out of any discount and when is the best time to get it.

In this blog post, we will discuss a partnership that U-Haul has brought up with a warehouse club, Costco.

Costco and U-Haul collaborated together to give special discounts of up to 25% to their members.

Now, you can get the rentals at a lower price by availing this discount. This offer is valid on the U-Haul online website and most of their locations throughout the state. 

To break it down to you, this offer is exclusively for members. Don’t worry if you don’t have a membership yet; we will take you through the process of getting it.

Eligibility and membership access

Firstly, the question arises of how to know if I am eligible for it, and if I am, then how to get access to this discount.

We will take you through the process of getting your membership and guide you step-by-step on how you can maximize the benefits from it.

Is this a discount for everyone?

Let’s clear it here. The Costco U-Haul discount is exclusively for Costco members.

It is even better to say this, for the current Costco members. If your membership has already finished and you haven’t renewed it. You cannot take benefit from this.

If you are not sure about the expiration of your membership, you can confirm it at Costco’s nearby store.

If you don’t own a membership, other seasonal discounts are available for non-members; you can look out for them.

How to avail of this discount?

The members have two options available here. Either you can get this discount by visiting the nearby U-Haul location or get it online.

For U-Haul location:

  • Visit any nearby U-Haul location.
  • Ask them which rentals and trailers are available. Book your choice of rental.
  • Show them your Costco membership card. Get approved.
  • Double-confirm all the total charges, including the mileage.
  • Get your rental at a discounted price.

For online bookings:

  • Go to the U-Haul website.
  • Check the availability of your choice of vehicle, explore their features, and choose the best according to your needs.
  • Go to the checkout and enter the membership information in the discounted box.
  • Your rental prices will be shown at a discounted price.

Re-confirm your final charges by contacting the U-Haul location.

Membership Benefits of Costco U-Haul Discount 

Whether it is a membership of some gym, salon, or Costco, it is always a goldmine.

You just need to be a loyal customer buying their membership. On and off, you’ll be getting exclusive offers and discounts on your plate.


Typically, Costco U-Haul’s discount is less than 25%. It could differ for U-Haul truck rentals and their cargo and utility trailers. 

If you have an exclusive membership, you can also get a small payback on buying electronics and groceries in-store. Usually, a 2% on spending a specific amount that could be confirmed by their store.


If you buy your groceries from Costco or already have experience with U-Haul rental, you surely know about this.

They are everywhere, whether it’s NYC or Florida. Their warehouses are in more than 300 states, and you will find them around.

So there could be nothing more convenient for you than having them in-store and online. Although, the prices online are way higher than the in-store.

But we always advise our audience to confirm the total charges before signing the promissory note at the U-Haul location that’s nearby you.

Peace of mind.

After partnering with U-Haul, Costco has given its members another excellent advantage.

You get a satisfaction back guarantee from Costco before renting your vehicle.

Some general benefits that Costco offers:

  • Auto insurance. Costco membership will get you discounts on their auto program. It will connect you to dealers to get the vehicles at reduced prices.
  • You can get your eyes checked for free at Costco Optical and get the glasses and contacts at a reduced price.
  • Costco members and non-members can access the prescriptions at the pharmacy at an affordable price.
  • Costco Travels provides excellent offers, and you can save a great deal on cruise and hotel bookings. Applies to only exclusive members.
  • Pet insurance. Costco has partnered with Figo, which provides a pet insurance policy and can save you from extra veterinary charges. The members can save up to 10-15% on this policy.

How does the discount work for different rentals?

Costco U-Haul discount offers different percentages of reduced prices for various vehicles and services.

Typical discount that U-Haul offers for Costco members on rentals is:

  • Trucks: You can save up to 20% for trucks.
  • Trailers: Approximately the savings could be up to 10%. Additionally, there would be no mileage charges for cargo and utility trailers.

Tip: Always confirm ramp availability, as both with and without ramp utility trailers have different charges.

  • Moving boxes: U-Haul boxes provide significant protection for your belongings and guarantee excellent safety for your precious belongings in case of rain or climate extremes.

You can get up to 10% off it.

Add-on benefits:

  1. A variety of sizes and options are available for trucks and trailers.
  2. You’ll get the privilege of enjoying the deals that the non-members cannot have.
  3. You might get a discount on other services of dollies, U-box containers, and other packing items. The typical deal is 10% off from them.


Let’s be honest here; we’ll not only discuss the benefits here as every side has pros and cons, and the Costco U-Haul discount is no different.

  1. This discount doesn’t apply to all cities. You have to confirm your city when getting your membership card from the Costco store.
  2. You will not find these reduced prices offered all over the year. There would be limited times when the rental company would offer this discount.

3. Without having a membership card, you will not be able to shop in-store.

You could buy on a friend or relative’s card, but they will have to eventually pay for the purchases.

4. This discount doesn’t cover all of the services. It’d apply to chosen rental sizes and services.

Now, it depends on your luck whether you get the discount on the vehicle that meets your needs.

5. If you don’t own a membership, you’ll not be able to avail this discount.

How much does the Costco membership cost?

Now, if you want to make a smoother move with U-Haul but at a lesser price, you should look into getting a Costco membership card.

We consider it’ll come to your use, besides using it for U-Haul, as groceries and electronics are needed in every household.

As for the initials, you have to go for a gold membership card that costs $60 annually.

Afterwards, you can buy an executive membership card that is $120/year. It comes with greater opportunities and offers.

You’ll be able to avail yourself of the Costco Travel deal and 2% cashback on spending $3000 annually.

You can always renew your membership by going in-store. Or you can select the auto-renew option at the time of getting the membership.

Maximizing the benefits with the discount

Until now, we have told you all about getting this discount, but here are a few pro tips that can prove to be cost-effective, and you can save the maximum from this discount.

Make a reservation early.

You can save a great deal by booking your vehicle before the due time. In addition to the reduced price, you’ll get more vehicle variety.

The best is to make a reservation at least 7 days ahead.

Use the Costco app.

You can manage and upgrade your membership digitally using the app. Also, find the nearest Costco warehouse by using the app.

By using the Costco application, you’ll remain updated with notifications about their featured and special offers.

Keep the Costco membership card with you.

Even while traveling to another place, have the card with you. It can be handy sometimes.

You can use it to buy groceries whenever you need it at very lesser price than market rate.

Consider the limitations before reservation.

We’ve emphasized it even before: the discount doesn’t apply to all the rental types. So, better confirm it before renting the vehicle than paying the additional admin fees later.

Get the benefit of your bonus.

If you are a student, medical professional, or belong to the military, Costco gives a bonus gift when you qualify for membership.

Also, look for the student and employee discounts from U-Haul and combine them with Costco discounts.

Off-peak times

Consider planning your move and look out for the Costco discount during the off-peak time (most likely not in summer). As this will be the time, you’ll probably get the most deals.


Now, after we have discussed all the pros and cons, it would be clear to you to make a decision regarding getting the Costco membership if you have to make moves frequently.

We always suggest you explore the discount and not wholly rely on the information provided as the offers change on and off.

Follow our pro tips to maximize your savings and take advantage of this highly convenient and affordable collaboration between U-Haul and Costco.

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