Is It Cheaper to Rent a Uhaul or Hire Movers – Movers Vs Uhaul

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“Cheaper does not always refer to “the best.” There are a lot of comparisons between U-Haul and different movers, but U-Haul always came out as the cheaper option. But it does not mean U-Haul provides the best services, as it always falls short.

U-Haul is not the cheapest among rental companies, but still, you can book a U-Haul rental truck for almost $1–3 thousand cheaper than a full-service mover. Also, if you are thinking of renting a U-Haul truck, it contains high risks and requires more effort in comparison to a moving truck. So it is advised to always prefer a full-service mover to renting a U-Haul truck.

Quick service comparison of U-Haul and Full-Service Mover


If you want to have a packaging service by renting a truck to move your belongings, you have to pay extra to the firm. Also, U-Haul is going to charge extra for loading services as well. where delivery services are not provided by U-Haul and the payment doesn’t include the moving coverage as well.

Full-Service Movers:

Moving services may charge you extra for packaging services, but they provide you with the facility of loading as well as delivery services. If you hire a full-service mover, the moving coverage is also included.

Contracting a truck from U-Haul usually implies you’ll be doing the whole mover, although U-Haul offers a moving service. If you require help, the firm will send moving experts to pack and sack for you, but these services can add hundreds of dollars to your final cost. If you want to save funds on your DIY move, you’ll have to do the hard work on your own and maybe enlist the help of a good buddy. When you hire skilled movers, you don’t have to carry your heavy furniture up the stairs or drive hundreds of kilometres in a heavy moving truck. All you have to do is let the trained professionals do what they do well: carefully handle your belongings and transport them to your new residence, where they unpack everything.

To be more accurate, it is better to get the help of professional movers instead of dragging your things on your own, as they have the skills to do things in a more appropriate way. As choosing services refers to your budget, if you prefer security and convenience, it is better to select professional services by movers.

The best full-service movers:

There is a long list of full-service movers, so the movers mentioned in the list are the top ones. American van lines are best in the rating category where the deposit amount is between 10 and 50% and they don’t provide any discounts to anyone. International Van Lines is also at the top of the list; their deposit amount is 25%, and they provide discounts to military personnel and seniors. North American van lines have almost the same ratings as international van lines, but they don’t ask for any deposit amount and provide discounts for seniors. Safeway Moving is also on the list, which has a 30–40% deposit amount, and they provide discount benefits to AAA members and military seniors. Last but not least, IMRG’s deposit amount is 13% or less, and they provide discounts to military seniors and college students.

Pricing Comparison

Let’s have a quick comparison between U-Haul and professional movers. If you are looking to rent a U-Haul truck for a distance of 500 miles, it is going to cost you $875, and if the distance is 1000 miles, it will cost you $2907.

On the other hand, if you trade with professional movers, they are going to charge you $3396 for 500 miles and $4011 for 1000 miles. The benefits of both choices are mentioned above.

For moves less than 1000 miles, you probably won’t pay more than $4000 to rent a U-Haul truck, and the rates are usually much softer. On the other hand, hiring a professional moving company will almost always cost you more than $1000, even for short journeys. The sky is pretty much the limit on how much professional movers can charge when you purchase all the additional benefits a moving firm offers.

It is better to get an online quote for yourself to make a budget that you can spend on your move, as the rates depend on the distance of the move, the number of belongings you want to move, and the time of year you are planning to make the move.

Additional truck rental costs

While making a budget for your move, make sure to add the cost of extra services into your budget if you are looking to contract with U-Haul rentals.

Moving Coverage

In case of any mishap during the move, it is advised to pay some amount for the protection coverage so that you can get benefits if an accident happens or if there is damage during the delivery. By doing so, you, your belongings, and any damaged things will be covered by the company. In this instance, U-Haul provides you with different coverage options; the cheapest among all is Safemove®, which is between $50 and $90.

In contrast, properly licensed, full-service movers offer free basic liability insurance when moving. Basic liability insurance is just that. Communication: Protecting your wealth at just $0.60 per pound may not cover the full market value of your goods, but it’s free and better than nothing. Full-service movers also offer pretty good coverage, but it’s never free.

Fuel Costs

Fuel costs depend on the number of items you want to move and the size of the truck that will be required for the job. For example, a 10-foot truck will cost you 10 miles per gallon with a trip distance of 500 miles, whereas a 26-foot truck may cost you 10 miles per gallon for 1000 miles.

Fuel consumption is not limited to the fuel of a moving truck. You could also have someone ride behind you in a backup car, preferably your personal vehicle, in case the engine breaks down and you need help. Assuming gas costs $2.88 per gallon and your car averages 25 miles per gallon, you’ll pay about $115 to drive 1,000 miles and $57 to drive 500 miles.

Food Costs

Another thing to note while managing your budget is the food that you are going to consume while travelling. The cost will be based on 2 servings per time, as there will be a driver with you with a backup vehicle. So let’s get a rough idea of what food costs for two people.

It is advised to cover a distance of 500 miles in a day, and if we calculate the food cost of a day for an adult, it may cost around $50. So if you travel 500 miles, the food cost will be around $100, and if you travel 1000 miles, it will take 2 days, and the food cost will be $200 for 2 days of travel.

To avoid this cost, you can pack your homemade meal before leaving and avoid spending money in restaurants.

Hotel Cost

As we know, the safe distance to travel in a day is 500 miles. So in this case, you are not required to add this to your budget, as you can start your journey early in the morning, complete the distance in a day, and then rest at your new place at night.

But if you are going to travel more than 500 miles, for example, 1000 miles, you may need to add an amount for your stay at an average hotel, which may cost you around $200. The price of the stay may vary by the category of the hotel you choose to stay in and the area you are staying in.


Preferences are based on your budget or affordability for spending on your move. U-Haul rental is the cheapest option for planning your shift. But if you want to enjoy some extra services and perks, full-service movers are the best option if you have enough budget for your move.

Most Asked Question

Does U-Haul offer moving trailers and towing dollies?

In comparison with firms like Penske and Budget, there is a wide range of tow dollies, moving trailers, and utility trailers that U-Haul has to offer. You may find a cheaper option if you have a budget for renting a trailer. But yes, U-Haul is the best option to find any kind of trailer that meets your requirements.

Does U-Haul offer moving containers?

U-Haul can facilitate your moving and storage needs; they have all the options you may need. but you may not find them reliable or affordable. U-Haul moving containers, called U-Box, are expensive in comparison with other competitor firms working in this sector.

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