Does U-Haul Hire Felons? Understanding U-Haul’s Hiring Policies

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It is a universal truth to recognize the value of fair employment practices that offer other opportunities and consider rehabilitation efforts. 

This article will give you insight into U-Haul’s stance on hiring felons and what factors influence their hiring decisions. Examine hiring  U-Haul’s hiring policies and analyze how U-Haul employs individuals.

Approach to hiring individuals with felony convictions :

Fair Employment

One of the uniqueness of U-Haul is its commitment to fair employment opportunities, which help people having criminal records rebuild their lives.

 Moto of U haul is that everyone deserves an opportunity to rejoin the workforce, regardless of past mistakes.

Equal Opportunity : 

Nobody favours discrimination, as U Haul does not discriminate based on race, colour, religion, sex, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Main Factors In Hiring Decision:

Application evaluation depends on various factors : 

Nature : 

Punishment intensity and the nature of crime are very important during the hiring procedure; they will help differentiate between the type of crime, whether it is violent or property-related


When did crime was performed is very important, as the recent crime will be evaluated differently from the older one.

Rehabilitation Efforts:

Application rehabilitation process and how they develop their efforts are also considered in U-Haul, participation in programs and classes or how they demonstrate their commitment to change them is monitored. 

Employment History:

While U-Haul is deciding, they also consider employment history and references from previous roles. 

In the U-Haul hiring process, all the factors are considered. 

Recruitment Process 

Now comes to the recruitment process, applicants’ criminal history and background also checked during the review process .. encouragement of communication and discussion with their hiring managers make the process smooth. 

U-Haul Considerations for Recovery

How does recovery work? Through their personal growth and efforts. 

Reference letters work well and help in a demonstration character reference. Also, it is up to a person to show commitment to change the situation. 

Positive Impact on Communities

Employment opportunity policies help the individual to benefit communities. How?  Because they allow the criminals to start a new life, and in this way, one bad person changes into a good one. In 2020 U-Haul employed more than 10,000 people. Collaborate with support organizations like Second Chance to support job seekers. 

Some legal and regulatory considerations matter in the hiring process like : 

Ban the Box Movement

It helps individuals remove their criminal history from the applications, which further helps in their judging on merit.

State Specific Laws

Laws that work with criminal records differ from one state to another as some states have their discrimination points.


 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the opposite of ADA as it works based on anti-discrimination laws that state that criminal history should be an obstacle in the employment process. 


The Fair Credit Reporting Act helps in checking background records and writing consent 


ADA Act, that is, the Americans with Disabilities Act protects against disability discrimination; in some cases, a criminal record can be a disability, but discrimination is only allowed in workplaces. 


Currently, the whole process and how it works is understandable. It is good to know Uhaul give fair opportunities and a second chance to come up with something new in their life. Everyone deserves a second chance while making decisions on a case by case few factors they consider like 

nature of the sentence, background, employment history, and rehabilitation efforts. 

Open dialogue is the process through which it is easy to communicate and give a more accurate idea about the case, as in the U-Haul case, they encourage open dialogue. 

However, some legal and regulatory considerations like Ban the Box and a few specific laws some hoe affect the Hiring process.

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